It will be a year ago tomorrow, June 25th that my mother passed and I know she is telling me to write my story.

My story began last year when my girlfriend had told me that she and her family/friends were going to see Matt Fraser in Rockland, MA.   I thought to myself, here we go again, another psychic….I’m not going, they freak me out!  So, I told her to have a great time and let me know if anyone comes through for her.

My mother had just passed away about a week before, and I was just feeling very depressed and just unsure of everything around me.   In any event, at the last minute, my girlfriend called me and told me that they had an extra ticket because one of the girls couldn’t make it and urged me to go.  She said “it will be fun”, so I said what the heck.  I went not expecting anything at all.

We arrived at the venue and took our seats and Matt walked into the room.  I found him quite entertaining and not anything like I expected.  He was funny and he seemed very genuine.  He walked around the room from person to person telling them of their experiences and I was in awe.   I noticed that we kept making eye contact, but thought nothing of it at the time until well into the program when he flew from across the other side of the room and stood right before me and said “you in the stripe shirt stand up, your mother is driving me crazy”!   I stood up and Matt  began to tell me that I wasn’t supposed to be there, and that the reason I was was that my Mom made it happen.  She had something to say to me.  My mother had only been gone for about a week or so, and Matt said it was unusual for anyone to come through so soon because Heaven has a lot of paperwork to do.  Matt began to tell me that my Mom said she appreciated everything I did for her, that she always did her best for the family and especially at the Funeral Home fixing her pearls and dress!  I almost died myself when I heard this!  How could Matt ever have known this?

He went on to say that she helped me with getting my “Spanx” on which I laughed so hard because Matt had no idea was Spanx were.  He said Mom was there helping me get them   He also told me that she was unhappy where she was buried in the cemetery which concerned me, but when I stopped to think…he was right!  Mom wanted to be buried in a mausoleum.  I told Matt to tell her, she should have left more money!  He then went onto tell me so many things about my Mom and the things we did and then my Dad came through as well.  I was completely blown away by this time!  Matt told me all about my Dad and the color blue ,and every time I see the color blue, it’s my Dad coming through.   There is not one room in my home that I don’t have blue….my favorite color, and always has been.  He told me about the wonderful places we lived and visited and how those were the best times of my Dad’s life.  Matt was spot on on even the places we went!  Needless to say, I was completely dumbfounded by his reading, and left with such an uplifting feeling in my heart knowing that both my Mom and Dad had come through.  How lucky can one get?  Since that time, I have had many signs from my Mom and Dad….Dad seems to come through much more with pennies, and when I need him, a certain song that he used to sing to me that I haven’t heard since I was a little girl will come on the radio at the oddest times!

I am a true believer Matt, that you have that special connection with Heaven and everyone there.  I could see it in your eyes the minute you walked in the room at the venue!  I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so very special, and knowing that my Mom and Dad are exactly where they are supposed to be….together and happy in Heaven!


p.s.   I already have my ticket for the next time you return to Rockland!