Leaving Behind Emotional Clutter & Negativity

Leaving Behind Emotional Clutter & Negativity

How To Clean Up The Emotional Clutter & Clear Spiritual Negativity 

Do you have a closet or a drawer that just seems to collect things? Once a year or once a season (or, if you’re my friend’s mom, once a week!), it feels good to go through that drawer or closet and clean it out. You might find something you thought you’d lost, and there will probably be a lot of things you can recycle, donate or toss. There’s a feeling of lightness without all that extra clutter. Well, the same thing happens inside your head and in your soul! You accumulate emotional clutter, and every so often, it’s time to clean out your emotional closet and do a spiritual clearing-out! 

Sort Out Your Feelings.

One way to start a spiritual cleanup is to pull out a good old pen and paper and start writing. Writing out things that are bothering you, things you wish were different can help you process all kinds of stuff. Maybe there’s someone you’re just not getting along with. Write about it. Write about what’s bothering you…and try to figure out why it’s bothering you. Here’s a hint. It’s sometimes not about the other person at all. Write about what you’re afraid of and the things you’re sad about.

Dive In Deep.

The same way you might divide a closet into things to keep, give away, recycle and trash, you can do the same thing spiritually. Make four columns. What are feelings, thoughts, ideas that bring you joy? Keep them. Maybe there are some things that used to be useful to you but just don’t fit your life anymore. Give those away by sharing the experiences with someone else. And then there are things that just don’t help and even hurt us. Get rid of them! The trash heap should include anything that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, the negative self-talk, over-worrying, piles of fear. Put those in the bin and let them go!

You can also use meditation as a way to start or work through your spiritual cleanup. Meditation is a practice of quieting your mind, clearing your thoughts and becoming one with your body, mind and spirit. Take some time to reflect on a troubling issue either before or after you’ve written about it. You’ll be surprised how much more clarity you’ll get just from a bit of quiet.

Request Divine Assistance.

Spiritual cleanup is not easy. It’s a lot of work. But you don’t have to do it alone. Call on your spiritual guide to help you. Maybe even create a “Spirit Box.” It can be as fancy or as simple as you want it to be. When there’s something you know isn’t great for you, but you just can’t seem to let it go, write it down on a small piece of paper, fold up the paper and put it in the box. You might eventually try creating a ritual to let go. When you’re ready, burn the papers, bury them in the backyard while saying a positive affirmation. However you chose to handle it, releasing  those things to Spirit can help us let them go.

 And when you’ve done the work, take a moment to appreciate the lightness in your spirit from a job well done!

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How to Clear Negativity, Increase Positivity, and Create Balance

How to Clear Negativity, Increase Positivity, and Create Balance

Sometimes life can get a little overwhelming. You feel you never have enough time to get it all done.

But you need to remember is that the keys to happiness and stability are created through balance, focus and intention. Just like you clean the house during spring cleaning, you should also take the time to wipe the slate clean and clear out some of the emotional clutter rattling around inside your head. Focus on creating more time and space for the things that bring you joy and make you happy.

With that in mind, here are some steps that you can take to rid yourself of negativity and put a spring back in your step.

To begin, start by taking a look at your normal week. Begin to think about, and write down, all the things that you are working on, are responsible for, or that take up your time. As you look at some of the items, do you feel drained, or do some of them make you feel anxious? Those items that make you roll your eyes are known as emotional clutter. It’s that draining feeling you get when looking at a to-do list and feel overwhelmed. That overwhelming feeling shows that you are probably overstressed or need to balance things out a little bit better. Energy balancing is when you restore the nourishing things in life that help to ground you, and allow the anxiety and stress to “funnel out” of your body.

It all begins with habit changing, and looking deep within yourself to find out what you truly love to do. Sometimes, it’s the most simple things in life that bring the most joy, such as taking a walk, singing and dancing like nobody is watching, or just sitting on the sand of a beach and letting your mind get lost in the tide. Many times you can feel yourself becoming overwhelmed when the material things in life pull you back from enjoying the things Heaven created for you.

So, here are some habit changing suggestions that will help you to clear out the emotional clutter and find positivity in your daily routine.

Going to come home and watch tv?  

TRY: Taking a walk outside while listening to music instead.

Going to the mall with your family?

TRY: Going to the beach and spending time talking and playing with one another.

Going to the gym?

TRY: Digging out your bicycle and taking a trip down the neighborhood bike path.

Going to talk with a friend on the phone?

TRY: Planning a day to meet your friend for coffee and spending the day together.

Going to surf the internet?

TRY: Using your free time to engage in something that will use your inner talents and abilities, such as taking an art class, learning a new language, or trying gardening.

Do you see the difference? You are putting some personal time aside to get back in touch with you, your family, and your friends, and allowing the positivity of life to lift you up. No matter what age you are, or how many responsibilities you have, there should always be enough room for you to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you are having a hard time getting through the week, the best thing you can do is create a schedule with “personal days” that you block off and plan to do something you love and enjoy.

Just one personal day every week will help you in so many ways, and it will give you something to look forward to, and to stay positive about, throughout the week. Just knowing in the back of your mind that at the end of the week you have a day set aside just for you to do anything that you want will help you to feel like you can make it through!

Many times, it’s the overwhelming feeling of being in the same schedule day in and day out that gets you so overwhelmed, so spice it up a bit and enjoy yourself!

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