The Hidden Meaning Of Coincidences & Synchronicity

The Hidden Meaning Of Coincidences & Synchronicity

When you experience a coincidence, what do you do? Do you shrug it off and think it’s no big deal? Next time a coincidence happens, pay attention. It could be a message from your loved ones in Heaven. Meaningful coincidences, synchronicities, come in a lot of different forms. If you pay attention, I bet you’ll see a lot of these. A friend of mine keeps a little notebook to write them down when she notices synchronicities. She calls them miracles. Here are a few ways these meaningful coincidences show up in our lives.

Have you ever had the same number show up over and over again? Sometimes a number will seem to randomly show up everywhere you look. But it’s not random. Noticing the same numbers on a clock is one example of a meaningful coincidence. Dates are another way numbers can show up to help us know our loved ones are helping us. A friend of mine lost her father at an early age. She says that sometimes things happen on her father’s birthday. It always seems like a coincidence at first, but now my friend sees that there is a message in that date. One year, she was laid off on her dad’s birthday. Because it happened on that day, my friend knew her dad was looking out for her and everything was going to be okay. Sure enough, within two weeks, she had an even better job that took her career in a whole new and exciting direction.

You hear the same song in the grocery store, on the radio, on the speakers at work. Such a coincidence! But is it? When you hear the same song over and over again, your loved ones in Heaven just might be trying to connect with you. Keep in mind that this song caught your attention for a reason! Listen closely to the lyrics, especially if they are repeated a lot. There’s probably a message in there. Maybe an answer to a big question.

There are a lot of symbols with special significance, and we see them everywhere. Sometimes seeing a symbol is a sign of a connection, or a message from one of your loved ones in Heaven. Maybe you are trying to decide whether to take a trip or move and you look up in the sky to see a cloud in the shape of an airplane. Or you are having a bad day, missing your loved one, and you see the symbol of something that was very important to that person, or something that was meaningful between the two of you. That’s your loved one saying “Hello, I’m here. You are not alone.”

Street names, place names, people’s names can all seem like coincidences but are really messages. A woman I met at one of my events told me that after her father died, she had to travel out of town to make a big presentation. She was still so sad about losing him and didn’t know how she was going to be able to do what she needed to do. When she arrived at her destination, she saw her father’s name, Joseph, on street signs, convention centers, restaurants and even in the name of the ballroom where she was making her presentation. It turned out that one of the founders of this particular city had the same first name as her dad. Coincidence? Not to her. To her, this was a message from her dad letting her know that he was with her and watching out for her. It gave her the courage she needed to do a great job. During her trip, every time she saw the name Joseph, she said, “Thanks, Dad!”

If you want to start noticing the coincidences, synchronicities, keep an open heart. Take some quiet time to clear your head from all the messiness of life. Maybe keep a small notebook and write down coincidences. At first, it is sometimes hard to notice these coincidences or think of them as meaningful. When you pay attention, you will start to see patterns, and then you will start to see them more and more. Your loved ones want to stay connected. Make sure you pay attention, and they will keep connecting with you.

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What is Heaven sending YOU?

What is Heaven sending YOU?

Signs from Heaven come in all kinds of ways. Capturing our attention with synchronicities is one way that our loved ones send us messages. Synchronicity is another word for a coincidence that resonates deeply with you. Some coincidences are just interesting or fun. For example, you and your friend might happen to be reading the same book at the same time. Or maybe you wear the same outfit to a meeting as one of your co-workers. But what if the coincidence is more meaningful? What if the coincidence really matters to you? These meaningful coincidences are a way that you get messages from your loved ones in Heaven.

A woman came up to me after an event to share this story of a synchronicity she experienced. “After my husband passed away, I stayed alone for many years. I didn’t think I would ever want to date again. Then my best friend asked me to try online dating with her. I wanted to support her, so I said yes, but I really didn’t think I’d meet anyone. Plus, I felt guilty, like I was betraying my husband. I was wrestling with so many conflicting emotions, that I was ready to cancel the account when a man sent me a message. As soon as I saw his picture I was shocked. He had the same first name as my husband and wore the same style of glasses. He even looked a little bit like him. After we talked for a bit, it was clear to both of us that we were not a romantic match, but he was so friendly and kind that it gave me the courage to stay on the site. A week later I met someone wonderful, and now we are engaged.” The woman had tears in her eyes when she talked to me. “I know that my husband sent me the first guy to tell me it’s okay. I just know it in my heart.”

She is not alone. I hear stories all the time about these messages from Heaven that come as meaningful coincidences just at the right time to help us make decisions or answer questions.

Another family friend was having a difficult day, facing a tough decision about whether to sell her house or not. At the grocery store, a stranger said hello and asked her for help finding the cereal aisle. My friend was going that way, and the two of them started talking. The woman projected such a warm, nurturing energy that by the time they got to the cereal aisle, my friend felt much better and more positive. When they parted, they shook hands and the stranger gave my friend her business card. “It’s been great talking to you. I’m a realtor. Give me a call if you ever need help.” When the stranger walked away, my friend looked down at the business card in her hand. The realtor had the same name as my friend’s beloved grandmother! My friend knew that was more than a coincidence. It was a sign, and it helped her make her decision. She called the realtor the next day and got her house sold.

Remember, your loved ones are trying to reach you, and these meaningful coincidences are one way for them to do that, so be on the lookout for them. It helps to keep an open heart if you want to start noticing these synchronicities. Be ready to receive the message your loved one is trying to send you. When you meet a stranger with the same name as a loved one in Heaven, sometimes that person has a message. And sometimes that person is a message, even just a reminder that your loved one is with you, helping you.

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Is it a Coincidence – or a Sign from Spirit?

Is it a Coincidence – or a Sign from Spirit?

Have you ever wondered if something was a sign from Heaven or just a coincidence? 

We’ve talked about some ways our loved ones can send us signs that they are with us. These messages normally come in a time of need, or during a life change or transition when you are searching for guidance around uncertain times. Those in the Spirit realm can see tomorrow more clearly than you can see yesterday, and they want to help you. Think of it like Heaven is sending you a little “Hello.” Your loved ones are telling you they support and love you. They want you to know you are on the right track.

But what happens if you’re not paying attention? What if you don’t notice the signs?

You might not recognize signs from Heaven if you aren’t ready to receive them. Your loved ones will wait until you are emotionally ready to hear from them. They don’t want to hurt you or overwhelm you. Sometimes, it can be a whole year before you realize signs are coming from your loved one who has passed. When my friend’s father died, his youngest grandson was the first one to dream of him. One by one, his family members reported seeing him in dreams. For many months, my friend’s mother wondered why she never saw her husband in a dream. She was struggling with losing him, blaming the doctors and pushing her family away, on a deep level, even being angry at her husband for abandoning her. It took time for her to release some of those feelings and accept what had happened. At last, when she was ready, he came to her in a dream. It gave her so much peace to talk to him and feel his presence. From then on, she met with him regularly in her dreams, and her grief lifted.

Sometimes, when you aren’t recognizing the signs, your loved ones will use repetition to get your attention. If you find that you keep waking up at the same time every night, or waking up at the time of their passing, do not be alarmed. This is your loved ones way of reaching you because you may have been missing the other signs they have been sending you.

Numbers are another way your loved ones use repetition to make you see that they are with you. You might notice the same numbers on the clock over and over. Every time you see the time on your car dashboard or on your phone it reads 1:11, or 4:44. Maybe you get the same number every time you place an order at a restaurant counter. Music and words can repeat also. Sometimes it is the same song every time you turn on the radio or your loved one’s name everywhere you go. Pay attention- the other side is trying to reach you.

I have another story for you that may give you the chills. A friend of mine was struggling knowing that her Mom was very sick and about to pass away. Her Mom, had struggled with so many health issues that she wasn’t even able to hold conversations during her last few months. My friend was so upset because she felt like her Mom was passing away and that she wasn’t able to find comfort. She struggled with wondering if Heaven was even real and if her Mom would be ok or even make it there. She called me and told me her concerns. After listening, I saw what to do to help her in a vision. I told her that the next time she visited her Mom to ask her to send her a special sign from Heaven. The next day she went to the nursing home and said “Mom I want you to send me a penny when you have made it safely to Heaven”. Not sure if her even Mom heard the message, she went home and her Mom passed away shortly after.

The next day, her neighbor invited her over for a glass of wine to unwind from the stressful week and to just relax. When then neighbor reached into the cupboard to get the wine glass sitting underneath was a shiny penny. At the moment my friend got the chills, but thought it must be a coincidence. She didn’t think it was her Mom she thought it was wishful thinking. A few days passed and she walked into the funeral home to say her final goodbye to her Mom. Sitting on her seat was another penny. At that point, bells started going off in her head. She couldn’t figure out how the pennies kept appearing or where they came from. She didn’t tell anyone about the conversation with her Mom.  She knew it was not a coincidence and started to believe it was real. She got home that night from the services and stepped out of her car to find yet another penny! She was an instant believer standing in the driveway yelling “OK Mom I Know It’s You ! She called me almost immediately to tell me all about it. Suddenly, the tears were gone and she was laughing. You will notice that signs sometimes keep happening and happening when they are real. Normally they happen in groups of threes.

A lot of times these repetitions might seem like coincidences, but they’re not. They are signs from Heaven. They are your loved ones using repetition as a way to get your attention and let you know they are with you. It will keep happening and even drive you a little crazy because they want you to acknowledge that you get the message and know their soul is with you.

When you acknowledge the sign, you send your loved ones a signal that they can reach you in other ways. You’ll get more signs and feel them more. You will stay connected and feel the way you do when someone moves away…you don’t have to worry about them anymore, and you know you will be together again one day. That’s what your loved ones want for you.

Anything you think is a sign from your loved one is a sign. Coincidences do not happen in my world. When you receive a sign, say thank you to your loved one in Heaven. Let them know you are ready to start receiving more signs from them, and you will.

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