Mending a Broken Heart This Valentine’s Day

Mending a Broken Heart This Valentine’s Day

For some, Valentine’s Day is a special holiday of romance, love and appreciation for the soul connection that you feel with a new girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or even your kids. But, if you are in grief over a loved one that has passed on, Valentine’s Day can be a painful reminder of the love you shared with someone while they were here in the physical world.

As a medium, I have been blessed to have had the ability to share messages from those in the Spirit world. Every Valentine’s Day for the past several years, I’ve had to share this message: they want you to know they have not left you. As you sit and think about that special someone who has crossed over and the special times you shared with each other, know they are still with you. That same love that you experienced with them here in this world is actually a very special glue that keeps you connected both in this world and in the next. Even death cannot break it.

This bond is so strong that as you think of your loved ones during a special time or a holiday like Valentine’s Day, you may even begin to feel their presence around you. It might be as gentle as just feeling their spiritual presence by your side, or as obvious as hearing your name being called in their voice.

These are divine signs they are using to get your attention. Their hope is to let you know that no matter how much time passes, they still are able to celebrate every holiday and celebration with you in the Spirit. If you are missing someone this holiday, here are some tips to help you remember them in a loving way that can help ease the pain.

1. Celebrate as if they are still here with you. If every year your loved one bought you a Valentine’s Day card and you can’t imagine this year without one, dig out the ones from the past and read them. If you don’t have cards saved, take a moment to look at things they wrote to you. It could be Facebook messages, letters, texts or maybe just call a friend and ask them to share some stories of your loved one with you. When you do this, you will be reminded of the happy, positive stories of your loved ones and you will feel closer to them.

2. Have a conversation with them. You don’t need to be at their grave to speak or communicate with those you love. The truth is they can hear you no matter where you speak to them. Whether it be you speaking to them out loud, writing a letter, or simply speaking to them in your head, they can hear you. Conversation is a two-way street. When you speak to your loved ones, it reminds you they are still close by and it allows yourself to open up to the spiritual signs they are sending you.

3. Share with others how you feel. Sometimes, the best way to heal is by letting out the heaviness through speaking. When you talk to others about your thoughts, feelings and emotions, it helps you to find peace in your heart. There is no need to keep things bottled up. When you start to speak to those around you, not only will you feel better, but you will begin to release pain.

4. Do something special for yourself. When you feel the pain of a loved one starting to set in, shift your focus on doing something for yourself. It could be going for a walk around the block to clear your mind, going to the library and picking out a new book for the weekend, or even pampering yourself with a massage or a day trip to somewhere special like the waterfront. Take this time to appreciate yourself. The more you focus on yourself, the more you bring your intention away from the pain you have been feeling. It completely opens you up to new energy, people and opportunities. Also, if you feel you want to help a charity, this is the right time to reach out to a local one and become involved or to assist them for a day or at one of their events.

As you think about someone in Heaven this Valentine’s Day, don’t feel you need to be alone. Your loved ones want to see you happy and most of all enjoying your life. They are in a place where they are feeling extreme peace and are away from all negativity and illness, and so should you. As a medium, I have read clients around the world and one message from those in Heaven remains the same. Oftentimes, they tell me to tell my clients to release the grief, let it go, live without regret and embrace their soul. That being said, take that message and hold it close to your heart.

Spend this Valentine’s Day in your loved one’s honor. Spend time with that new grandchild who was just born into the family, call up an old friend who you lost touch with and invite them for coffee, or spend time reconnecting with those family members who live far away. Doing this work as a medium, I know how hard it can be to heal and to find the happiness in yourself again. You are not alone. If clients of mine have found healing, then so can you. Sometimes, it can be inspirational to you to read and connect with those who have gone through a similar experience.

I would like to invite you to read stories of those who have lost loved ones and have found healing on my website at by clicking on stories at the bottom of the page. As you read through some of these stories, you will notice that everyone started right where you are: feeling a little lost. By the end of each story, it is amazing to see how hope was restored and how many hearts were healed just by knowing that Heaven was a real place.

If there is one thing you take home from reading this today, I hope it is that death is not the end. Your loved ones are always with you. Sometimes, you just have to remind yourself of that

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7 Ways Heaven is Speaking to You

7 Ways Heaven is Speaking to You

You opened this article for a divine reason, it is because you have a loved one in Heaven who is trying to reach you and speak to you. Maybe you have sensed them around you but you’re not sure if it’s really them. I have news for you; your loved ones are ALWAYS with you. They are using many ways to try to communicate and speak to you from Heaven. One of the ways they are trying to reach you is through this email right at this moment. There is NO such things as coincidence; everything happens for a reason. I was told by the ‘The Other Side’ that I had to send this email message to you.

Below are 7 ways that your loved ones are using to reach out to you. How many of the following ways has your loved one used to communicate with you lately?

Through Your Thoughts & Feelings: Have you ever just felt the presence of your loved ones around you but couldn’t explain how or why? Maybe you were looking at a picture of them and you felt a chill down your spine, or a warm feeling envelops you. This was a very real experience; you were sensing those you love. When a person passes on, they leave their body behind and take on an energy form. When you begin to feel tingling or sudden gentle sensations, it is because you are actually feeling their energy around you. You may even notice that this happens more when you think about them, or when you are speaking or reminiscing about them. I have news for you; many times when you are thinking about your loved ones, they are thinking about you during that exact moment. They will sometimes send you lost memories of them to make you smile. Have you ever just daydreamed and then remembered a time with your loved one that you had forgotten about? That memory was sent to you from Heaven. When you have those little moments, it is as though your loved ones are sending you a little greeting card from Heaven just to watch you smile and to let you know that  they are around. They want you to remember the good times you shared with them.

Dream Visitations: When you fall asleep, your soul takes you on journey to ‘The Other Side’ and back. Many times I get asked “What is having a vision like?” or “what is it like being psychic?” Well, the best way that I can describe having visions is that it’s like actually dreaming while you are awake. Heaven is completely made up of energy and so are your mind and your thoughts. While you are relaxed and sleeping, your loved ones use your dreams as a video conference between you, and use them to stop in for a visit. If you have ever had a loved one appear in your dreams where you could have sworn it was real, you just had a dream visitation. Many times they will visit you in a dream to deliver news to you. It could be that they tell you a new baby is about to be born into the family, or they might stop in during a time that you are desperate to hear from them. No matter what it is, know that they are visiting because they want to check up on you and to remind you that they have not forgotten about you. Their message is to let you know that you WILL see them again.

Signs Around You: Have you been seeing things repeating that you just can’t explain, like numbers repeating (11:11), or feathers dropping from the sky? Maybe you have been seeing dragonflies, or find dimes no matter where you go. It looks like you just got a beautiful message from Heaven! Your loved ones do not want to interfere in your life or cause you pain that makes you search for them. They want to let you know that they are with you, watching over you, guiding you silently from up above. They will send you gentle reminders using everyday things that reflect their personality. For example, if your grandfather was a coin collector, you might be finding coins just about everywhere. Maybe your grandmother wore a very distinct perfume and you begin to smell it out of nowhere. These are all signs that they are using. It is their way of saying “Hello from Heaven”. 

Songs: Music is, in my opinion, one of the best ways that your loved ones will use to reach you. It seems like one special song at the perfect moment can make so many old feelings come rushing back. Sometimes ‘The Other Side’ will play songs so powerful that they will cause you to stop in your tracks and think of the last time you heard that song with them. Because those you love now have an energy form, they can take control over electronics such as TVs, radios, and even cell phones. When you really need to hear from them, they might just send you a beautiful song from Heaven to show you they are at peace.

Through Other People: Have you ever had the experience where you may not have seen a sign from your loved ones, but a close friend of family member has? You might be asking yourself the question “How come my Mom comes to my sister and not me?” It’s funny because I am asked this quite often. No, it is not that your Mom does not love you or that you Dad doesn’t want to speak to you any longer, but rather that some people are more sensitive than others. If you have a lot on your plate at the moment and your head is filled with thoughts, then you are missing the signs that they are sending you. That is when they will go to other people instead, not because they love them more but to be able to reach you. If you have a child you might even notice that your son, daughter or grandchild might see and sense your loved one that has passed on. It is because they are using other people to get to you. They want to remind you that they are still with you no matter where you go. Even though you may not feel them, it does not mean that they are not there.

Through Your Pets: Just as your pets can sense a thunderstorm days before it happens, they can sense and see your loved ones in Heaven. Pets are extremely intuitive and psychic beings. When you catch your dog or cat barking or meowing at the wall for no reason at all, it might be that they are seeing someone you love. Many times they may stop and stare at a place in your house that your loved one favorited, or they might sit in a place where they always sat. No need to be startled, they are just seeing your loved ones as they pass by to check up on you.

Through Photographs: Have you ever seen something develop on a picture and know instantly it was your loved one? Often, those you love will show up on birthdays, holidays, and in family pictures. You may see orbs or energy forms that appear out of nowhere. Because your loved ones are energy and they are around the family, they will show up in many pictures when you are all together. Your loved ones NEVER miss out on a family celebration or milestone in your life, even from Heaven. When you see these energy forms, know you just caught a loved one on camera. So, you might be wondering “What should I do when I see this?” The best way to connect with your loved ones is by opening up your heart, mind, and soul to the many messages from ‘The Other Side’. When you open yourself up to these signs, you show your loved ones that it is okay to communicate and speak with you. The more open you are, the more often they will send you signs and symbols. 

As a medium, when you come to a group reading or have a session, I do not bring your loved ones to you; you bring they to me. When you attend an event, you may notice that as I walk through the room, I begin to see all of your loved ones standing behind you, next to you, or even by your side. That is because that is where they are. If you were in the grocery store, I might be running up to you trying to deliver a message because that is where your loved ones always are. Right by your side. You have a strong connection that runs from your heart to theirs. It is a soul connection that works like glue to always keep you connected with them. As a medium, I just tell you what they are saying and what they want you to know; that is why they have asked me to write this email to you. Below is a reading I just gave to man in the Fox News studio. The moment I sat on the couch, I saw his father behind him waving to me. It turns out his Dad died when he wad 14 years old. It just goes to show that when you lose someone you love, it does not matter how long ago they died. Their spirit is always there with you.

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Does Everyone Have Psychic Ability?

Does Everyone Have Psychic Ability?

To some point, yes. Not everyone may have a full-blown psychic ability or be able to see the spirits of those who are no longer with us, but everybody does have intuition, which is the building block of psychic ability. Intuition is that inner voice or feeling deep inside of you that is present anytime you have to make a decision or need guidance. Have you ever felt it? That voice or feeling is your intuition, and without you even recognizing it at times, it is there, helping you in many different ways.

For example, have you ever had someone you haven’t spoken with in forever just pop into your head and that same week randomly bumped into them or heard about them? What about just the opposite? Have you ever had the feeling to call someone on the phone and then find out that they really needed to hear from you and were in need of guidance?

These are all examples of your intuition. It’s that voice that is inside of you that yells, “Slow down!” when you are in the car to warn you before someone swerves out in front of you or reminds you to use caution when danger is near. Intuition is an ability that you were born with that is an innate sense. For example, we all have the five senses where you see, touch, hear, smell and taste, but your intuition is the sixth sense that is also there. It uses all of these signals combined to send messages through your body and alert you when you need a message. The more you listen to your intuition, the stronger it becomes.

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Does Everyone Have Psychic Ability?

What Does My Loved One Want Me to Know?

The first thing that they want you to know is not to worry about them. No matter how they passed (in a tragedy, peacefully at home or unexpectedly), there is no doubt that they are safe and at peace with God and that the illness or pain they experienced when they were here is no longer with them. So many times, you may wonder where they are and if they are at peace. Do they hear us when we speak to them? What would they say to me right now? Why did this happen?

From what I am told from the other side when we pass, we never truly die. It’s just a new beginning as you enter a new side of life: Heaven. The only way I could describe it to you is the ultimate paradise where all illness, negative emotions and thoughts leave, allowing you to just relax while watching over and helping guide those here in the physical realm. Find comfort in knowing that, indeed, they can hear you when you speak, are with you when you cry and are proud to watch you as your family celebrates success.

One of the most important messages they want to pass on to you is to live your life to the fullest and know they are watching over you and want you to continue on with your life. They want you to know that they are not in pain or suffering any longer, so why should you be in pain over their passing? They want you to celebrate life, have fun, laugh often, love deeply and, most of all, be thankful for every minute you have here in this world. That message in itself is the real blessing!

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