Letting Go of Fear and Anxiety

Letting Go of Fear and Anxiety

These are crazy times. You don’t have to be a psychic to sense the fear and anxiety in the air. It’s hanging over everyone like a fog, and it’s a lot more contagious than the coronavirus.  Alexa and I are social distancing like crazy. We only go out when we absolutely have to. I’m taking all the precautions and being responsible, but there’s one thing I refuse to do. I will not let fear control me.

How to “unlearn” being afraid.

Did you know that fear is not something you were born with? It is something you have learned over time.

This might seem like a crazy example but hear me out. How many times have you seen a toddler wearing a crazy mismatched outfit? It might be a little girl wearing a tutu and a ski jacket with two different colored socks and checkered sneakers. What about a pre-school aged boy wearing cowboy boots with a Superman cape?

You know without a doubt that their mother didn’t pick that outfit, and you can’t help but notice how pleased the child is with their “fashion statement.” Fast forward to kids who are a little older. Maybe junior high school age. Suddenly they all want to look the same, and fitting in is the number one most important thing in the world.

What happened?

The little kid in the Superman cape doesn’t care what other people think. He’s not afraid to look silly, or to have people laugh at him. That’s because he hasn’t learned to fear being judged. That’s something that you learn as you grow up. When kids get older, it suddenly becomes important to get approval from their parents, teachers, and most of all, their peers.

Fear of not fitting in.

My family moved to Boston right about when I was ready to start high school. We moved there because my father was appointed to be the fire commissioner. Someone recommended to him that he send me to a very expensive, prep school. He meant well, but it could not have been a worse fit!

I stuck out like a sore thumb at my new school. I was a sensitive kid who loved fashion. I wasn’t into sports, and I had nothing in common with the other kids. I hated going to school and wound up getting depressed and anxious – but I was afraid to tell my parents. I walked around stuck in a fog of fear and dread. It was really bad.

Things changed when I started to become aware of stories about bullying and how a record number of kids were committing suicide because of it. I realized that I could wind up as one of these statistics if I didn’t come clean with my parents and ask to switch schools.

It was so hard! I knew my parents just wanted to send me to the best school possible. But what I’d heard when I’d watched so many news stories about teen suicide stuck in my head, and they gave me the courage to speak up. I talked to my parents, they weren’t happy, but they agreed to let me start my senior year in a new, public school. And just like that, the fear and dread were gone.

I realized that you just have to get control of your fear and not be afraid to say and do what’s in your heart.

Fear can turn your whole world upside down and make you feel paralyzed and scared, but only if you let it!

When you’re afraid to turn on the news, or when career or relationship challenges bring you down, remind yourself that you have full control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Don’t take your emotional cues from other people. The same way you learned to be afraid, you can learn to release your fears. Especially now!

I have been getting calls, emails and messages from so many of you who have felt imprisoned just by the fear that the coronavirus has caused us.

There’s never been a harder time to kick the fear habit. That’s why I created a new audio seminar, where I teach you to put yourself first and replace your fear and anxiety with the positive healing energy of the universe. You will also learn what makes you fearful and how you can remain levelheaded and rational when anxious thoughts set it.

Worried about what’s going on in the world? This seminar might be just what you need. I created it during the wake of the coronavirus, to teach you how to remain calm and find courage within yourself even in the darkest time.

Click Here to download Letting Go of Fear audio seminar.

Negativity can cause a chain reaction. Learn how you can be the difference and make the change. Learn how to channel your fear and anxiety into positive action, and you’ll find that your positivity and confidence.

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Letting go of Fear


Did you know that fear is not something you were born with? It is something you have learned over time.

Fear can turn your whole world upside down and make you feel paralyzed and scared, but only if you let it!

When you’re afraid to turn on the news, or when career or relationship challenges bring you down, remember that you have full control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The same way you learned to be afraid, you can learn to release your fears.

Runtime: 46 Minutes

The World Needs Your Prayers

The World Needs Your Prayers

It is through the toughest times in your life and when you think you are alone that Heaven is silently helping you in ways that you cannot see.

When you are scared about what tomorrow will bring, I want you to remember one thing: Heaven and your angels can see tomorrow so much more clearly than we see yesterday. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

If there is one thing I know as a psychic medium, it’s that your loved ones are always with you. Whether you are feeling sad, lonely, or anxious you can know that they are by your side through it all. In fact, they are waiting for you to talk to them and acknowledge that they are there. 

Heaven is Listening…

When you talk with your loved ones who have passed on, they hear you. Whether it’s an internal conversation or one that you say out loud, your loved ones are listening.

You can share anything with them: your worries, concerns, or day to day struggles. When you speak to them, you will begin to feel their warm and gentle presence with you. You may even begin to get emotional. 

It is important to know that Heaven is not a faraway place. You are connected to Heaven by the bond of love you share with someone special who has passed on. When we are faced with troubled times here on Earth like the coronavirus, Heaven teaches us to remain strong and stick together.

I believe that when we pray, we send out a little bit of our energy to help spread healing and love. During this time, the world needs you. Our prayers work to send emotional support and healing. 

As the coronavirus spreads, so does fear and anxiety. Together, we can stop it by joining Heaven and spreading positivity and love.

While God and our angels are helping those who are sick, take a moment to close your eyes and send love and healing thought waves to wherever it is needed in the world. 

Pray, Be Positive, Have Faith.

Here is a prayer that I started saying. I hope it helps you through this time and that you share it with your friends and family who need some positivity. 

Dear God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, and St. Rocco,

Please send your healing and loving energy to wherever it is needed today in the world. Please help those who are ill recover quickly and become stronger. Please use your divine power to slow the illness, and keep those who are vulnerable safe.

We thank you for your strength and the healing you have already given us. Amen.

When we all start to pray, we bring new energy of light and healing into the world and invite Heaven and our angels to help. 

Remind Yourself That Heaven is Near. 

During times like this when you need to be reminded of Heaven, it helps to wear or keep with you something of a passed loved one or that holds special spiritual significance in your heart. It could be a piece of their jewelry, a picture, or even rosary beads.

When the coronavirus first began, a friend of mine named Linda who owns a spiritual jewelry company here in Cranston, RI started wearing a St. Rocco Medal and praying daily. She gave one to me to wear, and I began doing the same. I noticed that when I wore it, something amazing happened.

I walked into the supermarket where emotions and anxieties were high due to the virus. A couple of people stopped me and told me, “I love your necklace. What does it mean?”

I told them about St. Rocco and that he was the patron saint of infectious disease. I shared how I was praying to him and sending prayers to the world, and I wore the necklace as a symbol of inviting his energy into my life.

As I told the story, everyone started feeling so good. It reminded them that through the panic, they also can pray and invite the divine energy of Heaven and the universe into their lives. Friends, family members, and strangers all wanted one. 

A chain reaction started, and I decided to share this same spiritual medal with all of you. If you would like your own St. Rocco medal to wear, pray on, or give to someone special, you can order yours below.

St. Rocco Spiritual Protector Medal


St. Rocco, Healer of Illness & Spiritual Protector

St. Rocco, Healer of Illness & Spiritual Protector

Whether you are scared, sick, or feeling lonely, there is one saint whom you can call on for divine help. Much like the coronavirus, there was a time in history when Italy was struck with a rampant disease. As the virus started to spread, one person stood in its way: St. Rocco.
He prayed with those who were made ill by the disease, and he made the sign of the cross over them. Almost immediately, they were healed.
When you are faced with uncertain times, you can call upon your angels, spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit along with St. Rocco to send you divine healing from above.
Although they are not physically here with us, God and our angels work through the hands of doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. They send strength and healing to those who believe in their divinity.
Together when we pray, we invite our angels and ascended masters into our lives to work their healing power and keep us safe.
Here is an exercise and prayer that you can say to call upon St. Rocco and your angels when you are scared or when praying for the health and well-being of someone you love.
Find a quiet and peaceful place to sit and dim the lights. Pick a place where you are comfortable and relaxed.
Think about your angels and your loved ones that have passed on who are watching over you. Ask them to come into your prayer space with you.
With your eyes closed, you will begin to connect with your inner spiritual energy.
Extend you hands in front of you and imagine the energy of St. Rocco and the ascended masters flowing through your body and through your hands. Make the sign of the cross in front of you and say this divine prayer of healing and invitation:
St. Rocco, God, and ascended masters, 
My family and I need your healing and loving energy.
Please send me your protection to keep me safe from the virus and those whom I come in contact with.
Please shield my loved ones and I with your love and divinity as you also continue to heal the world. 
We believe in your power and thank you for the healing you have already given.
This is a special prayer that I use and wanted to share with you. It is powerful, and you can use it whenever and wherever you need to feel safe and protected. You can keep it for yourself, or you can share it with your friends and family.
During this time of need, I worked with my team here in Rhode Island to create a special divine prayer medal with St. Rocco on it. Since the announcement of the virus, I have been using my medal every day. I hold it, pray for those I love, and ask for St. Rocco to keep us all safe.
I wanted to share this same medal with you so that you can do the same. When we wear spiritual medals, we invite the energy of our angels and loved ones into our life to watch over us and care for us. It is a spiritual reminder to the universe that we are open to their healing and divine support.
If you would like your own St. Rocco medal to wear, pray on, or give to someone special, you can order yours below.

St. Rocco Spiritual Protector Medal


This is a special spiritual medal that was created by my team and I here in Rhode Island to bring hope, healing and inspiration during the Coronavirus. We only are making a very limited small quantity. If you would like one, you must place your order within the next 5 days. I hope this message has found you when you need it, and I hope you love your medal just as much as I love mine.


May God, angels, and St. Rocco keep you safe.

(COVID-19) Coronavirus Is Causing A Chain Reaction

(COVID-19) Coronavirus Is Causing A Chain Reaction

You can’t escape it. Whether you are tuned into the news, on social media, or out taking a walk, everyone around the world is talking about the same thing: the coronavirus (COVID-19). The problem is that they’re not just talking about it; they are panicking about it.

My phone has been ringing off the hook, and I have been shocked and concerned not by the virus but by people’s behavior. Shelves are being wiped of food, toilet paper is disappearing from stores, and people are buying armfuls of hand sanitizer.

Spread Kindness Not Panic

It’s times like this that Heaven reminds us to be respectful of other people and that all we have is each other. Don’t spread panic—spread kindness. 

What you do starts a chain reaction among people, and the coronavirus (COVID-19) is the perfect example. What is spreading even faster than the virus itself is fear and panic, and you might be fueling it without even knowing it.

When you walk into a store and see people fighting over toilet paper, running to the checkout line with armfuls of disinfectant, and filling up multiple shopping carts with can goods, fear and panic immediately set in, and you automatically think that you need to do the same thing.

But what if things were different? If you walked into the store and everyone acted normal, would the world still be in such a panic?

Take a moment to think things through before reacting. Do you really need six or seven bottles of hand sanitizer? I have a bottle in my office from three or four months ago that is still going strong. What about toilet paper? Do you really need 100 rolls?

What we are doing is not protecting ourselves. We are selfishly taking resources away from the people who need them for our own comfort and peace of mind.

As I mention in my book When Heaven Calls’  Life lessons from America’s Top Psychic Medium, during times of trouble, Heaven and your angels have a message for you: take care of others while helping yourself. Remember that we are all in this together, and think of the people around you.

Listen to the Facts

The people who are most affected by the virus are those who are elderly, have pre-existing conditions, and are exposed to many people.

If you have a strong immune system and are young and healthy, you shouldn’t stress. The illness is easily killed. Practice good hand washing and leave the hand sanitizer for someone in the at-risk category.

Don’t Hoard—Share 

Only take what you need. Remember that someone else is in the exact same shoes you are in right now. A neighbor of mine was just at the store looking for hand sanitizer for her and her husband. They are older and have been through their fair share of medical issues.

She was looking around the store for sanitizer when a man shouted, “There are a few bottles over here!” She started down the aisle, and there were four bottles left. Before she could reach and grab one, a taller, younger male reached over her head and scooped up all four bottles. Luckily, another shopper shared some of their supplies to make up for the selfish shopper.

What we can learn from this is to share supplies. Call your neighbors, friends, and family. Make sure they have enough toilet paper, disinfectants, etc. Share what you have excess of and keep each other protected.

Take Care of the Vulnerable & Treat People Like Family, Not Strangers

Heaven teaches us that during times like this, it is important that we treat everyone like family and put those vulnerable at the front of the list. Start by checking in on older relatives, especially those who cannot make it to the store or are not safe to travel. Treat everyone like they are your family members.

If you knew your grandmother was at home alone, what would you do to help her? Do the same for your elderly neighbor.

If you own a business or storefront, leave a bottle of hand sanitizer out for people coming in. Do your part to stop the spread of the virus in its tracks.

Do the same when you are out. If you notice someone grabbing a shopping cart and not wiping it down, offer one of your own disinfectant wipes.

Don’t Focus on the Negative

Once you know the facts and get the daily news, it’s time to get back to daily life. Instead of spending all day watching TV and dwelling on what is happening, try limiting yourself to watching for 15 minutes in the morning and at night. It is good to know what is going on in the world, but watching all day can make you feel depressed and cause unnecessary anxiety.

Make Your Quarantined Time Meaningful

Take the time while you are quarantined to reconnect with family members. Call distant relatives on the phone that you haven’t heard from and reconnect with them.

Take out your playing cards and start playing games with those in your household or apartment complex who are also in quarantine. Dig out old movies and play something other than the news. Watch a movie that will make you laugh, or you can even try digging out old family home videos that you never had the time to watch.

Change What Is Spreading

Together, we can make a difference and be leaders. The same way that fear and panic have spread throughout our community, we can spread compassion and kindness. The best thing about kindness is that it is infectious and even more so than the virus itself.

During times like this, people look to others to lead the way. If you practice kindness and compassion during your travels, others will start to follow. Sharing a hand sanitizing wipe, calling and checking in on a neighbor, or even sharing some of your supplies will encourage others to do the same.

If we all start to band together and encourage positivity, we can start a chain reaction that helps heal the world. Are you ready?

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