Angels in Disguise

Angels in Disguise

Have You Ever Met An Earth Angel? 


Life has a way of throwing challenges in your path. No matter how strong, smart, and capable, you might be, everyone needs a little help sometimes. That’s why it’s nice to know that in addition to friends and family on earth, you can tap into help from Heaven when you need it!

Many people often ask me, how do our loved ones help us from Heaven?

As a medium I can tell you they help out in many different ways, often without you even realizing it. In fact, you have a whole team to watch over you – angels, guides, and loved ones who have passed – warning when danger is near and sending strength and encouragement when you lose your way.

But that’s not all. Your “Spirit Team” has another powerful tool in their divine toolbox and that’s the ability to work through other people. Sometimes the best way they can help involves bringing in earthly support.

Support from Unexpected Places


I believe sometimes divine intervention comes through the hands of others – doctors, teachers, police officers, and everyday people. Of course, good Samaritans sometimes jump in and help on their own accord without any encouragement from the heavens, but there are times when I hear a story and I just KNOW there’s more to it than that!

For instance, I remember seeing a news story about a woman who slipped and fell down onto the subway tracks just as a train was approaching. Just thinking about that absolutely freaks me out – it was always something that scared me when I was a kid and went into the city! Miraculously, out of nowhere a man rushed in. With no time to pull her back to safety, he jumped down with her, held her tight and they both ducked as low as they could and were both saved!

When the good Samaritan was interviewed, he was still really shaken up, and confused. He said he had no idea what had possessed him rush in and save the woman. He had no knowledge of what to do in an emergency like this, but somehow he found a way to save the woman without killing himself in the process.

It was no mystery to me. As soon as I heard the story, I knew immediately that the woman’s Angels had been right there, working through a bystander to bring her to safety.


Animal Heroes


Humans aren’t the only ones that the Angels work through. How many times have you heard of a dog who pulled his owner out of a house just as smoke started to fill the room? Or a dog who found a way to alert neighbors when its owner was injured?

There are so many stories where you ask yourself, “How did that animal know what to do?” The answer is often that the Angels made him do it!

Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics Need Help Too!


Think about the medical profession. Lately, they’ve gotten some extra recognition for being the heroes that they are! But do you ever wonder what makes them able to always be there, sacrificing themselves and risking their health to care for others. When patients are rushed through the doors of the ER the doctors never know what they will be faced with, but something gives them the strength, patience and wisdom to help save lives.

Of course, medical professionals go through years of training, but as someone who was once an EMT, I remember times when I had a gut feeling that I couldn’t explain, or got a little burst of energy when I needed it most. Looking back, I feel that my own spiritual support system, or the guides, Angels, and deceased loved ones of the person I was treating intervened to help the outcome.


Need Help? Call upon Your “Team!”


If you’re struggling with a tough decision, feeling hopeless, or find yourself in a dangerous spot with no way out, don’t hesitate to ask the heavens for help. There are heavenly helpers standing by, waiting for you to call upon them – and if they can’t solve the problem, they’ll find someone who can!

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