Letting Go of Fear and Anxiety

Letting Go of Fear and Anxiety

These are crazy times. You don’t have to be a psychic to sense the fear and anxiety in the air. It’s hanging over everyone like a fog, and it’s a lot more contagious than the coronavirus.  Alexa and I are social distancing like crazy. We only go out when we absolutely have to. I’m taking all the precautions and being responsible, but there’s one thing I refuse to do. I will not let fear control me.

How to “unlearn” being afraid.

Did you know that fear is not something you were born with? It is something you have learned over time.

This might seem like a crazy example but hear me out. How many times have you seen a toddler wearing a crazy mismatched outfit? It might be a little girl wearing a tutu and a ski jacket with two different colored socks and checkered sneakers. What about a pre-school aged boy wearing cowboy boots with a Superman cape?

You know without a doubt that their mother didn’t pick that outfit, and you can’t help but notice how pleased the child is with their “fashion statement.” Fast forward to kids who are a little older. Maybe junior high school age. Suddenly they all want to look the same, and fitting in is the number one most important thing in the world.

What happened?

The little kid in the Superman cape doesn’t care what other people think. He’s not afraid to look silly, or to have people laugh at him. That’s because he hasn’t learned to fear being judged. That’s something that you learn as you grow up. When kids get older, it suddenly becomes important to get approval from their parents, teachers, and most of all, their peers.

Fear of not fitting in.

My family moved to Boston right about when I was ready to start high school. We moved there because my father was appointed to be the fire commissioner. Someone recommended to him that he send me to a very expensive, prep school. He meant well, but it could not have been a worse fit!

I stuck out like a sore thumb at my new school. I was a sensitive kid who loved fashion. I wasn’t into sports, and I had nothing in common with the other kids. I hated going to school and wound up getting depressed and anxious – but I was afraid to tell my parents. I walked around stuck in a fog of fear and dread. It was really bad.

Things changed when I started to become aware of stories about bullying and how a record number of kids were committing suicide because of it. I realized that I could wind up as one of these statistics if I didn’t come clean with my parents and ask to switch schools.

It was so hard! I knew my parents just wanted to send me to the best school possible. But what I’d heard when I’d watched so many news stories about teen suicide stuck in my head, and they gave me the courage to speak up. I talked to my parents, they weren’t happy, but they agreed to let me start my senior year in a new, public school. And just like that, the fear and dread were gone.

I realized that you just have to get control of your fear and not be afraid to say and do what’s in your heart.

Fear can turn your whole world upside down and make you feel paralyzed and scared, but only if you let it!

When you’re afraid to turn on the news, or when career or relationship challenges bring you down, remind yourself that you have full control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Don’t take your emotional cues from other people. The same way you learned to be afraid, you can learn to release your fears. Especially now!

I have been getting calls, emails and messages from so many of you who have felt imprisoned just by the fear that the coronavirus has caused us.

There’s never been a harder time to kick the fear habit. That’s why I created a new audio seminar, where I teach you to put yourself first and replace your fear and anxiety with the positive healing energy of the universe. You will also learn what makes you fearful and how you can remain levelheaded and rational when anxious thoughts set it.

Worried about what’s going on in the world? This seminar might be just what you need. I created it during the wake of the coronavirus, to teach you how to remain calm and find courage within yourself even in the darkest time.

Click Here to download Letting Go of Fear audio seminar.

Negativity can cause a chain reaction. Learn how you can be the difference and make the change. Learn how to channel your fear and anxiety into positive action, and you’ll find that your positivity and confidence.

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Letting go of Fear

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Did you know that fear is not something you were born with? It is something you have learned over time.

Fear can turn your whole world upside down and make you feel paralyzed and scared, but only if you let it!

When you’re afraid to turn on the news, or when career or relationship challenges bring you down, remember that you have full control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The same way you learned to be afraid, you can learn to release your fears.

Runtime: 46 Minutes

Can Negative Spirits Hurt Me?

Can Negative Spirits Hurt Me?

Understanding Negative Spirits, Souls & Energy.

Sometimes people ask me if all connections to Spirit are positive. “What about bad people who hurt me while they were alive? Can they hurt me after they’re gone?”

A friend of mine bought a beautiful old mansion in Newport to use for entertaining. Her family didn’t spend much time there, but when they did, they were uncomfortable. My friend asked me to come to the house with her because after she had some odd experiences. She thought the house was haunted. When I got there, I could sense a great sadness associated with that house. I felt emptiness, coldness and stagnant energy. The moment I walked in I felt that I was not welcome.

Even though the house was beautiful, it felt cold, sterile and airy – like a hospital. I told her it was really just an energy imprint, not a haunting. While I was there, I was shown that the original owners of the house had experienced tragedy. Their energy was still in the house. As I told my friend, it wasn’t a haunting. The house needed my friend’s energy.

An Energy Imprint is also referred to as an “energy haunting”. When a tragic, violent or emotional event happens in a house or a certain area, that energy can be left behind leaving an imprint. Even though there may not be any actual “ghosts” there anymore, you may still feel uneasy, sad or scared in the area. This is why so many people feel these sensations when visiting haunted placed like the Lizzy Borden house or the Winchester Mystery House.

I told my friend to infuse the house with her family’s happy, loving presence. The house needed to be recharged with positive energy, with day to day events, meals, sunshine and fresh air. She started going to the house during the day to work. She even took her pets to the house, so they could run and play in its rooms. Over time, her family’s positive energy replaced the old stagnant energy. Some of that old spirit was still in the house, but when the new lifeforce was allowed to come through, it edged that old energy out.

Crossing Over

Since we are all energy, things we interact with keep traces of our energy. That energy can stick around after we’re gone, but it’s not really the same as what people think of as “haunting.” Hauntings are rare and usually indicate a problem with a soul crossing over. Mediums can assist in replacing old energy, like I did with my friend, but transitioning the living over to Heaven is God’s work.

Souls have to be light to cross over. When you die, you let go of old pain, trauma and resentment. On the other side, we have to forgive and be forgiven and let things go. Sometimes, souls are too heavy to cross over, usually because of some darkness in their lives, and they become stuck. That’s what we think of as hauntings.

Those heavy spirits that get stuck here can’t hurt you when your own energy is positive. As my mom said, the only people you have to fear are the living! Still, there are some things you can do to get yourself some extra protection….and these techniques help with those earthly encounters too!

Psychic Protection Rituals
  • Imagine a mirrored wall surrounding you, forming a wall and reflecting negative energy away from you.
  • Get to know your angels and guides, and call upon them to protect you.
  • Burn sage to clear stagnant energy out of any living space that feels uncomfortable to you. It really works!
  • Take a few steps to infuse new spaces with your own energy. For example, I like to personalize hotel rooms by putting a photo of Alexa and our cats on the nightstand. I also play some of my favorite disco tunes!
  • When all else fails open the windows and let in the sunshine and fresh air.

Some people think being a psychic medium might be scary or a morbid way to make a living, I don’t see it that way at all. On the contrary, I feel blessed to be able to spread light and help the living heal by letting them know that their loved ones in Heaven are still with them and wishing them the best!

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