Transitioning Through Grief

Transitioning Through Grief

When we lose a loved one, it is said that grief comes in waves. Some days the waves are small and gentle, and other days, they can be powerful tsunamis of feeling. Times of transition can bring especially powerful feelings of loss and grief. Have you ever heard the saying that sharing grief cuts it in half? During times of transition, reaching out to our loved ones who have passed, can help cut the grief in half because we are sharing those times with them.

Many people focus on weddings and big events and think those are going to be the hardest times when they’ll miss their loved ones the most. But often it is the feelings that come with the smaller events that hit us hardest. Sometimes those are the ones we are not prepared for.

In the fall, the start of a new school year is very hard for families who have recently lost someone. “My mother used to walk my son to school every day. I can’t bear the idea that she’s not here to walk him to school anymore.” I hear things like that a lot. Social media has a way of reminding us where we were five years ago or two years ago, and if those reminders come with a picture of someone who is no longer here sharing a special event, that can be very painful.

There are ways to help ease that pain by including loved ones in Heaven in your special times. If your mom used to walk to school with your child, find something special to serve as a symbol or reminder of her -a favorite photo or trinket. You can put it on your child’s backpack or inside a pocket as a reminder that your mom is still there. When the school celebrates grandparents day, take a picture of grandma and encourage your child to tell stories of wonderful memories with their beloved grandparent.

Your loved ones want to connect with you during transitions. These times that are special for you are special for them too. A woman wrote to me recently to tell me about her son starting university this fall. “His grandfather would be so proud of him,” she told me. “My son is the first grandchild, and my father loved him so much.” Her son had been accepted to a prestigious university and was waiting for his dorm room assignment. “My son was so worried he would get a room with three roommates,” she told me. “He is introverted, and he likes to have space to himself to compose music and solve complicated equations. I was worried about how he would handle having roommates.” On her father’s birthday, the whole family was feeling sad, missing the man they all loved. That afternoon, her son got an email telling him he had been assigned a single room. No roommates. “We were so happy,” she said. “I told my son, that’s your grandfather’s doing. He made that happen for you.” She realized her father was with them all, and their grief was cut in half.

Big shifts in our lives, transitions, special events, new beginnings are often the times when our loved ones send the strongest signals. Just as they want to help us cope in the difficult times, our loved ones want to be with us to celebrate our joy. When you are facing a transition, and someone is missing, bring that person into the mix with a picture, a special object, a piece of clothing or even a ritual that reminds you, and reminds them, that you know they are always with you.

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Cruise the Caribbean with Me!

Cruise the Caribbean with Me!

Death is the most challenging thing that you can ever go through. When you lose a loved one it can make you feel disconnect, alone and isolated. As a psychic medium I know this all too well. Clients come to me struggling not only because they are missing someone, but also because they feel that it’s not right for them to celebrate life.

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Through my many conversations with Heaven I have learned that your loved ones are always with you. They are watching over you, guiding you and more importantly wanting you to live your life to the fullest. They want you to still be able to live your life as though they are still with you, as difficult as it may be.  That’s where I come in. For those of you who are not familiar with my work my name is Matt Fraser. I’m a Psychic Medium with over a decade of experience connecting people to their loved ones who have passed on to the Other Side. I’ve written a best-selling book about my story and my abilities, I’ve been featured on nationally-televised shows, I have a sold-out speaking schedule and my private reading waitlist is now over a year long. But all of that success pales in comparison to the joy I get from sharing my ability to bring you closer to your loved ones, and to the amazing and extraordinary life they want you to have… and that you deserve.

Sometimes the noise and fast pace of our lives can be overwhelming, keeping us from hearing the whispers of loved ones in Heaven. Wouldn’t it be great to just float away from it all and concentrate on connecting with your highest self – even building your own psychic gifts? You can do just that by joining me on a 7-day Spiritual Odyssey in the Caribbean. We’ll leave from Fort Lauderdale Florida on February 24th and spend a glorious week exploring the Bahamas, Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico before returning – tanned, refreshed and transformed – on March 3rd.

There is something so freeing about being on the ocean. On a cruise, there are times when there’s nothing but water as far as you can see. It gives you such a feeling of peace. Someone who joined us on the cruise last year told me she was standing alone on deck, looking out at the water. She felt her mind relax as she gazed at the waves. She took a deep breath, breathing in the salt air. She thought of her husband, an image of him smiling at her popped into her head, and her heart filled with love for him and memories of their time together. “I wish you were here,” she said aloud. At that moment, a dolphin jumped out of the water, right in front of her. She knew that was her husband sending her a message. “I am here.”

Explore tropical islands and commune with nature.

During the cruise, we will stop in some great places and share some amazing experiences. I can’t wait to hang out with you! Have you ever swam with dolphins? They are such intuitive, special beings. Together, we will commune with dolphins, feed butterflies, and visit beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. I’ll lead you on a guided meditation on the beach. What a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with your spirit guides and angels!

Mingle with like-minded people, and open your heart to receive a healing message from Spirit.

On board the ship, we’ll gather together for three group readings. If you’ve never been to a live reading, there’s really nothing like it, and when you combine the magic of mediumship with the otherworldly beauty of the Caribbean – well, I can tell you this – it will be unforgettable! You might get a direct message from a loved one, but no matter what, you’ll feel the presence of Spirit all around you. Being at a live event might even open up your own psychic and mediumistic gifts. And many people have told me that the opportunity for calm reflection, combined with the readings and the experience of being at the event gives them a perspective and hope as well as a stronger connection to Spirit.

Many people ask me how they can improve their own psychic abilities and intuition. During the cruise, I will be giving a master class on just that. It will be a wonderful opportunity to help you tap into your own psychic voice. Especially in such a beautiful, peaceful setting, you will have the chance to improve your own abilities to feel and hear messages from Heaven.

I get it. When you’re busy, it’s easy to put yourself last on your list of priorities. I urge you to give yourself something special to look forward to, and join me for this once in a lifetime experience. After all, where else can you relax, explore AND connect with the Spirit realm, all in one week? I invite you to check out some highlights from my last cruise and learn more about this year’s Personal Odyssey on the Sea by clicking here! Your mind, body and soul will thank you!

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