A Special Visit from Heaven

A Special Visit from Heaven

The First Soul Connection

Growing up with a psychic Mom was never boring. I have vivid memories of her having premonitional dreams. There were many mornings when she woke up happy and excited after dreaming that a friend or family member was having a baby. She’d rush to the phone to call the person and share the good news, “I had a dream that you were pregnant!”

For her, the dreams always followed the same pattern. A departed family member would appear in her dream holding a child that would soon be sent down to his or her mother here in this world. The souls were always eager to share this news with my Mom because they knew she would pass the message along to the new parent to be. Usually, her predication would be within a just a few days of the couple getting their positive pregnancy test result.

My mother is a gifted psychic and medium, but dreams and visitations like this can happen to anyone. In fact, it happened to my wife Alexa.

A Dream Come True!

From just about the moment we met, Alexa and I always planned on getting married and starting a family. That plan went into action the moment we each said “I do” back in October. However, when Alexa received her first two negative pregnancy tests, she started to feel sad, anxious, and even a little nervous. She wanted to see that positive mark on the test so badly!

One night, she was really stressing herself out. “What if I don’t get pregnant?” she asked. I could see the worry on her face, but I reassured her it would all happen in God’s time – when it was meant to be. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long for her mood to shift. That very night she went to bed and woke up a changed person. She shook me out of a sound sleep, excitedly telling me she had met our son.

In Alexa’s dream, she was pregnant and gave birth to a little baby boy. She saw herself singing to him in the car, dressing him up in cute outfits – she could see his personality as he waved and interacted with her in the dream. The details were so vivid! He loved Winnie the Pooh, Disney music, and car rides. He was sassy and energetic. She woke up and knew she had met our son. After so many years as a child, watching my own mom have these same types of dreams, I knew it was real.

Alexa connected with our “dream baby” so strongly that she began to miss him – wondering if she would ever get to hold him and love him in real life. To our delight, we discovered two weeks later she was pregnant. The moment she got that result, I knew it was him. Our son!


Confirmation & Validation

Sure enough, when we went to the doctor for blood work, and it was confirmed that we were having a boy. As a medium, I’ve had souls explain how babies wait in Heaven to be born. I know for sure our boy was waiting and couldn’t resist dropping in on Alexa to let her know. Since I’m the psychic, you would think that I would’ve known first! However, our little baby decided to give Alexa the upper hand on this one.

This wouldn’t be the first time a baby visited its mother or father before being born. I have talked to many people who have had similar experiences. When we’re in a subconscious state, we’re more open to Spirit connections, which is why so many souls visit us in our dreams. It’s not just babies, relatives, ancestors, and friends that have passed away will also make their appearances in our dreams.


Remember, that dreams can be a sign that Spirit is around you. Don’t pass it off as wishful thinking – if you have a dream that seems especially vivid, write down the details as soon as you wake up. You might have a deceased loved one trying to close out some unfinished business, or you might be expecting a new little blessing from Heaven!

The Invisible Psychic String

The Invisible Psychic String

The Psychic Cord That Can’t be Broken


The holidays can be lonely when someone you love isn’t around. You might be separated by miles or in a more permanent way, but whatever the reason you can’t be together physically, it’s comforting to know that you’re always connected energetically.


Coincidence or Spiritual Connection?


It happens to everyone. You randomly think about someone from your past – then within a few hours you get a friend request from them on social media or unexpectedly run into them. Or you have the sudden urge to call a friend at the very moment something significant is happening to them. Once, based on an impulse, I called an old friend I hadn’t talked to in years. When she answered the phone, she told me she was waiting for the coroner to arrive to pick up her mother who had just passed.


Those synchronicities are more than just coincidence. I believe these incidents are proof that we’re energetically connected to certain people with a “psychic string” that time, distance, and even death can’t break.


A Psychic “Hotline” Connects you to Loved Ones


Remember when you were a kid, and you made a “telephone” with two tin cans and a string? I tried that experiment when I was about ten. You couldn’t have a real conversation, but the vibration would travel through the string, and if you were paying attention, you’d know when the person on the other end was trying to reach you. This is the same – you’ll feel a tug – and your subconscious or your intuition gets the message. All you have to do is be open and receptive.


We’re energetically tied to people for all kinds of reasons – the most common connections are to partners or soul mates, children, and immediate family members – but you can also find yourself linked to friends, pets, and even ancestors who you’ve never actually met. We all have multiple cords connecting us to the people who matter most.


There are also cords that aren’t so healthy or positive, and those can actually drain your energy – but that’s a story for another blog.


As a medium, I know that people carry these invisible soul connections with them into the afterlife. If one person goes before the other, this cord will bridge the gap until they’re together again.


What is an Astral Cord?


An Astral Cord is a golden string of energy that connects your heart to the heart of a loved one who has passed away. When you love someone, the connection doesn’t die just because they do. You give off energy with your thoughts and intentions and send it out into the Universe. Your loved one feels that love and sends it back to you, through this golden string.


The astral cord also allows the deceased to send you signs to let you know they are still connected to you. You will notice these signs because you may feel a little tug on your heart when this happens and it’s usually when you need their support, or right before something amazing occurs in your life!


Love is the Most Reliable Network!


Love energy is the most powerful way to create enduring connections in life, and it’s also the best way to stay connected with loves ones in Heaven.


The more love you give off into the Universe and the more you set your intention to receive love, the stronger your connection becomes. The golden string of energy that connects you makes spirit communication easier for both parties involved.


So, when you’re feeling sad because you’re missing a loved one during the holidays, remember that they’re not that far away. Reach out and talk to the people in your life that you care about, and for those on the other side, send out a loving thought – you’ll hear back from them in your dreams at night, or notice signs as you go about your day!


Staying Connected


What people often do not realize is that when you visit a psychic medium like myself, your loved ones come through not because of my gift or ability, they come through because of the connection you had with one another. When they see that they can reach you through someone like myself, they take the opportunity to deliver you a message. This the reason why I love my readings so much! Whether I am doing a group reading or a LIVE event, nobody is ever attending alone. Right with you are the spirits of your loved ones that have passed on. It truly is a family reunion with Heaven! If you would like to attend a psychic medium event with me, Click Here.


What and Where IS Heaven?

What and Where IS Heaven?

When you think of a loved one who has passed, I hope you’re remembering the good times you shared, their funny quirks and favorite foods and all the character traits and experiences that made them who they were in life.

But there might also be times when you want to imagine them the way they are right now. You might picture them happy, healthy and pain free. But when you visualize your loved one in Heaven, what do you “see” around them?

Does your mind go straight to images of clouds and huge, golden gates? If that seems too much like a cliché, then what exactly DOES Heaven look like?

As a psychic medium, I get asked that question a LOT! Now, I’ve never been to Heaven, at least not that I remember, but I’ve gotten thousands of impressions from souls who I’ve connected with over the years. And I can tell you, Heaven looks different to everyone.

That’s because heaven isn’t clouds, pearly gates, or golden thrones. It’s energy. And while we’re talking about what Heaven is and isn’t, let me share one more thing. Heaven is not in the sky…


What and where IS Heaven?


Heaven is an invisible world made up completely of energy that is right here among us. It’s nowhere and everywhere.

Like electricity, it’s all around us, but we can’t see it. To the living it seems like a far-away place, but to our loved ones in spirit, it feels like they have never left earth. They’re still connected to the earth because there of the people they love and watch over.

As a medium, I feel the presence of Heaven all around me. Some people think of their loved ones as in the air, the sky, the clouds – but I sense them, and they’re much closer than that.

Another way to describe it is with this simple analogy. We’re all under one sun, and it feels like it’s right in our backyard – but actually people all over the world can see it.

Heaven is a place made entirely of energy, and that’s why it can never be seen, altered, or destroyed by the living. I’m a medium, but I’m still a physical being. My impressions and insights about Heaven come from my connection to souls who reside there and not from personal experience.


What does Heaven look like?


Heaven can be compared to something you experience in your dreams, because it can be anything you want it to be. A great dream is going to be different for everyone, and Heaven is the same.  You’ll experience your own paradise surrounded by the things that you love.

For some, Heaven is a place of rolling landscapes, beautiful mountains, and flowers, to others it’s a magical city – a clean, idealized version of a city on earth.


“Design Your Own Space in Heaven”


Your idea of Heaven is going to be different than mine, because souls create their own version that makes them happy, and that’s the energetic space where they reside.

I know it’s hard to fathom, but I think of Heaven as a big condo building. The building looks the same on the outside, but inside no two units are the same. They are all different floor plans, decorated in different styles. That’s the reason why religion flows so harmoniously in heaven. Everyone can have a different religion and a different idea of heaven, and that’s what they experience when they die – but they’re all in the same “place.”


A Fisherman’s Dream


I did a reading for a woman whose husband was a fisherman. When I connected with him he was on a boat in the middle of the ocean – doing what he loved most. His wife was a little freaked out because, “I want to be with him when I die, but not in a fisherman’s heaven!” I had to explain to her that she could still be with him while having her own version of Heaven.

The great thing about Heaven is that you don’t have to compromise, and everyone gets what they want.  

Some people don’t want anything to be different than what they had on earth. Many souls come through sitting in the same house they lived in all their lives. They loved their home, so they carried it over and made it their Heaven. It’s the same with clothing, and jewelry. Souls come through wearing their wedding ring, even though the actual ring is here on earth – it doesn’t make a difference that on earth, the ring has been sold, is sitting in a safe deposit box, or their daughter is wearing it.  

That doesn’t mean that there is a jeweler in Heaven. Just like we put ourselves together with clothing and accessories on earth, in heaven we reflect the things that are meaningful to us. A grandmother who loved to have her whole family to Sunday dinner might show up in an apron – because that symbolizes who she was in life and what she loved. Who would Michael Jackson be without his white glove? You can be sure if he came through to a medium, he’d be wearing it.


No Compromise Required


Here’s one more crazy thing. You can be with a loved one in Heaven – together – and both perceive your environment differently. Unlike in a marriage or relationship on earth, there’s no need to compromise. When you reconnect with a soulmate in Heaven, you both get exactly what you want.


Closer to Loved Ones in Heaven


One thing I love about being a medium is that when I share messages from the dead or describe what Heaven is like to the living, it helps everyone feel closer to the friends and family members they’re missing. That’s very healing! When you’re able to imagine your loved one and feel them close to you, it’s as if they’re not gone at all – they’re just in a different space.

That’s one reason I created my online spiritual courses. These classes are ideal for anyone who wants to open themselves up to the Spirit world and receive more signs and messages from loved ones in Heaven. And just like this blog helped you understand just a little more about what Heaven is actually like, my audio and video classes will help you learn about the spirit world and stay connected to those you love. To learn more, > click here.

Angels in Disguise

Angels in Disguise

Have You Ever Met An Earth Angel? 


Life has a way of throwing challenges in your path. No matter how strong, smart, and capable, you might be, everyone needs a little help sometimes. That’s why it’s nice to know that in addition to friends and family on earth, you can tap into help from Heaven when you need it!

Many people often ask me, how do our loved ones help us from Heaven?

As a medium I can tell you they help out in many different ways, often without you even realizing it. In fact, you have a whole team to watch over you – angels, guides, and loved ones who have passed – warning when danger is near and sending strength and encouragement when you lose your way.

But that’s not all. Your “Spirit Team” has another powerful tool in their divine toolbox and that’s the ability to work through other people. Sometimes the best way they can help involves bringing in earthly support.

Support from Unexpected Places


I believe sometimes divine intervention comes through the hands of others – doctors, teachers, police officers, and everyday people. Of course, good Samaritans sometimes jump in and help on their own accord without any encouragement from the heavens, but there are times when I hear a story and I just KNOW there’s more to it than that!

For instance, I remember seeing a news story about a woman who slipped and fell down onto the subway tracks just as a train was approaching. Just thinking about that absolutely freaks me out – it was always something that scared me when I was a kid and went into the city! Miraculously, out of nowhere a man rushed in. With no time to pull her back to safety, he jumped down with her, held her tight and they both ducked as low as they could and were both saved!

When the good Samaritan was interviewed, he was still really shaken up, and confused. He said he had no idea what had possessed him rush in and save the woman. He had no knowledge of what to do in an emergency like this, but somehow he found a way to save the woman without killing himself in the process.

It was no mystery to me. As soon as I heard the story, I knew immediately that the woman’s Angels had been right there, working through a bystander to bring her to safety.


Animal Heroes


Humans aren’t the only ones that the Angels work through. How many times have you heard of a dog who pulled his owner out of a house just as smoke started to fill the room? Or a dog who found a way to alert neighbors when its owner was injured?

There are so many stories where you ask yourself, “How did that animal know what to do?” The answer is often that the Angels made him do it!

Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics Need Help Too!


Think about the medical profession. Lately, they’ve gotten some extra recognition for being the heroes that they are! But do you ever wonder what makes them able to always be there, sacrificing themselves and risking their health to care for others. When patients are rushed through the doors of the ER the doctors never know what they will be faced with, but something gives them the strength, patience and wisdom to help save lives.

Of course, medical professionals go through years of training, but as someone who was once an EMT, I remember times when I had a gut feeling that I couldn’t explain, or got a little burst of energy when I needed it most. Looking back, I feel that my own spiritual support system, or the guides, Angels, and deceased loved ones of the person I was treating intervened to help the outcome.


Need Help? Call upon Your “Team!”


If you’re struggling with a tough decision, feeling hopeless, or find yourself in a dangerous spot with no way out, don’t hesitate to ask the heavens for help. There are heavenly helpers standing by, waiting for you to call upon them – and if they can’t solve the problem, they’ll find someone who can!

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LOVE is Thicker Than Water

LOVE is Thicker Than Water

Growing up, I always heard that when you die, you’re reunited with your loved ones who passed before you. It was a comforting thought, but I remember wondering who exactly would be in that group. My best friend from third grade? Relatives who I didn’t even know? Pets? Would I get to pick who I hung out with in heaven?

As a medium, I’m considered an expert in the afterlife, and it turns out I’m not the only one who wonders about these things. People have a lot of questions, and I get it! Knowing that you will be together for eternity can make losing someone easier to handle, and it can make the whole idea of dying less frightening.

Love Keeps Us Connected

A common thing people ask is if they will be with friends, family, or adopted family in Heaven regardless if they are blood related. The answer is yes, Heaven is a place that reunites us – it doesn’t separate us.

As a medium, I’ve learned that souls come through based on how your HEART recognizes them and not your genetics. Stepfather, stepsister, adopted parent, foster parent, best friend, are convenient ways to describe our relationships but sometimes the heart creates a different, more authentic label based on how strong and deep the connection is.

I remember, I once read a woman whose father had been missing from her life. When she was just 3 years old her Mom remarried. The man who was technically her stepfather was a loving person who treated her like she was his own. In his heart, she was his daughter and he loved her unconditionally. Throughout her life, he was the only father she ever knew. She called him Dad, and nobody ever knew anything different. After he passed, she came to me for a reading, and his spirit came right through. She was so relieved because she had feared that he wouldn’t be there because they were not related by blood. He made sure she got the message that they were connected forever – by love. She broke down in tears knowing that he was still with her in spirit, and they would be together in Heaven.

A Soul Connection

People often don’t understand that an enduring soul connection has nothing to do with legality or bloodlines. I’ve known people who tragically lost a fiancée before their wedding who worried that they wouldn’t be reunited in Heaven because the marriage ceremony didn’t take place. People who have been married more than once are sometimes confused about who they will be with in the afterlife. Remember that in the afterlife, true soulmates always reunited and love always finds a way to keep us connected.

I’ve done readings for people who were adopted. That can get interesting!

Sometimes both their adoptive family and biological family members come through. It’s confusing because they have 4 sides of their family instead of two and they may know nothing about their birth parents. However, I have found that most times it is the adopted family that has the strongest presence in readings. They are the ones that shared memories, love and a deep connection with that child, and that is what matters most.

Pets Become Family

Then there are pets. Even though they are not the same species, and are not ” born into our family” they become family because of the love and connection that we share with them. It can be hard to lose a pet you love, especially when their lives seem so short compared to ours – but they are watching over you in life, and will be waiting to lead you across the tunnel of light to the other side.

Heaven is not a place that looks for marriage certificates or DNA samples. You will be with anyone you loved in Heaven.

So, when people ask me questions about being reunited with loved ones in heaven, I always tell them the same thing, “Love is thicker than water – if you’re not sure who you will spend eternity with, your heart knows the answer!”

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