Making Life Choices Using Intuition

Making Life Choices Using Intuition

Alexa and I were hanging out with a couple of friends this past weekend. We were having a great time chatting about all kinds of things, when someone asked me if being a psychic medium meant that I always knew the right choice to make.

Suddenly the whole conversation took a turn. It got my friends thinking about how life would be if you always knew what was around the next corner. There were a LOT of questions:

“Does being psychic mean you never go the wrong way when you’re driving?”

“Is it impossible to play cards without knowing what’s in everyone’s hand?”

“Can you tell if you’re going to be friends with someone when you first meet them?”

And of course, the inevitable question…

“Wait a minute – do you know what I’m thinking right NOW?”

It’s easy to get confused about what being psychic really means. The answer to every one of the questions above is the same – “It’s complicated.” I’ve shared many times that while we all have a life plan and destiny, free will also plays a big part in how things turn out. And not just our own free will – the will of other people can spill over and affect us.

For example, two people might be meant to live long lives, but if one of them chooses to speed to work or run a red light, both their lives could be cut short or changed forever.

So, do I see everything and know everything that will happen? No.

Do I always make perfect choices because of my intuition…. Well, yes and no.

I don’t always make perfect choices, because I’m a human being. I get preoccupied, and I have biases and beliefs that influence me. If I’m in a hurry, or not focused on what’s going on around me, I can miss important impressions and signs. If I take the time to slow down and listen to my intuition, I never regret it.

I don’t focus on predicting the small stuff, I never read my friends minds, and I don’t use my psychic gift to “cheat life,” by peeking at someone’s poker hand or playing the lottery. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good casino. However, my Mom has always taught me to use my gift for good and never for the wrong reasons.

But I ALWAYS make it a point to check in with my intuition in these instances:

  • If I’m committing to something that will impact my career, like writing a book or signing a contract for an event or television show.


  • When I meet someone who has the potential to affect my family, career, or safety. They can be anyone from an uber driver to my sister’s new boyfriend.


  • When it impacts my health or the health and well-being of my friends and family.


  • If I’m going to do something that will have a long-term effect on my life. Buying a house, making an investment, adopting a pet. (Asking Alexa to marry me was definitely in this category).


If I take the time to listen, intuition will always guide me in the right direction, and it can guide you too. You may not make a living with it – but everyone has natural psychic or intuitive gifts that can help them make good decisions.

What is intuition and how can you tap into yours?

Intuition, or your sixth sense, gives you insight about things that are not clearly obvious. It’s that twinge in the pit of your stomach that tells you something is not right. It could be a sign, an internal voice, or a memory that pops up at just the right time.

Intuition can be your secret weapon that helps you to make better decisions in every area of your life. To make sure you never miss a word that your “inner voice” has to tell you, try these tips:

  • Be mindful and aware when there’s a decision to be made. When you’re rushed and distracted, it’s easy to miss the whisper of your intuition.


  • Ask for help. Just say the word to bring in all kinds of support – your guides, deceased loved ones, angels, and your own intuition will respond when you simply ask. And don’t forget to say thank you for the assistance!


  • Tune into your body and your mood. Your mind and body sometimes give you signs that are well worth listening to. For example, if you always feel slightly sick and “off” when you see a certain person, maybe they’re a really bad cook – or maybe they’re not someone you should be spending time with.


  • Learn to tell the difference between wishful thinking and real intuition. This can be tricky, but practice makes perfect. Be honest with yourself. Is it really your gut telling you that new guy is “the one, or are you just tired of being single?” Pay attention to how you feel when you’re making a decision about a person, job – or anything. Then after the fact, see if your intuition was right, or if you were using your own wishful thinking as permission to move forward.


So next time you’re at a crossroads, put your intuition to the test. Check in with your gut, hunches, that little voice inside – whatever you want to call it, and keep track of how often your intuition is right or wrong.

We all have different ways to tap into our own psychic abilities. To learn how,  check out my book When Heaven Calls. It’s a good window into my life, and will show you how tuning into your own spirit connection and intuition can transform your life.


3 Ways To Test Your Intuition

3 Ways To Test Your Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition

Your intuition is that little voice inside that seems to know things before you do. Your friend’s name pops into your head, so you give her a call – only to find out that she just got some bad news and really needed someone to talk to. Maybe you had plans with someone but you find yourself delaying getting ready – and then the plans get cancelled so you don’t have to get ready after all! Intuition seems like an outside voice, but it’s part of you! By becoming more aware of this inner resource, you can learn to trust it and use it to help you in your day to day life.

Like all of our senses, intuition works best when we’re paying attention and staying aware. I have perfectly good hearing, but if my mind is somewhere else, I can’t hear what someone is saying even when they’re right in front of me. Intuition is the same. So the first step is to tune in. Being mindful and aware can help you stay present and attentive to those intuitive thoughts and allow them to get stronger.

Exercise your intuition.

Your intuition is like a muscle. It gets stronger when you exercise it. Try to predict random events. For example, when the phone rings, guess who’s calling without looking at the number. Now, if you have a special ringtone that only plays when your son calls, that doesn’t count! If you have a pregnant friend or family member, try to guess the gender of their baby before they reveal it. Or if you’re traveling, take a moment to see if you can feel if your plans will be delayed or if your flight will be on time. These are all some small ways you can practice using your intuition…and pay attention to how often you’re right!

Tune into the energy around you.

Another way to use your intuition is reading people’s auras, seeing what their energy feels like. When you meet a new person, what do you feel? Are they trustworthy? Are they happy and positive? Cynical and angry? Sometimes you meet a new person and you know instantly you are going to become friends. There’s just something about them, something that you connect with. It’s not their shoes or the color of their hair. It’s your intuition reading the person and seeing something you know you’re going to like.

In the same way, sometimes you meet people and you immediately feel like you don’t want to be around them. Maybe your intuition is picking something up. They might have some traits that remind you of someone else you know you can’t trust, and your intuition is putting up a caution sign to warn you. It might just be something superficial that your intuition picked up on, and that person might turn out to be alright, but it’s worth paying attention and checking it out.

Do all the pieces match up?

Sometimes a person can be smiling when they say hello, but it just doesn’t feel like the smile goes through to the inside. That’s your intuition telling you something doesn’t match. Now just because someone is smiling on the outside but seems sad or angry on the inside, that doesn’t necessarily mean stay away. Sometimes those people are going through something where they just need a little extra love and care. If you’re paying attention, your intuition will help guide you and help you know how to react in different situations.

Try to practice using your intuition, and you will learn to start depending on it.

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Are You A Psychic Medium ?

Are You A Psychic Medium ?

You May Be Psychic…

A lot of people who come to my shows ask, “How can I tell if I’m psychic?”

Well, the truth is that some people are psychic and don’t know it! We all born with a sixth sense, but as we get older, many people “tune out” and lose it. They might start out extremely psychic, but they begin overthinking and questioning what their intuition is telling them so they don’t benefit from it. Big mistake! Even if you never plan to make your living reading tarot cards or tea leaves, being tuned in is a helpful tool when it comes to navigating relationships, careers, and just about everything in your life.

There are a lot of ways to know if you have a psychic gift. And the best part is that even paying attention to the possibility can help you develop your abilities and improve your intuition. Here are some ways that your sixth sense can show up in your life:


Have you ever seen a spirit? Sometimes it’s a person who has passed. Sometimes it’s a beloved pet.

You might think you’re imagining things, but you might be seeing them as they are reaching out to connect with you. Sometimes it might not be a direct connection. You might see something out of the corner of your eye. And even though you don’t really see it clearly, you just have a feeling you know what it was. For some people, the connection comes in sound more than vision. They hear voices, whispers, or hear phrases out of the blue that make a powerful connection.


Another way that psychic connections happen is through energy. You might feel the energy of a room or of a building when you walk in. A friend of mine was looking for a house. She drove her realtor crazy because sometimes they’d step through a front door, and my friend would say, “no” and go right back to the car. She didn’t know anything about the floorplan or price. She just knew that house wasn’t for her. Sometimes the feelings come when we meet a person.

We can feel their energy and have an instant sense about them. With friends, we might know something is going on even when they don’t say anything. You might suddenly think of a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Make a phone call. You’ll usually find out they needed that call because they have something going on that they need to talk about. It can happen with animals too. Psychic people often have a sense that they understand animals and know when something is wrong even if there’s no “evidence.”


Sometimes you just know that you know. You have a sense that there’s more going on than just what we see with our eyes. You feel things very strongly. You aren’t surprised when something unusual happens…as if you already knew it was going to happen!


When you are getting in touch with your psychic abilities, you might get ideas that seem like premonitions or spiritual contacts, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what are psychic connections and what are your own thoughts and ideas. It can be helpful to start a journal and write down the things that come to you. If you have a dream that seems important, take a moment to write about it right when you first get up…before you forget!

When you have an experience like some of the things we’ve been talking about, write it down. Write about the feeling you had, and what you did. A couple days later, look back and take some time to review what you’ve written. See if there are connections. See if there are some things that still seem to be psychic connections and if some things now seem to be just good ideas. Over time, as you practice more, you might start to see connections.

If you’re wondering whether you have psychic abilities, that means you’re open to the possibility. And that means, the answer is probably YES!

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Your Intuition Has the Answer!

Your Intuition Has the Answer!

It might surprise you to have a psychic advise you to “be your own psychic”, but just think about it! You’ve had experiences where you just knew something, where your gut feeling turned out to be right, or when you “just knew” something was going to happen, and it did. We all are born with natural psychic gifts.

For some people, intuition shows up as that little voice inside that just seems to know things. A gut instinct when you first meet someone. Picking up on emotional cues and tuning another person’s vibe – or energy – can tell you a lot if you’re open to receiving the information.

Sometimes you’ll receive a message in a dream – especially a dream that repeats. A friend of mine had a recurring nightmare that her chewing gum was expanding, filling her mouth like a gag. In her waking hours, she was in a situation where she didn’t have a voice. Her conscious mind was justifying and explaining away problems, but her psychic self knew the truth – the situation was toxic. The dream helped open her eyes to the reality.

Think of psychic gifts as a radio station you want to tune into. Some of us get a clearer signal than others, but there are ways to adjust your dial. Here are a few ways to help you tap into your psychic gifts:

Meditation is a great way to get in touch with your own true voice, and hear the messages that you need to hear. Being still and quieting the mind makes space for those messages to get through. You may think meditation requires a special space, special props, the perfect music, even aromatherapy. While those things are great, the reality is that meditation can happen anywhere, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you’ve been intimidated by the idea of meditation, try setting a timer for three minutes and just sit quietly. Focus on your breathing. Don’t try to quiet your mind. Let thoughts come and go, and just breathe.

What if the signals aren’t coming through clearly? Sometimes you don’t know which way to go and you’re not sure what your intuition is trying to tell you – if it’s saying anything at all! When you find yourself in that situation, flipping a coin is a great way to tap into your intuitive self that knows what you really want. Heads I quit; Tails, I stay. Flip the coin. If you tune out the chatter – the “woulds and shoulds” – and pay attention while the coin is in the air, you will know which way you want it to land. And if you miss that message, you’ll feel it in your gut when the coin hits the table. Are you happy? Are you disappointed? Listen to your heart, and remember that the coin flip itself isn’t the issue here – it’s the outcome you hope for when the coin is in the air that matters.

Ask and you shall receive (the answer). If you’re struggling with something, and you really need the answer to a particular question, ask it. Before a meditation session, or right before you go to bed at night, speak the question out loud. Then listen for the answer.

The written word is powerful! When you want something to happen and reach that point where you’ve done everything you can, or if you’re stuck getting started, write out your intention. Use pen and paper, and put the paper somewhere special. Or write it in permanent marker on your bathroom mirror. Let go, and let your own higher-self work on getting you what you need!

Tapping into your psychic gifts is all about trusting yourself. When you have that intuitive thought, when you’ve had a premonition, check in with a trusted friend. Get some input. As you start to learn how often you’re actually right, you’ll gain trust in your gifts. You might even keep a journal to track your success. Tune that dial. See what you learn.

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5 Steps To Awakening Your Psychic Ability

5 Steps To Awakening Your Psychic Ability

Have you ever had a psychic experience or just knew things and didn’t know how you knew them?

Have you had strong feelings and not known where they came from or why you felt them?

We all have psychic ability to one extent or another. Often this ability can reveal itself to you through your Intuition or can present itself as a gut feeling. Your inner psychic ability is a creative muscle that uses your whole body to communicate with you while receiving information from Heaven and the Universe—but only if you are ready and open to it. Think of your own ability as an internal cell phone that you can use to call Heaven and your Angels when you need support or need to see things a little more clearly. You probably have had an experience in which your psychic ability signaled you right before you heard some bad news. Many times the reason you feel or hear the warnings of something bad happening is that your inner consciousness is sleeping half the time from not being used enough. When something big is about to happen, the information you receive can almost shake and wake up your consciousness to grab your attention.

That’s the reason it sometimes might seem as though you are hearing or sensing only bad things that are about to happen instead of good things. Psychic Ability is not just about warning you of danger; it is a tool you can use to enhance your life and also see, experience and feel the situations in your life a bit more clearly. This can help you in many areas of your life, whether they involve personal issues, health issues or work. The more you use it and tap into it, the stronger your Psychic Ability will become and the more you will see and feel it working. Here are some daily exercises to help you strengthen your ability.

  1. Start Your Day With Divine Guidance: Every day when you wake up, make it part of your routine to talk with Heaven and ask them to guide you through the day. Speaking with Heaven is not a one-way conversation. When you speak to them, they listen. It shows Heaven that you are ready and willing to open up and listen to the messages they are trying to send you. They might send you signs, give you déjà vu or visit your dreams. Here is a morning prayer to help you start your communication each day. Say it as you get ready in the morning. “Dear God, Holy Spirit and Angels, watch over me as I start my day today. Help me feel your presence guiding me by sending me signs or alerting me to the things I need to know. Please send me signs that I will recognize and thoughts that will help me recognize that you are communicating with me.”
  1. Practice Opening Your Third Eye: Just above your nose in between your eyes lies another, called the third eye. Your third eye is like a TV screen that allows your loved ones and Angels to replace your own thoughts with premonitions. It’s almost like dreaming while you are awake. Your third eye is always there, but often it remains shut. Sitting quietly and focusing on your third eye by envisioning it on your forehead will help bring energy to it and open it up. You can practice this every day and focus on white light surrounding the area. This will help the other side reach you through ‘sight.’ The way it works is that sometimes when you are daydreaming, Heaven will take you into situations with which you might be faced and allow you to see things more clearly with divine perception.
  1. Check With Your Intuition Before Making A Decision: The hardest part about tuning into your intuition is learning when your intuition is talking to you versus your own personal thoughts about a situation. Your intuitive thinking is a part of your psychic ability that will help you look deeper into a situation before making up your mind. The next time you are faced with a decision to make, instead of saying yes, no or maybe, take a moment to think it over with Intuition. Think about the decision you are being faced with and take the day to just think about it. As you go about your day, the decision will continue to circle through your thoughts. You will keep coming to the same choice to make over and over and over. You know what path your intuition is steering you towards because you will start seeing signs; the right choice will keep replaying and replaying and replaying until you finally come to terms with it. Your Intuitive choice may not be the one you want to hear, but it is the one that will lead you to your highest and best good. You will also feel much better about the situation because your intuition has a way of calming you down after showing you all possible options.
  1. Test Yourself During The Day: This is a really fun way to develop your psychic ability and determine how much of it you are really tapping into. I’m sure that by now you have an iPhone with which you communicate through email and text messages. Next time the phone rings or vibrates, before reaching to grab it, rely instead on your Intuition to feel who is on the other end of the line. The way this works is that you can read a person’s energy and feel them even at a distance. You will probably notice that the first thought that pops into your head is the person on the other end. Give it a try. This exercise will help you start reading the energy around you.
  1. Tune Into Your Pets: Pets are a great way to test your intuition and help develop your own abilities. Although pets can’t verbally communicate, you can tune into them psychically to see what is going on with them or what they are thinking. Do simple things like testing your Intuition if you feel that they are sick, or bringing them outside when you feel that they need to use the bathroom, or changing their food if you feel that they don’t like it. By using your pets as a medium through which to tap into your abilities, you will begin to understand the subtle messages your psychic ability sends you day to day. It will also allow you to trust your own abilities more because you are seeing them working for your pets.

Every skill and ability in life takes practice. Don’t give up; you were born with a natural ability to connect with Heaven and gain access to information to help you along your life’s journey. Practice some of the exercises above and keep a journal about your progress. I’m sure that you will be surprised at how often you are able to tap in.

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