Bon Voyage !

Bon Voyage !

Tickets to my cruise are still available! Last year we had the most AMAZING time – I don’t know if the ocean “conducts” spirit messages, or it was just that that everyone was having such a blast that Spirit wanted to join the party! I’m pretty sure it was both.

If you missed out last year, here’s your chance. Give yourself permission to be spontaneous, and join us February 24-March 3 for a wonderful 7 day cruise!

We’ll be traveling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to four wonderful destinations. Our first stop will take us to a private island, Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. The peace and solitude of Half Moon Cay will give you the chance to be still and listen to your inner voice and hear messages from your loved ones in Heaven. Our other destinations are Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Georgetown, Cayman Islands; and Cozumel, Mexico. There will be so many opportunities to connect with your loved ones as you enjoy these beautiful surroundings and the calm and tranquility of an ocean voyage. And there will be a lot of fun to be had on board too!

You can almost be a different person on a cruise, leaving all your day to day responsibilities behind. Usually, you have to pack and unpack and lug all your belongings to your hotel room in each new destination. On a cruise, you take your hotel with you! It’s very freeing to just put your stuff down once, then have time to explore!

A cruise can be the perfect opportunity to tune into your intuition and open yourself to signs and messages from the other side. During the cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to attend an onboard class where I will be talking about how to connect with your own psychic voice. We’ll also have private group meetings. You can even join me for an optional private group excursion. There are more details on my website. I really hope you will join me for the terrific adventure!

 If you are hesitating because it seems like a lot of money, I want to share a story. A woman on last year’s cruise felt a little guilty for signing up. She felt like going on this cruise was too extravagant, that she was spending too much money and time on herself. She thought she was being selfish to go. During the cruise, her husband came through to her. He told her he was so happy she had made the decision to go. He had removed some obstacles to allow her to take the trip! He said that she had taken such good care of the family, and particularly of him when he was sick and dying, that he wanted her to heal on the cruise.Your loved ones want you to be happy…and they want to connect with you!

Give yourself the gift of this experience. We had such a great time last year. I know this year’s cruise will be even better! Connect with your loved ones in heaven while you’re there – you’ll leave transformed, inside and out.


To Attend, Please Call My Friend Wendy at Travel Store.

Wendy at Phone: 800.777.6540 

GO LOCAL: Matt Fraser The Medium Returns To RI

GO LOCAL: Matt Fraser The Medium Returns To RI

October 4th, 2017

Have you ever heard of the movie ” The Sixth Sense” ?

At only 3 or 4 years old psychic medium Matt Fraser says he heard the voices of the departed for the first time, and although scary at the time, he has since learned to harness his gift to help people around the world.

This gift, Fraser says, was passed to him from his grandmother and mother who both share the ability to hear voices and see visions of the departed and help to pass along their message, something he does at group readings, events, and workshops across the country.

Fraser, who authored the book “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability” and offers spiritual seminars on expanding your intuition, will be hosting a 7-day “Personal Spiritual Oddessy on The Sea” cruise through Florida, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas in the Spring of 2018.

More info on Fraser’s upcoming events here. 

COAST TO COAST AM: The Dark Side Of Psychic Ability

COAST TO COAST AM: The Dark Side Of Psychic Ability

Los Angeles, California 

August 14th, 2017

Psychic/medium and author, Matt Fraser, has conducted thousands of readings around the world, reconnecting friends & family with the spirits of those who are no longer with us. In the latter half, he talked about his communications, as well as the dark side of psychic phenomena, and why some departed spirits are helpful while others are destructive. At a young age, when Fraser first began to see spirits, his mother (who was also a medium) told him “never be afraid of the dead. The dead can’t hurt you.” The difference between ghosts and spirits, he noted, is that ghosts are strangers to you, while spirits are loved ones and friends.

There is not a dark side to Other Side, Fraser commented, but rather it’s earthbound spirits who haven’t crossed over that can project negativity to us. To get over to the Other Side, it’s like going through TSA at the airport, but instead of removing your shoes and laptop, spirits have to release all their negativity, he explained. A lower force may purposefully try to reach out to you to meddle in your life, to scare you, or decrease your spirituality, he cited, but added that these lower entities or attachments will not have any effect on us unless we open the door to them in some way.

Who is Matt Fraser ? 

Matthew Fraser is an internationally renowned psychic/medium and author of “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability.” He has conducted thousands of readings around the world, reconnecting friends & family with the spirits of those who are no longer with us. His messages of hope, comfort and reassurance have touched the lives of all who meet him, making Matt one of the most gifted and genuine psychics living today. It all began in New England where Matt was born and raised. He was no different than any other child although he was born with “The Sight.” A psychic gift that was passed down from his maternal grandmother. The signs occurred very early. At just the age of four, Matt began seeing and hearing the departed in his bedroom at night.

Today, Matt is on a personal mission to reconnect as many people as possible with their loved ones in Heaven through his sold out live events, to the his one-on-one sessions and spiritual books. He has answered questions for thousands of people with his incredible psychic gift and has been a highly sought after guest appearing on major media outlets across the nation including: NBC Morning News, Examiner Online, Fox News, Coast to Coast, The Herald News and more due to his uncanny abilities.