How Can I Get Read At A Group Reading Event?

How Can I Get Read At A Group Reading Event?

 How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting Read at a Psychic Group Reading?

My group reading are what I love doing the most. It’s so great to have personal interaction and meet so many of you up close and personal. 

Most people come to group readings hoping to hear a message from their loved ones, and sometimes people are disappointed when they don’t receive a direct message. Some people do the strangest things they think will help them get a reading.

At every event it amazes me how some people come hours early to be first in line and rush to the front row seats in hopes of “being seen” by those in Spirit. People bring their loved one’s belongings, memorabilia and even ashes. One woman even brought her husband’s glass eye! People try all kinds of things to get a message. But does any of that really work?

Here are some things to remember about attending a group reading with a psychic medium…

Sit Anywhere

When you come to a reading don’t worry about where you are in the room, it doesn’t matter where you sit. If your loved one has a message, that message will find you. I have had messages for people sitting at the back of a room as often as I’ve had them for people at the front. The important thing is to come to the event with an open heart and a positive attitude.

That is why I treat every seat at my event like the front row. Each event is a group experience, and every seat is a good seat. I might get pulled to the way back corner to deliver a message to a mother who lost her son. Later, I may be pulled to the middle of a row to talk to a woman who lost her sister. Going in, I never know where the messages will be going, all I know is to listen and follow the direction of Spirit.

Be Patient

When your loved one has a message for you, that message will come when the time is right. Messages from Heaven don’t always come when we want them to or when we think they should. The messages come when we need them to and when we are supposed to receive them. Remember that time doesn’t matter, If your loved one passed recently, that doesn’t make it any more likely you will hear from them. Many times, It can be the ones that passed years ago that come through the strongest. If you don’t get a message during a reading, that doesn’t mean your loved one doesn’t want to talk to you. It might just mean that isn’t the right setting, and they will reach you in some other way.

Keep in mind that sometimes it can take up to a years time for a loved one to come through with a message. Not all the time, but sometimes it might take a little longer to hear from that special someone. This doesn’t mean they are not with you, it just means they are waiting for the perfect moment. Spirit will only deliver a message when you are ready to hear it and when it will help bring you happiness, comfort and joy.

Bring Memories, not Memorabilia

Your belongings don’t help when it comes to receiving a message at a group reading. Your loved ones are connected to you. To your loved ones in Heaven, memories and the soul connection you share are much more important than any physical objects. The physical objects are great for helping you feel the connection, but they aren’t necessary to your loved ones. Bring them if they make you feel good, but remember the connection is in your heart, not in your hands.

Have an Open Mind

Sometimes you might attend an event hoping to hear a message from your mom, but your dad comes through instead. It depends who has a message. You might even get a message from someone you don’t like or didn’t even want to hear from. Sometimes an ex-husband will come through with a message to apologize for bad behavior. It’s so important to keep an open mind and be receptive to whatever comes your way.

A group reading can be a great way to learn about the ways your loved ones try to communicate with you. Remember that they are learning how to communicate in this new way just as much as you are. They might come in a way you aren’t expecting, even through someone else’s reading! I have had many people tell me that even when they didn’t receive a message, the feeling of connectedness and hope of being part of a group reading lifted their spirits and gave them hope.

Don’t Let Doubt Stop You From Attending

The saddest thing I see is when someone comments on Facebook and says they won’t come to a group reading because they are not “guaranteed a reading”. I have to shake my head at that. Even during private one-on-one appointments I cannot guarantee that the certain loved one you want to hear from will come through. No Medium can say that for certain. When I channel a message it is a request from the other side, and it is Spirit who makes the decision on whether they decide to speak.

As the old saying goes ” you never know unless you try”. When you attend a group reading, your loved ones see it as an opportunity to reach you and speak to you. If there is a message waiting for you that you need to hear, they will make sure that it gets delivered to you. At a group reading I don’t pick the people, those in Spirit do. I just am the messenger waiting for the next message they need me to deliver.

During COVID19 my team & I have started something exciting new and different. I am now doing LIVE group readings online ! You and your family can gather around your computer or smartphone and be part of a LIVE video reading right from home. This is only going on for a short amount of time and space is extremely limited. If you would like to attend, CLICK HERE to find all the details. 

I hope to see you online! There might just be a message waiting for you!

A Message in a Song

A Message in a Song

When your friends want to give you a message, they just have to email or text or pick up the phone to give you a call. When your loved ones cross over to Heaven, their messages still come through, but not always in the way you’d expect. Sometimes you have to do a little work of your own to hear the messages your loved ones are sending.

Messages from heaven can be like those 3-D pictures that used to be popular. At first glance, you see a flat image or a pattern – but when you shift your focus or cross your eyes slightly, a three-dimensional figure pops out of nowhere! The funny thing about it is if you try too hard and stare straight at the picture, the figure won’t materialize at all. Connecting to Spirit is kind of like that!

I want to tell you a story someone shared in an email recently. Her husband had passed a few years ago, and she wanted me to know that she thinks about him often and has followed some of my suggestions to let him know she is open to hearing from him. She described how she sometimes sits down and writes him a letter when she is struggling with loneliness or faced with a big decision. She makes it a point to wear one of his cardigans and sit in his favorite old easy chair while she writes. This ritual makes her feel close to him.

But recently, her son was going through a difficult time and she didn’t know what to do. She felt lost, and her letter writing wasn’t helping much at all – it still felt like her husband was very far away.

While this was going on, she became aware of a couple lines of a song stuck in her head. She couldn’t place the tune. The same words kept repeating over and over in her head, “After you’ve done all you can, after you’ve gone through the storm.” It was starting to drive her a little bit crazy because she couldn’t figure out what song these lyrics were from.

She mentioned this to a friend who showed her how to search for lyrics online. She saw the name of the song, and suddenly it hit her. She knew it had to be a message from her husband. Whenever they drove in the car, he always wanted to put on spiritual songs, and she always wanted to listen to the news. This song, “Stand,” was one of the songs her husband had loved to hear whenever she gave him the chance to choose the radio station. It is about standing and waiting for God to step in after you’ve done all you can do. She knew her husband was sending this song to help their son. It was the answer she was looking for.

She sent her son an email. “I think your dad sent you this song.” He called his mom later that day. “That was just what I needed to hear. Thank you for passing on Dad’s message.”

When our loved ones want to reach out to us, the message doesn’t always come through the way we think it will. Spirit can be very subtle, like a song playing in the background of your thoughts, and messages from Heaven sometimes need a little bit of work for us to reveal their true meaning.

If you are longing to connect with someone in the Spirit realm and you’d like a little help, I’d love to have you attend one of my live events. Just being in the space where souls on both sides of the veil come together might be all you need to open the door to receive your own messages from the other side – not just at the event, but every day!

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