Shielding Your Sensitive Soul

Shielding Your Sensitive Soul

Believe it or not, some people have mixed emotions when it comes to mediumship. 

On one hand, they desperately want to be connected with a loved one who has passed – but at the same time, they worry that opening the door to the other side is asking for trouble. 

I try to reassure them that they shouldn’t worry! 

My mom always says that dead people can never hurt you – it’s the living people who you have to be afraid of. 

I know firsthand that my mom is 100% right about this, but I can see how the idea of souls reaching out to connect with the living can freak some people out. My own father still swears he’s “scared of dead people!”

First thing to remember is that light cancels out darkness. 

People who are naturally tuned in to spirit are sometimes reluctant to really develop their spirit connection. They worry that doing so might open up a portal that will allow evil spirits to come through. Should they worry? 

The simple answer is no. Most spirits mean no harm, and it’s pretty easy to avoid the bad ones. If you’re coming from a place of light and love, you will attract light. It’s that simple!

Your own positive energy is way more powerful than darkness.

Protect yourself from negative souls and people. 

Even though dark spirits can’t harm you when your own energy is positive, there are a few things you can do to give yourself a little extra protection. 

Remember how my mom said that the only people you have to fear are the living? Well, these psychic protection techniques help with negative souls and also negative people here on Earth! 

Here are a few basic techniques you can use to protect your energy from any kind of darkness that you might encounter:

– Imagine a mirrored wall around you, forming a wall and reflecting negative energy away from you. 

– Get to know your angels and guides and call upon them to protect you.

– Clear stagnant energy out of any living space that feels uncomfortable to you by burning sage. It really works!

– Take a few steps to infuse spaces that are new to you with your own energy. I like to personalize hotel rooms by putting a photo of Alexa and our two cats on the nightstand, and by playing some of my favorite disco tunes. 

Nature is a very powerful force – so when all else fails, open the windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in. It is a natural way to clear energy. 

Extra sensitive? Develop your personal protection plan. 

Psychics, mediums, and other spiritually tuned-in people usually develop their own ways of  safeguarding their energy to protect themselves from negative forces and people. 

If you’re a sensitive soul, or if you’re at a place in your life where you’re experiencing a lot of draining negativity or “bad vibes,” I can help you develop your own personal force field of psychic protection.  

My special audio seminar, Psychic Protection for Everyday Life can help provide the energetic “shield” you need, in about an hour!

You’ll learn how to:

      Use psychic protection to protect your home, workplace, family members, and personal property from negativity.

      Rid yourself of negativity that has been holding you back.

      Banish the fear so you can use your own intuition and spiritual gifts to improve your life. 

We all want to feel safe and protected. Now more than ever, it’s easy to let negativity slip into your life – that’s why I created Psychic Protection for Everyday LifeJoin me and see how much better it is to live in the light! 


Can Negative Spirits Hurt Me?

Can Negative Spirits Hurt Me?

Understanding Negative Spirits, Souls & Energy.

Sometimes people ask me if all connections to Spirit are positive. “What about bad people who hurt me while they were alive? Can they hurt me after they’re gone?”

A friend of mine bought a beautiful old mansion in Newport to use for entertaining. Her family didn’t spend much time there, but when they did, they were uncomfortable. My friend asked me to come to the house with her because after she had some odd experiences. She thought the house was haunted. When I got there, I could sense a great sadness associated with that house. I felt emptiness, coldness and stagnant energy. The moment I walked in I felt that I was not welcome.

Even though the house was beautiful, it felt cold, sterile and airy – like a hospital. I told her it was really just an energy imprint, not a haunting. While I was there, I was shown that the original owners of the house had experienced tragedy. Their energy was still in the house. As I told my friend, it wasn’t a haunting. The house needed my friend’s energy.

An Energy Imprint is also referred to as an “energy haunting”. When a tragic, violent or emotional event happens in a house or a certain area, that energy can be left behind leaving an imprint. Even though there may not be any actual “ghosts” there anymore, you may still feel uneasy, sad or scared in the area. This is why so many people feel these sensations when visiting haunted placed like the Lizzy Borden house or the Winchester Mystery House.

I told my friend to infuse the house with her family’s happy, loving presence. The house needed to be recharged with positive energy, with day to day events, meals, sunshine and fresh air. She started going to the house during the day to work. She even took her pets to the house, so they could run and play in its rooms. Over time, her family’s positive energy replaced the old stagnant energy. Some of that old spirit was still in the house, but when the new lifeforce was allowed to come through, it edged that old energy out.

Crossing Over

Since we are all energy, things we interact with keep traces of our energy. That energy can stick around after we’re gone, but it’s not really the same as what people think of as “haunting.” Hauntings are rare and usually indicate a problem with a soul crossing over. Mediums can assist in replacing old energy, like I did with my friend, but transitioning the living over to Heaven is God’s work.

Souls have to be light to cross over. When you die, you let go of old pain, trauma and resentment. On the other side, we have to forgive and be forgiven and let things go. Sometimes, souls are too heavy to cross over, usually because of some darkness in their lives, and they become stuck. That’s what we think of as hauntings.

Those heavy spirits that get stuck here can’t hurt you when your own energy is positive. As my mom said, the only people you have to fear are the living! Still, there are some things you can do to get yourself some extra protection….and these techniques help with those earthly encounters too!

Psychic Protection Rituals
  • Imagine a mirrored wall surrounding you, forming a wall and reflecting negative energy away from you.
  • Get to know your angels and guides, and call upon them to protect you.
  • Burn sage to clear stagnant energy out of any living space that feels uncomfortable to you. It really works!
  • Take a few steps to infuse new spaces with your own energy. For example, I like to personalize hotel rooms by putting a photo of Alexa and our cats on the nightstand. I also play some of my favorite disco tunes!
  • When all else fails open the windows and let in the sunshine and fresh air.

Some people think being a psychic medium might be scary or a morbid way to make a living, I don’t see it that way at all. On the contrary, I feel blessed to be able to spread light and help the living heal by letting them know that their loved ones in Heaven are still with them and wishing them the best!

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Sleep Paralysis & Dark Spirits

Sleep Paralysis & Dark Spirits

The question has come up many times when people have asked me, “Is there a dark side of psychic ability?”

The answer sadly is yes. It’s not something that I like to talk about, but just like there are negative people, there are also negative souls who roam here on Earth. The good news is these souls are very rare and often not ones I come in contact with. Chances are, you will never run into a negative being or soul. They do not attach to people like in horror movies, and they mainly only bother people who go looking for them. I have been to some of the most haunted places and nobody has ever pushed me down the stairs or pulled my hair. Most of our ideas of them are made up by Hollywood, but there are some cases that are real.

When I was a child and first coming into my psychic gift, I ran into some mischievous energies, and it frightened me. When you are psychic, you are like a beacon of light the spirit world sees. Souls both good and bad will try to reach you because they know you can speak and communicate with them. When I was younger, I was terrified. I would hide under the covers and call for Mom to try to escape the voices that were around me. Sometimes, I even woke up while sleeping only to find that I couldn’t move or talk. I learned later it was something called sleep paralysis. I noticed this happened when I started coming into my gift and learning about my spiritual calling, and it only went away when I prayed. I later realized it was negative spirits trying to scare me away from doing the light work of delivering healing messages.

My mom was the first one to teach me to do everything in prayer. “Set boundaries, keep yourself protected and always work in the light and for the great gift of God.”To this day, it remains the same. What you don’t know about me is that before every event, I walk the room and say a prayer of protection and I make sure that I set boundaries and only speak to the souls who are from a higher power.

I learned when I was young that negative souls cannot hurt you or cause a disruption in your life unless you allow them in. That’s why I have never picked up a Ouija board or any other similar device. The best advice I can offer you is for you to do the same. If you go searching or tapping into something you shouldn’t, you will find something you shouldn’t. For that same reason, I am not a fan of ghost hunting or paranormal activity. I feel that’s something, we just need to leave those things in Heaven’s hands. What we cannot control, God does.

If you have had a similar experience or maybe feel the presence of a negative soul, ask Archangel Michael for support and let that soul know they are not welcome in your life. Below is a special prayer of protection I would like to share with you. I hope you will keep it safe and use it if you need it.


Dear God, Holy Spirit and Archangel Michael,


Please bring peace and light into my home and protect my family, friends, loved ones and most of all myself from all evil or negative energies.


Please keep us protected and take away all worrisome thoughts. Only allow the souls who are here for our highest and best good.


We thank you for the healing that has already been given and for your ultimate and divine protection.



You may feel a particular spirit in your house that doesn’t belong. It may not be evil or negative, but it is a lost, lingering soul. This is normal. Sometimes, souls can still stay connected to a place they loved, and if it happens to be a house you just purchased, you may feel their presence and need to send them on their way.

When dealing with negative souls, lost souls or any souls who don’t belong, it helps to open the windows, let in fresh sunlight and air and play music and invite people over for dinner. Negative energy can only thrive if you let it and give it power. It cannot stay where there is happiness, love and light. When you create an uplifting energy space in your house, that energy has no where to go but to leave. Opening the window also sets the intention that the soul or energy is no longer welcome in your home or in your life. This process will only push out the souls who don’t belong. It will not push away your friends, family or loved ones who come and visit you. They are on the permanent guest list and are connected to your heart, not to a place or object.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the following: Do all things with love and light and you will be fine. Keep yourself protected through prayer and speak to your angels and loved ones in spirit when you need help or assistance.

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