10 Ways to Know a Spirit is Around You

10 Ways to Know a Spirit is Around You

Has something like this ever happened to you? It’s been a long day and you’re feeling exhausted. You turn off the lights in your bedroom, get into bed, and start to drift to sleep, when all of a sudden you feel someone sit down on your bed. You immediately open your eyes and see nothing there – but the feeling of physical weight that someone is sitting next to you doesn’t go away. If you have ever experienced something like this, it means you may have had a spirit visitation. Below i’ve listed some tell-tale signs to know when there is really a spirit around you.


1. Babies & Children See Them


Recently a client of mine sent me a video of her baby taken from their baby monitor. The room was empty but the baby was laughing, smiling, and interacting with someone that wasn’t there. Although the footage seemed a little creepy, it was a true sign that a loved one was there pay a visit. Your loved ones in spirit get so excited when a child is born! The same way that friends and family come to visit the newborn, those in spirit also make their visitations. When babies are just born, they can sense, feel and see those in spirit. So, next time your child is looking and pointing to an empty room it might be a sign that someone is there with them, paying a visit!


2. Pets See and Sense Spirit and Energy


The same way that young children can see spirits, so do our pets. In fact, that’s the reason why pets are not afraid of death and dying. They can see those in spirit much like a psychic medium can. It’s not uncommon for pet owners that have passed away to come back and visit their beloved pets. Many times pet owners will notice that their dog will randomly bark at a chair that your loved one always sat in, or they might even follow something around the room. These are signs a loved one or spirit is near.

I once had a client who lost her husband. Every time her husband came to visit in spirit, her dog would go crazy! The dog would walk from room to room barking. It would even bark at the coat stand where her husband always kept the leash before taking it on walks. She noticed when the dog would act this way, it was as if her husband was still in the house.


3. Feeling a Chill or Touch


When a spirit enters a room, we can sometimes physically feel their energy. Have you ever felt a rush of cold enter the room, or a chill run down your spine? You might have been feeling a spirit. When your loved ones check up on you, at times you can actually feel their energy in the room with you. I once knew a woman who every so often would feel her husband sit on her bed. She knew it was him checking up on her. Sometimes she could even see the impression of where he sat left on the sheets.


4. Smelling a Fragrance or Familiar Aroma


When your loved ones pass on, smell becomes part of their personality and spirit. If you ever had a familiar smell come out of thin air it could have been a loved one in spirit. You might smell your grandfather’s favorite cigar he always smoked when he was here, or randomly smelling your dads old spice cologne. These are real experiences that show you a loved one is nearby.

When I was growing up psychic, spirit would always visit me in this way of fragrance and smells. I would wake up to the smell of funeral flowers and then the voices of the departed would follow soon after.

You don’t have to be a psychic medium to get this sign. In fact, this is a very common way spirits use to reach you. I once read a man who was so confused about what he was experiencing. After his mom got sick, he moved in to take care of her in her final years of life. Each night she would cook amazing Italian meals from scratch. After she had passed away, he missed his mom and those memories of her cooking so much. Randomly one night after his Mom passed, he woke up to the smell of meatballs, pasta, and his moms Italian gravy! He went running into the kitchen dazed and confused. To his surprise, the kitchen was spotless but the smell was so strong! This was a sign from his Mom that she was using to remind him that she was still with him.


5. Spirit Orbs


When you sense and feel a spirit around you and need some proof or validation, take out your phone and turn on the camera! Sometimes when a spirit is near you, you may actually be able to capture them as an orb on camera. This isn’t actually what your loved ones look like, they look the same in Heaven as they did before they were sick here in this world. However, sometimes the camera lens can pick up and capture their spirit as an orb, blur, or distortion in the picture. This sometimes happens when families are together taking group pictures or on important days in your life. When this happens and an orb

appears, know that you just got photobombed by a spirit! Many parents have told me that they see orbs appear on their baby monitor systems. They orbs appear around the child and sometimes fly around the room. This is not to be feared. It’s just angels, guides and loved ones popping in for a visit.


6. Electronics Get Strange


Your loved ones are energy, which means when they are present, weird and strange things can start to happen. The TV might turn on by itself, the light might flicker, or the smoke detectors sound when there is no danger. This is not your loved one playing jokes, but rather an effect of spirit energy.

Remember that when your loved ones pass away they take an energy form. The spirit of your loved one is like an electromagnetic field. This is why electronics are often first effected. Don’t be scared, Instead ask who is with you, paying a visit.

7. Feeling Like You are Not Alone in an Empty Room


Just as you can tell when someone living is staring at you, the dead can make you feel the same way. Even though they are not physically here with you, their spiritual presence can be felt just the same as someone physically with you, watching you. You might feel a presence with you while you’re sitting on the couch or watching TV alone. Sometimes these feelings can bring other validations like floors creaking or something falling and crashing in the next room.

The spirits don’t mean to scare you! In fact, they don’t even realize that you can sense them. If you are feeling this sensation, try to figure out who might be visiting you and remember that spirits are the strongest during special times in life like birthdays.


8. Seeing a Specific Sign


Signs are the language that your loved ones In Spirit use to get your attention and communicate with you. Signs like dragonflies, butterflies , cardinals, repeating numbers, and familiar songs are all ways that your loved ones use to get your attention. These signs are special because they instantly trigger emotional memories, helping you feel close and connected to those you love and miss in spirit.


9. Hearing Your Name Being Called


As weird as it might sound, sometimes a spirit will call or yell out your name, and you are actually able to hear it clear as day. When I was kid this would freak me out! I remember one day I was alone playing in the basement, when I heard my Moms voice yell “Matthew!” I was scared I might be in trouble. I came running upstairs, only to find my Mom fast asleep on the couch and nobody else in the house.

When I shook my Mom awake to tell her what happened she wasn’t surprised. She said that sometimes spirits try to get our attention by calling out our name and using a voice of those we recognize. Her advice was to ask the spirits if there was a message they were trying to send and to wait to see what followed.


10. Waking Up in the Middle of the Night


Have you been waking up randomly at weird hours of the night? Have you noticed the time being 3:33 or 4:44? This is not a coincidence, but rather a spirit visit. 3:33 and 4:44 are known as the “visiting hour” amongst spirits. It is during this time that your loved ones come to check in on you. Sometimes they might even come and visit you in a dream. This type of sign usually occurs when a loved one first passes over and is trying to communicate.


Connecting Through A Psychic Medium


Remember that when a loved one passes away, it is not a permanent goodbye but rather just a change in world. As a psychic medium I have learned that the same way that you are trying to connect with your loved ones they are also looking to connect with you. If you would like to connect with a loved one, Click Here to view online readings and upcoming events.

Spirit Orbs In Pictures

Spirit Orbs In Pictures

Have you ever taken a photo, and when you looked at it later, noticed something you couldn’t explain?

There may be a ball of light, or a blurry shape, or even a faint image of a person or animal. What the heck! That wasn’t there when you took the picture! What are those things?

The natural reaction when you see something unexpected is to try to find a reasonable explanation. Is it just glare, or a shadow, or a reflection? Sometimes, but a lot of the time, what you are seeing is evidence of souls in heaven that are still around you.

As a medium, I get a lot of photos and videos sent to me. Some of them are absolutely wild!

I remember a woman sent me a video she’d gotten from a security camera in her home. One night she heard some bumps and odd noises downstairs, but in the morning when she looked around, nothing had been moved and everything seemed normal – until she looked at her security footage. In the video she could clearly see several small globes of light zooming around her living room like pinballs! When I saw them, I immediately knew they were orbs.

What is an orb, and why do they exist?

Orbs are transparent balls of light energy that are connected to spirits. They’re usually seen in photos, but in rare cases people who are particularly sensitive can spot them without a camera. These orbs can be a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Orbs usually show up when there’s an occasion with a lot of emotional significance – like a wedding, a graduation, or a holiday gathering.  Even though they can’t be there in their physical form, the soul is still drawn to the event and their energy is sometimes captured on camera in the form of an orb.

Discovering the soul behind orbs, blurs, and images.

When people come to me with their photos, they naturally want to know if what they’re seeing is coming from the other side, and if so, if it’s an angel, a departed loved one, or just a random ghost. I usually get a sense of who it is, and some psychics like my mom can even discern a face or a form. Some people are really good at seeing the soul behind the orb or flash of light. My Mom has always been very gifted in seeing faces and spirits revealing themselves in pictures

Sometimes people know exactly who is represented and just want confirmation. I did a reading for three sisters on a recent group call, and their father came through. He had so much to tell his daughters and gave me a lot of information that proved to them that it was really him!

After thanking them for loving him and taking care of him through all his illnesses, he said “Tell them I was the orb in that picture.” It turns out that a photo taken over the holidays had a clear orb, and his daughters felt like it was his energy coming through. They were right!

There’s a ghost in my picture!

Sometimes the image in a picture is more than just a globe of light. I remember something that happened when I was just getting started with my mediumship, and it blew me away! It was Christmas, and my boss invited me to his house for a holiday gathering. As soon as I got there, I saw the spirit of a little blonde girl run by wearing a white communion style dress holding a little Yorkie dog.  I told the group, and they laughed because they were Vietnamese. There were no little blonde girls in their family. My boss used to tease me about it at work – “remember the little blonde girl?”

Later that season, he came to me and he wasn’t teasing me anymore. He showed me a photo he had taken of his Christmas tree, and the little girl and her dog were right there, in the photo, sitting at the base of the tree. My boss asked around and did some research in the neighborhood and sure enough, he found out that there was a young girl on the street who had passed – along with her little dog.

Signs and signals.

Seeing orbs and images in photos shouldn’t come as a surprise, for a couple of reasons. First of all, we are all energy – and that energy doesn’t go away when we pass. Paranormal energy disrupts things like electricity, turning lights on and off and causing static on television and radio, as well as appearing in photos. Souls in heaven can be very determined to let their loved ones know they’re around – especially during significant or emotional events. I think that it’s no accident that their energy shows up. It’s just another way they can be there to share a special occasion with the people they love.

If you would like to learn more about Heaven and the Afterlife, you would really enjoy reading my new book ‘When Heaven Calls’. Each chapter is filled with secrets of afterlife and divine wisdom that I have learned over the many years I have had working with spirit. If you are interested, you can order a copy right now on Amazon by clicking here. I really hope you enjoy it.