Opening Your Psychic Chakras

Opening Your Psychic Chakras


Something I really love about what I do is helping people open up their own psychic abilities. That might seem strange…like a famous burger place giving away the recipe to its secret sauce or something. But to me, my job is not about being the only psychic in the room. I want to help people learn how to get connected on their own, so they can get in touch with their spiritual guides all by themselves!

Did you know that you can become more sensitive to psychic connections and to communications from your loved ones in Heaven?

In eastern philosophy, they talk about seven energy centers, or chakras. Each one focuses a different system in the body, mind and spirit. One of the chakras is located around the middle of the four head. This one is known as the center of our psychic and spiritual connectedness. Sometimes this spiritual center is called the “Third Eye.” If you take some time with it, you can open up your psychic chakra to become more sensitive and fine tune your psychic abilities.


The first step is to be open to getting in touch with your own psychic abilities. My friend’s mom has prophetic dreams. I know she could be a great psychic, but the problem is her ability scares her, so she shuts down. Instead of writing down her dreams and making an effort to remember all of them, she only pays attention to the scary ones that foretell disasters. So she thinks that she only sees bad things. I don’t think that’s true. I’ve heard some of her dreams. Even the ones she thinks are “bad” include very powerful positive elements.

In one of her dreams, she saw a young man she knew walking in a snowstorm. The storm was very bad, and there were white flakes everywhere. When she woke up, she had a feeling in her stomach that she had just had a premonition. She knew there had been more to the dream than just a winter wonderland. But the feeling scared her, and she didn’t know what the dream could mean. She didn’t want to tell anyone.

The next day, she learned that the man had been in a fire. He was alright. The “snow” in her dream were the ashes falling around him as he escaped the building. The dream had been prophetic. Yes, there was a bad situation, but the dream was also positive. But my friend still tries to push away these abilities.

If you have premonitions, prophetic visions, dreams, or other experiences that seem psychic to you, don’t let them scare you. Sometimes those dreams and visions are meant to warn you or help you or comfort you. In my friend’s case, there were people wondering if that young man had survived the fire. They had waited hours to hear from him because he had no way of contacting them. Maybe my friend’s dream was a way to give them comfort.


Once you are open to your abilities, meditation can help you connect to your psychic center. Getting quiet and still and focusing on breathing is a way of letting go of the noise in our heads that sometimes can get in the way of hearing the quiet messages we might not know we are receiving. In meditation, sit or lie comfortably and focus on the area of your Third Eye, your psychic chakra. Imagine that space energetically opening up to receive messages, images and ideas. Imagine being filled with light and with the joy of receiving spiritual connections. It might help to put your hand on the spot, to help you focus  your energy there. Stay still and breathe.

Opening up your psychic chakra doesn’t take hard work. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The more you relax and let the energy flow, the more your chakra will open and enable you to get better in touch with your psychic abilities!

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REPUBLICAN AMERICAN: World has changed allowing psychic to share his gift

REPUBLICAN AMERICAN: World has changed allowing psychic to share his gift


When psychic Matt Fraser’s grandmother and mother grew up, he said it was a different world.

Both women were psychic, he said. But in the 1950s and 1960s, when his grandmother was growing up, and later when his mother was growing up, there was no social media, or internet. Without those avenues, the women didn’t have any way to learn about what they were experiencing or to help others understand it.

So although both his grandmother and mother had the gift, Fraser said they kept it secret. They never spoke about it, he said.

Fraser said his grandmother kept the revelation so close to her chest that even her own husband, Fraser’s grandfather, had no idea that she had the gift.

Fraser said his mother feared “they would call her crazy.”

Since this was something both women did not want to discuss, Fraser said they did not use their gifts professionally or with family or friends.

Times changed, however, as Fraser, now 27, grew up. And these days, he shares his psychic abilities on radio and television as well as live appearances across the country.

And he will be appearing at Foxwoods Resort Casino in a public event on Jan. 6.

Fraser said his ability to reach to the other side started to reveal itself from ages 3 to 5.

But, he said, his gift began to find focus when his grandmother passed away and he began to converse to her from the other side. “That was my first true connection.”

The conversations with his grandmother became regular occurrences. He said his mother told him that many of the conversations he recalled for her were quite detailed. She figured the conversations could not be imagined.

As he got older, Fraser said he wasn’t just speaking with his grandmother. “Other souls would come to me.”

Fraser said he would see people standing at the end of his bed. They weren’t just ghostly apparitions or silhouettes but fully formed. “It was very real to me.”

However, Fraser said he didn’t think he was psychic. Since he had no perspective on the gift, he thought the house was haunted. It wasn’t until he realized the appearances of these souls were specific to him, that he had an inkling he was psychic.

But Fraser said he didn’t embrace this gift. “I was pushing it away.” Seeing these souls and hearing voices were “scary.”

In a way, Fraser said, he initially missed his calling. He knew he wanted to help people. But instead of using his gift, he trained to be an emergency medical technician.

But still the souls spoke to him, said Fraser. Trying to get a handle on what was happening, and since his mother refused to give him insight into her abilities, he went to a psychic for the perspective he needed.

Finally, Fraser said, he learned about what his gift meant.

“It changed my life,” he said.

Initially, said Fraser, he only did readings for close friends. The questions were simple, such as, who would they marry.

“I didn’t really know what I was doing,” Fraser said.

But then word spread, he said. The parents of his friends would ask for readings. From there, he said the parents began to organize group readings for Fraser. The questions became more urgent. Then he was called in to speak on radio programs and started making appearances on national television.

“I realized this could be my job,” said Fraser.

“Heaven has led me on this journey,” said Fraser.

When he does readings, Fraser said there are questions that typically arise. The first thing they want to know is if their loved one is okay. He said they are seeking some sort of closure.

Fraser said clients also want to know if their loved ones can see what is happening in their lives. They want to know if their loved ones can see the choices they make and if they are close by.

At events such as the one at Foxwoods, Fraser said he selects as many people as he can—but not all—to help reconnect with loved ones who have passed to the other side.

“I never know what the message will be,” said Fraser.

When audiences leave the appearance, Fraser said, he wants them to walk out with a sense of hope, renewal, and inner peace— even if they weren’t selected by Fraser that night.

“They’re not alone,” said Fraser. “Their loved ones are just a thought away.”

Matt Fraser will appear in the Grand Pequot Ballroom at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket on Sunday, Jan. 6 at 2 p.m.

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Your Intuition Has the Answer!

Your Intuition Has the Answer!

It might surprise you to have a psychic advise you to “be your own psychic”, but just think about it! You’ve had experiences where you just knew something, where your gut feeling turned out to be right, or when you “just knew” something was going to happen, and it did. We all are born with natural psychic gifts.

For some people, intuition shows up as that little voice inside that just seems to know things. A gut instinct when you first meet someone. Picking up on emotional cues and tuning another person’s vibe – or energy – can tell you a lot if you’re open to receiving the information.

Sometimes you’ll receive a message in a dream – especially a dream that repeats. A friend of mine had a recurring nightmare that her chewing gum was expanding, filling her mouth like a gag. In her waking hours, she was in a situation where she didn’t have a voice. Her conscious mind was justifying and explaining away problems, but her psychic self knew the truth – the situation was toxic. The dream helped open her eyes to the reality.

Think of psychic gifts as a radio station you want to tune into. Some of us get a clearer signal than others, but there are ways to adjust your dial. Here are a few ways to help you tap into your psychic gifts:

Meditation is a great way to get in touch with your own true voice, and hear the messages that you need to hear. Being still and quieting the mind makes space for those messages to get through. You may think meditation requires a special space, special props, the perfect music, even aromatherapy. While those things are great, the reality is that meditation can happen anywhere, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you’ve been intimidated by the idea of meditation, try setting a timer for three minutes and just sit quietly. Focus on your breathing. Don’t try to quiet your mind. Let thoughts come and go, and just breathe.

What if the signals aren’t coming through clearly? Sometimes you don’t know which way to go and you’re not sure what your intuition is trying to tell you – if it’s saying anything at all! When you find yourself in that situation, flipping a coin is a great way to tap into your intuitive self that knows what you really want. Heads I quit; Tails, I stay. Flip the coin. If you tune out the chatter – the “woulds and shoulds” – and pay attention while the coin is in the air, you will know which way you want it to land. And if you miss that message, you’ll feel it in your gut when the coin hits the table. Are you happy? Are you disappointed? Listen to your heart, and remember that the coin flip itself isn’t the issue here – it’s the outcome you hope for when the coin is in the air that matters.

Ask and you shall receive (the answer). If you’re struggling with something, and you really need the answer to a particular question, ask it. Before a meditation session, or right before you go to bed at night, speak the question out loud. Then listen for the answer.

The written word is powerful! When you want something to happen and reach that point where you’ve done everything you can, or if you’re stuck getting started, write out your intention. Use pen and paper, and put the paper somewhere special. Or write it in permanent marker on your bathroom mirror. Let go, and let your own higher-self work on getting you what you need!

Tapping into your psychic gifts is all about trusting yourself. When you have that intuitive thought, when you’ve had a premonition, check in with a trusted friend. Get some input. As you start to learn how often you’re actually right, you’ll gain trust in your gifts. You might even keep a journal to track your success. Tune that dial. See what you learn.

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Boost Your Psychic Antenna!

Boost Your Psychic Antenna!

Are you conscious of the presence of ghosts and spirits around you? Do you find you’re able to accurately predict things before they happen? Are you extra sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others? If so, it’s likely you were born with a “antenna” that’s tuned into to the frequency of the Spirit world!

People often ask me if anyone can be a psychic or medium. The answer is “It’s complicated.” It’s true that we’re all born with a natural sixth sense, but it manifests itself differently in everyone. Just like some people have extra sharp eyesight or hearing, a lucky few have a super-developed sixth sense. You might wonder how certain friends always seem to make the right choice, avoiding everything from traffic jams to toxic relationships. It’s likely they possess psychic ability or are able to receive messages from guides or spirits.  

From the time I was a boy, I could see people who had passed. I was lucky enough to have a mother and grandmother who had lived through what I was experiencing, and could help me understand my gift. Even with their support and guidance, there were times when I felt scared and different from the other kids – but as I got older I realized my mediumship was a blessing I could use to heal and inspire others.

If you have spiritual gifts, I encourage you to work on enhancing them. Like a muscle, your psychic and mediumistic abilities will get stronger and more accurate with focus and awareness. Even if you never plan to go into business as a psychic or medium, developing your spiritual gifts can benefit you in ways you might not have thought of.

Here are some ways a strong spirit connection can make life better for you and the people around you.

Your sixth sense gives you a career edge – especially if you are in a profession that’s people focused. Before I dedicated myself to mediumship full-time, I was working toward becoming an EMT. As I pursued that path, I found my sensitivity and intuition to be invaluable tools when dealing with injured and frightened people.

Your intuition can assist you in finding your soul-mate. Trusting your gut is the key to looking past the surface to find someone who if a perfect fit for you – spiritually, mentally and physically!

The universe will signal when you’re on the right path. How many times have you been faced with a tough choice, and wished that someone or something would give you a nudge in the right direction. With a little practice, you can recognize the signs Spirit sends you, and proceed confidently on your way.
Sensing the presence of spirit around you gives you a whole new perspective on life. I love having the opportunity to relay spirit messages to others, and as the medium, I find I can always learn something from the insights they share.  

Your sensitivity can help make the world a more compassionate place. Listen when your intuition signals that a stranger might benefit from a smile or a kind word. You’re simple act could make a big difference in someone’s life!

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Growing up Psychic

Growing up Psychic

If you’ve ever watched a child who’s fully absorbed in an activity, it’s clear that they’re 100% in the moment – not dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. Because of this natural openness and mindfulness, it makes sense that young children are frequent recipients of messages, signs and visions from Spirit.

We’re all psychic and connected to Spirit to one degree or another, but as adults, we can be oblivious to the messages that come through – either too busy with our lists and responsibilities or too “rational” to accept what is in front of us. This behavior starts early. It’s common for children with psychic and mediumistic ability to repress their gift as they get older and want to fit in with their peers.

Living with my childhood gift.

For young children, seeing ghosts and hearing voices can be frightening. I remember my own experience! As a young boy with a psychic mother and grandmother, it was no surprise that I inherited the gift – but it was still a shock when I started hearing voices and seeing ghostly images. It got so I was afraid to go to sleep without my mother in the room, and I was frequently distracted during the day by apparitions flashing by.

My mother and grandmother understood my gifts and were able to relate to my fear and confusion and calm my fears – up to a point – but because of their Catholic upbringing they felt obligated to keep their own abilities under wraps, unless they were doing a secret reading for a friend or neighbor. Mediumship wasn’t an open topic of conversation in my house, and it seemed easier not to address it.

It got to the point that I was so fearful and reluctant to embrace the ability I had, that I tried to shut it off completely when I entered middle school. I didn’t get back in touch with my abilities until later on in my teenage years.

Allowing myself to open up to Spirit messages:

Right before I started college to pursue my dream of becoming an EMT, I went to visit a psychic with a group of friends. The psychic focused on me right away, and said she had a message for me, courtesy of my grandmother, who had recently passed. According to the psychic, Grandmother Mary said I was to embrace the gift I thought I’d buried and use it to deliver messages from those who had passed into the spirit world to the loved ones they’d left behind.  In a flash, I realized that I had nothing to fear or be ashamed of. My gift of mediumship was just another way of helping people – just as I planned to do in my career as an EMT.

Mentoring the psychicly gifted child:

If you know of a child who is psychic or sees ghosts or hears voices, you can help them to accept their gift without fear.  One way is to explain to them that they are lucky enough to have an extra sense – a 6th sense, that’s just like their other 5 senses in that it helps them to navigate the world around them. It’s important to let them know that the visions they see around them won’t hurt them –in fact, that one day they might share these visions with other people to help them deal with grief and loss.

When I received the message from my grandmother and received her permission and encouragement to use my gift, my whole life changed. I had turned off my gift, and was gratified to see how easy it was to turn it back on again! And with maturity and understanding, I was able to fulfill my goal of helping people by helping them to realize that death wasn’t the end, and that their loved ones were still there, watching over them.

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