5 Steps To Awakening Your Psychic Ability

5 Steps To Awakening Your Psychic Ability

Have you ever had a psychic experience or just knew things and didn’t know how you knew them?

Have you had strong feelings and not known where they came from or why you felt them?

We all have psychic ability to one extent or another. Often this ability can reveal itself to you through your Intuition or can present itself as a gut feeling. Your inner psychic ability is a creative muscle that uses your whole body to communicate with you while receiving information from Heaven and the Universe—but only if you are ready and open to it. Think of your own ability as an internal cell phone that you can use to call Heaven and your Angels when you need support or need to see things a little more clearly. You probably have had an experience in which your psychic ability signaled you right before you heard some bad news. Many times the reason you feel or hear the warnings of something bad happening is that your inner consciousness is sleeping half the time from not being used enough. When something big is about to happen, the information you receive can almost shake and wake up your consciousness to grab your attention.

That’s the reason it sometimes might seem as though you are hearing or sensing only bad things that are about to happen instead of good things. Psychic Ability is not just about warning you of danger; it is a tool you can use to enhance your life and also see, experience and feel the situations in your life a bit more clearly. This can help you in many areas of your life, whether they involve personal issues, health issues or work. The more you use it and tap into it, the stronger your Psychic Ability will become and the more you will see and feel it working. Here are some daily exercises to help you strengthen your ability.

  1. Start Your Day With Divine Guidance: Every day when you wake up, make it part of your routine to talk with Heaven and ask them to guide you through the day. Speaking with Heaven is not a one-way conversation. When you speak to them, they listen. It shows Heaven that you are ready and willing to open up and listen to the messages they are trying to send you. They might send you signs, give you déjà vu or visit your dreams. Here is a morning prayer to help you start your communication each day. Say it as you get ready in the morning. “Dear God, Holy Spirit and Angels, watch over me as I start my day today. Help me feel your presence guiding me by sending me signs or alerting me to the things I need to know. Please send me signs that I will recognize and thoughts that will help me recognize that you are communicating with me.”
  1. Practice Opening Your Third Eye: Just above your nose in between your eyes lies another, called the third eye. Your third eye is like a TV screen that allows your loved ones and Angels to replace your own thoughts with premonitions. It’s almost like dreaming while you are awake. Your third eye is always there, but often it remains shut. Sitting quietly and focusing on your third eye by envisioning it on your forehead will help bring energy to it and open it up. You can practice this every day and focus on white light surrounding the area. This will help the other side reach you through ‘sight.’ The way it works is that sometimes when you are daydreaming, Heaven will take you into situations with which you might be faced and allow you to see things more clearly with divine perception.
  1. Check With Your Intuition Before Making A Decision: The hardest part about tuning into your intuition is learning when your intuition is talking to you versus your own personal thoughts about a situation. Your intuitive thinking is a part of your psychic ability that will help you look deeper into a situation before making up your mind. The next time you are faced with a decision to make, instead of saying yes, no or maybe, take a moment to think it over with Intuition. Think about the decision you are being faced with and take the day to just think about it. As you go about your day, the decision will continue to circle through your thoughts. You will keep coming to the same choice to make over and over and over. You know what path your intuition is steering you towards because you will start seeing signs; the right choice will keep replaying and replaying and replaying until you finally come to terms with it. Your Intuitive choice may not be the one you want to hear, but it is the one that will lead you to your highest and best good. You will also feel much better about the situation because your intuition has a way of calming you down after showing you all possible options.
  1. Test Yourself During The Day: This is a really fun way to develop your psychic ability and determine how much of it you are really tapping into. I’m sure that by now you have an iPhone with which you communicate through email and text messages. Next time the phone rings or vibrates, before reaching to grab it, rely instead on your Intuition to feel who is on the other end of the line. The way this works is that you can read a person’s energy and feel them even at a distance. You will probably notice that the first thought that pops into your head is the person on the other end. Give it a try. This exercise will help you start reading the energy around you.
  1. Tune Into Your Pets: Pets are a great way to test your intuition and help develop your own abilities. Although pets can’t verbally communicate, you can tune into them psychically to see what is going on with them or what they are thinking. Do simple things like testing your Intuition if you feel that they are sick, or bringing them outside when you feel that they need to use the bathroom, or changing their food if you feel that they don’t like it. By using your pets as a medium through which to tap into your abilities, you will begin to understand the subtle messages your psychic ability sends you day to day. It will also allow you to trust your own abilities more because you are seeing them working for your pets.

Every skill and ability in life takes practice. Don’t give up; you were born with a natural ability to connect with Heaven and gain access to information to help you along your life’s journey. Practice some of the exercises above and keep a journal about your progress. I’m sure that you will be surprised at how often you are able to tap in.

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‘Psychic Protection’ to Protect Your Energy From Those Around You Who are Just Plain Negative

‘Psychic Protection’ to Protect Your Energy From Those Around You Who are Just Plain Negative

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt a heavy feeling? Or stood next to a person and you could feel their anger or negativity? We are all energy and anytime you are around someone or in a crowded area you are exposing yourself to all different types of energies. I’m sure you realized the pattern, happy people make you feel energized and happy. People with anxiety can make you feel on edge and people who are quite make you feel calm.

This is all good but what happens when you come across someone who is negative. I’m sure you have had the feeling where you have been next to someone who you feel is just draining you mentally , physically and emotionally. It happens to all of us and the truth is sometimes there is nothing you personally can do to turn the persons attitude around or their personality into a more joyous on. What you can do however is shield yourself so that the negativity reflects off of you instead of being absorbed by you.

Psychic protection is a technique that you can use to protect your energy levels and only absorb the positive energy that others give off. You don’t have to be psychic to use it, you just have to practice it and be mindful of your own energy. The best thing is to practice this daily to enhance your mood, energy and overall wellbeing. Practicing psychic protection will actually allow you to have more energy throughout the day and also allow you to handle stressful situations at ease. When you get that feeling like your being sucked into a situation, psychic protection can help you find a solution without the heaviness of emotions. It helps to keep you calm and energized so you can find the right solution.

Because your made up of energy, your mind body and soul are connected. Because of that what you think about, you are able to manifest and achieve. Strong thoughts create strong positive outcomes and your thought waves are powerful strands of energy that can build & create incredible things. Much like you use your mind to build things in your mind and them bring them to life , you can use your mind to build walls up around your energy field to keep you safe and away from negativity.

Here are some steps:

  1. First sit in a quiet place away from distractions. Close your eyes and invite in your guardian Angels, spirit guides and loved ones in Heaven. As them to watch over you and help you clear your energy and assist you with some extra divine protection.
  2. Place your hands on top of your head and ask your Angels to clear away any last negativity of any heavy stress you have been holding onto.
  3. Imagine your energy field around you as a while aura that is surrounding your body. The white aura you are envisioning is your energy field.
  4. In your mind put up wall of protection around you and that energy space by imagining outward facing mirrors around your whole body and energy field. As Archangel Michael to stand guard next to you and keep out any negative energy that tries to enter.

Focusing on Outward facing mirrors around your body is the best thing that you can do to protect yourself. Although people who are negative or having a bad day don’t mean to be negative many times that energy does transfer over. By focusing on outward facing mirrors it reflects off any negativity much as sunblock reflects the sun. You can do this exercise as often as you would like and remember that your Angels are always there to assist you with carrying it out .

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7 Ways Heaven is Speaking to You

7 Ways Heaven is Speaking to You

You opened this article for a divine reason, it is because you have a loved one in Heaven who is trying to reach you and speak to you. Maybe you have sensed them around you but you’re not sure if it’s really them. I have news for you; your loved ones are ALWAYS with you. They are using many ways to try to communicate and speak to you from Heaven. One of the ways they are trying to reach you is through this email right at this moment. There is NO such things as coincidence; everything happens for a reason. I was told by the ‘The Other Side’ that I had to send this email message to you.

Below are 7 ways that your loved ones are using to reach out to you. How many of the following ways has your loved one used to communicate with you lately?

Through Your Thoughts & Feelings: Have you ever just felt the presence of your loved ones around you but couldn’t explain how or why? Maybe you were looking at a picture of them and you felt a chill down your spine, or a warm feeling envelops you. This was a very real experience; you were sensing those you love. When a person passes on, they leave their body behind and take on an energy form. When you begin to feel tingling or sudden gentle sensations, it is because you are actually feeling their energy around you. You may even notice that this happens more when you think about them, or when you are speaking or reminiscing about them. I have news for you; many times when you are thinking about your loved ones, they are thinking about you during that exact moment. They will sometimes send you lost memories of them to make you smile. Have you ever just daydreamed and then remembered a time with your loved one that you had forgotten about? That memory was sent to you from Heaven. When you have those little moments, it is as though your loved ones are sending you a little greeting card from Heaven just to watch you smile and to let you know that  they are around. They want you to remember the good times you shared with them.

Dream Visitations: When you fall asleep, your soul takes you on journey to ‘The Other Side’ and back. Many times I get asked “What is having a vision like?” or “what is it like being psychic?” Well, the best way that I can describe having visions is that it’s like actually dreaming while you are awake. Heaven is completely made up of energy and so are your mind and your thoughts. While you are relaxed and sleeping, your loved ones use your dreams as a video conference between you, and use them to stop in for a visit. If you have ever had a loved one appear in your dreams where you could have sworn it was real, you just had a dream visitation. Many times they will visit you in a dream to deliver news to you. It could be that they tell you a new baby is about to be born into the family, or they might stop in during a time that you are desperate to hear from them. No matter what it is, know that they are visiting because they want to check up on you and to remind you that they have not forgotten about you. Their message is to let you know that you WILL see them again.

Signs Around You: Have you been seeing things repeating that you just can’t explain, like numbers repeating (11:11), or feathers dropping from the sky? Maybe you have been seeing dragonflies, or find dimes no matter where you go. It looks like you just got a beautiful message from Heaven! Your loved ones do not want to interfere in your life or cause you pain that makes you search for them. They want to let you know that they are with you, watching over you, guiding you silently from up above. They will send you gentle reminders using everyday things that reflect their personality. For example, if your grandfather was a coin collector, you might be finding coins just about everywhere. Maybe your grandmother wore a very distinct perfume and you begin to smell it out of nowhere. These are all signs that they are using. It is their way of saying “Hello from Heaven”. 

Songs: Music is, in my opinion, one of the best ways that your loved ones will use to reach you. It seems like one special song at the perfect moment can make so many old feelings come rushing back. Sometimes ‘The Other Side’ will play songs so powerful that they will cause you to stop in your tracks and think of the last time you heard that song with them. Because those you love now have an energy form, they can take control over electronics such as TVs, radios, and even cell phones. When you really need to hear from them, they might just send you a beautiful song from Heaven to show you they are at peace.

Through Other People: Have you ever had the experience where you may not have seen a sign from your loved ones, but a close friend of family member has? You might be asking yourself the question “How come my Mom comes to my sister and not me?” It’s funny because I am asked this quite often. No, it is not that your Mom does not love you or that you Dad doesn’t want to speak to you any longer, but rather that some people are more sensitive than others. If you have a lot on your plate at the moment and your head is filled with thoughts, then you are missing the signs that they are sending you. That is when they will go to other people instead, not because they love them more but to be able to reach you. If you have a child you might even notice that your son, daughter or grandchild might see and sense your loved one that has passed on. It is because they are using other people to get to you. They want to remind you that they are still with you no matter where you go. Even though you may not feel them, it does not mean that they are not there.

Through Your Pets: Just as your pets can sense a thunderstorm days before it happens, they can sense and see your loved ones in Heaven. Pets are extremely intuitive and psychic beings. When you catch your dog or cat barking or meowing at the wall for no reason at all, it might be that they are seeing someone you love. Many times they may stop and stare at a place in your house that your loved one favorited, or they might sit in a place where they always sat. No need to be startled, they are just seeing your loved ones as they pass by to check up on you.

Through Photographs: Have you ever seen something develop on a picture and know instantly it was your loved one? Often, those you love will show up on birthdays, holidays, and in family pictures. You may see orbs or energy forms that appear out of nowhere. Because your loved ones are energy and they are around the family, they will show up in many pictures when you are all together. Your loved ones NEVER miss out on a family celebration or milestone in your life, even from Heaven. When you see these energy forms, know you just caught a loved one on camera. So, you might be wondering “What should I do when I see this?” The best way to connect with your loved ones is by opening up your heart, mind, and soul to the many messages from ‘The Other Side’. When you open yourself up to these signs, you show your loved ones that it is okay to communicate and speak with you. The more open you are, the more often they will send you signs and symbols. 

As a medium, when you come to a group reading or have a session, I do not bring your loved ones to you; you bring they to me. When you attend an event, you may notice that as I walk through the room, I begin to see all of your loved ones standing behind you, next to you, or even by your side. That is because that is where they are. If you were in the grocery store, I might be running up to you trying to deliver a message because that is where your loved ones always are. Right by your side. You have a strong connection that runs from your heart to theirs. It is a soul connection that works like glue to always keep you connected with them. As a medium, I just tell you what they are saying and what they want you to know; that is why they have asked me to write this email to you. Below is a reading I just gave to man in the Fox News studio. The moment I sat on the couch, I saw his father behind him waving to me. It turns out his Dad died when he wad 14 years old. It just goes to show that when you lose someone you love, it does not matter how long ago they died. Their spirit is always there with you.

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Is Psychic Ability or Mediumship Inherited?

Is Psychic Ability or Mediumship Inherited?

It is very common for psychic ability or mediumship to be inherited within a family. Although there have been times under extreme circumstances where psychic ability can happen out of nowhere, or if you have had a near-death experience. Oftentimes, I will hear stories of people who were involved in car accidents and were in a coma and after awakening has discovered that they too can see and hear the departed. One time, I even met a man who was struck by lightning and after that was able to see and hear the departed along with visions. Many times, these experiences open up a person’s awareness because of the fact that they have come so close to death. It’s almost like an eye opener that strengthens their connection between this world and the next.

In my family, it was different. My grandmother was psychic and had passed the gift down to my mother, who in turn passed it down to me. I am not sure why the departed chose to talk to my family, but I believe the reason why is because we have always been there to listen to them.

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Is Spirit Calling Your Name ?

Is Spirit Calling Your Name ?

Have you ever heard your name being called, but when you went to answer, nobody was there ?

It doesn’t surprise me. It’s actually those in spirit testing the psychic connection with you. Many times, they will call your name using a familiar voice. Sometimes, it’s a loved one’s voice who is living, and other times, you may even hear your name being called by your loved one who has passed on. Sometimes, the voice comes through so clearly, you could swear the person was just in the next room or standing behind you. You are not crazy, and yes, it is real. You might notice that when this happens, you are not alarmed but instead, a soothing and sudden calmness comes over you. You might even wonder, who is calling my name, and why? Here is the reason why this is happening to you.

You are sensitive to those in spirit.

Those in spirit know whom they can communicate with and whom they can’t. If you are sensing and feeling those in spirit around you, it means you have a higher level of intuition than most people, allowing you to hear things that normal people wouldn’t. Those with high levels of intuition, or those who are highly sensitive, are the best people for spirit to reach. They are able to pick up and feel things on a different level with little to no effort. Spirit can tell who is more in tune than others, and those are the people they will reach out to. It just means you are an open channel and not closed off to these kinds of communications.

Those you love are reminding you they are close by.

These gentle reminders, like hearing your name being called, normally come at a time when you least expect it, but most often, it is when you need to feel your loved one’s presence. When you are going through major life changes that are causing you grief or if you are in a health, financial or relationship struggle, those in spirit want to remind you they are close by. They don’t want to alarm you, but they want to reassure you they are divinely helping you from above.

Spirit is learning how best to communicate with you.

Even though you may not realize it, those in spirit are trying to get your attention. So many times, I will give readings to people about a loved one who has passed on and the person will say to me, “I never feel my dad or loved one around me in spirit.”

The typical answer from that person who has passed on normally goes something like this:

“I’m trying to reach my daughter, but she doesn’t recognize it’s me; instead, she thinks her house is haunted!”

When a loved one in spirit can’t seem to get your attention, they will try again and again. They will use signs, symbols, dreams and other ways to remind you they are close by. Calling your name is just another way to get your attention and validate their nearness. Acknowledge it either out loud or in your heart. Let your loved one in spirit know that you know they are close by.

There may be an urgent message that Spirit needs to deliver.

Normally, the only reason a loved one would stop by and visit is if there is a message they need to deliver, or if a special date or anniversary is coming up. Think about it: why would you call someone on the phone if you didn’t have anything to talk about ? They want to remind you they are cheering you through every milestone you go through. When there is a birthday, anniversary or celebration, they are there. When you hear them call your name, it means more messages will follow. Pay close attention to the signs and the dreams they are sending you. They will use these channels to deliver the message a little bit better.

Someone may have recently passed away.

Another reason why your loved one might be calling your name is if that person you are hearing recently died. After a loved one passes, the first thing they do is try to let you know they are ok. Although sometimes it can take up to a year for them to come through, you may hear them call your name to let you know they have made it home to Heaven so you do not need to worry.

How to strengthen your psychic connection.

If you are sensitive to those in spirit, I would encourage you to learn more about your connection. You can start by joining my Signs from Heaven online video class by clicking here. Talk to your loved ones in spirit daily and let them know you are open to receiving messages from them. Let them know it is ok to send you signs and dreams . It helps to keep a journal to record all the messages you hear and feel from them. Heaven gives us all a cellphone to call our loved ones who have passed on. They are only a thought away. It’s up to us to believe in that connection and to use it to stay in touch with those we love and miss so deeply.

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