Speaking To Heaven

Speaking To Heaven

Have You Ever Wished You Could To Speak To Someone That Has Passed On?

My favorite part of hosting a LIVE event is watching what happens when I connect an audience member with a loved one in Heaven. I used to worry because I couldn’t do a reading for every single person in the audience, but then I noticed something… It doesn’t matter! Just being there when spirit messages are coming through and realizing that your own loved ones who have passed are still right here, loving you and wishing you well, is life changing. 

I do these LIVE group readings to prove that your loved ones in Heaven are still part of your everyday life –  they’re right by your side as you drink your morning coffee, drive to work, and especially when you gather to celebrate the season with family and friends.

When someone comes to one of my LIVE psychic medium reading, a few things happen:

  •  They feel the powerful presence of spirit, and the connection with their loved ones in Heaven stays with them long after the event is over. 
  •  They become aware of the dozens of signs and signals that friends and family on the other side are showing them each day.  
  • They want to share their eye opening, healing experience with others!

Fans of my events have been asking me to broadcast LIVE readings so they could watch them online, so I finally did it. On December 20th, I hosted a free broadcast with tons of amazing readings, and everyone loved it!  This very special premiere gave thousands a firsthand glimpse of what a LIVE Matt Fraser event is like from the comfort of their own home.

People raved about how the spirit connections came through loud and clear even on a phone or tablet. I think lots of people were surprised when they saw a reading that answered a question they had in their own minds. Spirit is funny like that – you might get a message where and when you least expect it. I hope you didn’t miss it… If you did, no worries you can watch the event highlights from the broadcast below.

P.S. Spirit works in mysterious ways – you might recognize a message that’s meant for you while you watch.


Watch Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Reconnect An Audience With Their Loved Ones In Heaven

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Thanks for tuning in, I hope one day to deliver you a message from Heaven. If you enjoy watching TV shows like Long Island Medium with Theresa Caputo or Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, then you would absolutely love attending a LIVE group reading and being part of the audience. To Find A Group Reading Near YOU Click Here 


How long should I wait after someone has died to get a reading with a Psychic Medium?

How long should I wait after someone has died to get a reading with a Psychic Medium?

After a loved one passes, it is normal to want to speak with them right away. Death can leave you with a lonely feeling and a deep pain within your heart. As a psychic medium, I am in touch with souls every day. The most frequent question I am asked is, “My loved one just died. How long should I wait before connecting with a medium?”

The problem is, there is no definite answer on when a soul will come through. When you contact someone in Heaven, it is a request, not a command. It’s like calling someone here on Earth. How can you be sure they will pick up? I have done readings where souls have come through the same day, and there have been other times when it has taken up to one year for a loved one to come through with a message. Some souls take a little extra time. I personally have always asked my clients to wait one year before a reading. Firstly, this is because when I do a reading, I am not after a person’s money. Instead, I want to make sure I can 100% get in touch with the soul that has passed on, and more importantly, so I give them the best reading possible. My main goal is that my clients walk away feeling hopeful and uplifted knowing their loved one is ok.

The main ways I communicate with the departed is by seeing and hearing them. I have noticed that when I speak to a soul that has recently departed, although I can connect with them, the conversation is not as clear as it normally would be. I almost always know when I am channeling someone who recently has passed because it sounds like talking on a cell phone that is breaking up. I will start to hear bits of information, like their name and how they had died, and then I will hear silence. A few moments later, they may come through and start to tell me a message, after which there is more silence; the communication isn’t consistent. But then again, there have been those strange and sometimes awkward times when souls come through unusually early. One time, I was holding an event in Maine, when my eye caught a guest seated in the third row. He had a young man in spirit standing right behind him, and he was telling me his name was Kenny; they were best friends. I pointed to the gentleman in the audience and asked him to stand up. I said to him, “Did you lose your best friend? He just told me his name is Kenny.” The man turned white. He said, “Oh my God! I just came from his funeral before coming here today. He was laid to rest this morning!”

It just goes to show one thing: different souls channel in different ways. It is based on their personality and what they were like here in this world. For example, if you have a loud, vivacious Italian grandmother who was a busybody, it is likely she will come through and talk my ear off! On the other hand, if you had a father who was quiet, reserved and kept to himself, it is not likely that he will come through as strong or with as many messages. Normally, for spirits to come through loud and early, it is because there are urgent messages they need to deliver to their family ASAP. Think about it: for a soul to come through, their needs to be a message attached. They wouldn’t just come through and not say anything. What would be the point? They will, however, come through to bring their family comfort and closure or to assist them with any questions that have gone unanswered.

So, you might be thinking, why does it take a year sometimes for a loved one to come through?

The answer is simple. During that time, the departed goes through something called a “spirit life review.” This is a process of transition where the soul let’s go of all the negative anger, grudges and regrets that were once experienced here on Earth. Just as your illness gets left behind, so do the burdens. Think about it: if everyone brought all their anger with them, how could it be Heaven and a place of peace? Part of the process involves letting go of all the heaviness so the next chapter can be enjoyed in peace and without illness. That is why your loved ones want to see you happy and enjoying life. They are not there to judge you; they are there to love and support you. When you first pass on, you do not enter Heaven alone. When you first make your way to Heaven, it is a big family reunion. Every friend you have ever made, every pet that has died and family member that you have loved are waiting to greet you in Heaven.

While your loved ones are being reunited and reconnected with loved ones and going through this life review, it may take them a bit to learn how to channel or reach you through a psychic medium. This does not mean they are not with you; it just means they are taking care of a few things first. It’s like when you move into a new apartment. You have to unpack the boxes before you can start having people over to enjoy their company. Another reason why they may not come through right away is because their message would not help you at the moment or it would cause you more grief. Your loved ones want to see you happy and living life. If they feel that a message will cause you to dwell on their passing and not be able to move forward, they will wait to come through when you are in a better place. Deep grief can sometimes act as a wall, preventing you and your loved ones from connecting. When you start to take steps to heal, you begin to feel and connect with your loved ones more and more.

So, how long should you wait before connecting with a loved one?

My advice is to wait a year. Not only will the message be stronger, but also you will be in a better place to hear the messages coming through. I personally feel it would be better to wait and get a good reading than to leave a session with unanswered questions or scratching your head trying to figure it out. If you can’t wait or if your intuition is telling you otherwise, try attending a group reading instead. You can find upcoming group reading by Clicking Here. You may hear from that special someone, or you may hear from someone else in spirit who was near and dear to you. Even if you don’t make a direct connection, you will walk away feeling inspired after witnessing the many other messages from spirits, and when the time is right, your loved one will come through with a very special message for you.

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Can You Get A Good Psychic Reading By Phone?

Can You Get A Good Psychic Reading By Phone?

The first thing people always ask me when they find out I do phone readings is, how can you give a reading by phone? Don’t you have to be in person?

I have always found it fascinating that some people believe you need to be in person to deliver a message from spirit. If you have heard me give a reading on radio shows for callers, then you would know that phone readings are indeed possible. As much as I would like to believe that every person who claims they are a psychic is real, just like in every industry, there is a fair share of people who simply just fake it. If a psychic says you need to be in person for them to read you, chances are they are reading YOU (your physical cues, expressions, searching for clues, etc.) and NOT connecting with those in spirit.

The spirit world is just a thought away. Those in spirit can be reached whenever and wherever, as long as you have a connection to be able to reach them. That connection is provided by you, and those in spirit know you are going to make contact with them even before you do.

Most of the time, those in spirit will show up even before my clients do or before I even make my way into a show.

A typical day in my life starts with waking up with spirits waiting at my bedside. I will never forget the time I woke up to a little girl standing next to me. I thought I was still sleeping when I looked over and saw her. She said to me, “ You are going to be speaking to my mommy today.” That’s when I knew I was awake and that this child’s mother would be coming to see me that day. It’s typical. When I channel a loved one, they are just as excited to get in touch with you as you are to speak to them.

As a psychic medium, when I speak to someone in spirit, they are actually speaking to me through a channel. They use all my thoughts, feeling , emotions  and senses for me to be able to deliver a message. If you have seen me during a LIVE show or on TV, you will notice there are times when I have to close my eyes for a moment to concentrate. That’s why for me, I personally love readings by phone. When I am channeling a loved one, the less distractions, the better the reading. If you could peep into my office during a phone reading, you would see me with my eyes closed and speaking as quickly as possible to get all the messages through. I can’t help it! When I channel a loved one, I get so excited ! They have so much to say, and I don’t want to miss a beat. That is especially true when I am on TV and radio. The segments are short, so I talk quickly to get out the information. The speed at which I am talking to the person I am reading for is how fast the other side is talking to me. You may notice I never ask any questions; there is no need to. The moment I connect with someone, not only do I see them, but I also sense those they have lost.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that phone readings are the better way to go, but I do want you know that they are the same as in person, if not better. In the beginning, I would take private client readings only in person. As my clientele grew to national and then international, I found myself speaking to someone in Texas by phone one minute and then someone in China by Skype the next, thanks to technology. I noticed that client readings by phone were also more comfortable for the client. They were more relaxed sitting at home or in a quiet comfy place than having to rush and travel to a strange office, worrying about travel times, locations, etc. They also could focus more on the information that was given to them.

At the end of the day, it all depends on you. I have some clients who prefer readings by phone while others prefer Skype video. I even have some clients who only want to be read at a group reading with their friends and family by their side. No matter what you prefer, one thing is for sure: if your loved one has a message for you, they are going to make sure you receive it. To them, it doesn’t make a difference if it’s by phone, in person or by moving plane—they only care about getting their message heard and delivered.

I hope one day to meet you and to deliver you the most amazing message from Heaven! Many of you have been asking me if I still do private one on one readings. Right now there is close to a two year waiting list at the moment. If you are interested in joining the list, you can do so by Clicking Here and adding your name and email. By doing so you will be the first to know when sessions become available. In the meantime, take a look at my tour schedule by Clicking Here. You never know, I just may be coming  to your city.




April 22nd, 2015

Psychic medium. What comes to mind when you hear those words? Does one think of doubt? Or fear of the unknown? Or subliminal curiosity that hides behind personal pride? Maybe all of these hit close to home. However, in my case, it was more like freedom from the known and intrigue.

I have never even set out for a psychic reading in my life. I’ve passed many palm readers on the street without hesitation to turn back and ask what those lines on my non-moisturized hands meant. The closest thing to a psychic reading I have ever had was probably when I was a kid and my mother would say that if I didn’t finish my supper, I probably wouldn’t be having any dessert. Her prophecy came true every time. I still stand flabbergasted.

I was asked to call Matt Fraser for an interview. If you aren’t yet aware of him, you soon will be. At the tender age of 23, Matt has already been a key noted guest on many shows such as local NBC morning news, CBS Radio, Fox News, Coast to Coast and many more. You bet that he has brought thousands of tears of joys to thousand’s of people’s cheeks and has ruined thousands of mascara jobs too.

His ability to tap into the other side all the while thriving in the positive white light comforts many of his fans into knowing that any experience they have with him will be an uplifting one. It becomes soon apparent that Matt, unlike some other psychics, does not tread in a world of negativity and darkness. And so I made a call to Mr. Fraser, excited to learn more about what makes him tick and where this ability manifested.

Within moments of our phone introduction to each other, Matt was pulling rabbits out of his hat already.

“I feel you have an energy about you, you really love people and you’re a great judge of character and everyone knows that about you, you tend to only surround yourself with these people. You have a deep connection with nature and the earth. You need the beauty of it to survive.”

I didn’t even ask for a quick reading nor did I expect one. This was very impressive to hear because it was absolutely correct, which left my mind happily awestruck. I had seen some of his other work on YouTube and had even read his book “The Secrets To Unlocking Your Psychic Ability”, so I knew he was no yellow starburst sort of psychic medium.

I knew in my heart right then and there that  I was in the presence of someone who has a heavy purpose in this world when it comes to helping others in their personal dealings and affairs. See, now I’m even talking like a psychic…

DC LIFE MAGAZINE: A brief history of Matt Fraser?

Matt Fraser: My grandmother and mother had the same ability that I do. Grandma was a psychic but she was not a professional, only close friends and family members knew about it. My grandfather never knew she practiced it, nobody ever even spoke about it. The shades in the house were always drawn and my grandfather would come home and wonder why they were like that and then my grandmother would say something to the extent that she was just having tea with her friends. It was a very taboo thing at the time to talk about. Fast forward to me at 4 years old, and I was already seeing the departed. When I was 5 or 6 I began having visitations from other spirits and having messages relayed to me. I was so afraid of this but my mom wasn’t worried, she knew exactly what was going on. And so the more I pushed this gift away, the less frequent the visitations became. I slowly started to grow into acceptance with my ability as my teenage years came about. Fast forward again to being out of High School and I became an EMT and even worked for the World Trade Center in Boston because of my passion for helping others. And now, here I am.

DC: As a psychic medium, what makes you, in your opinion, different than the other psychic mediums out there? 

MF: That’s a good question. I try to have a very personal and intimate experience with all of those looking for answers. All the posts on my social media websites are me. When I wake up I do inspirational posts for all to see. I want to be up close and personal and let these people know that I really do care about them. I also try to refer to all of my psychic readings as family reunions because that really is what they are!

DC: Your book, “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability”, is a great guide to deepening your personal intuition, as I have found. What else can you tell our audience about your book?

MF: My book is full of exercises I use when getting back into my personal ability. It’s really a quick read. It will certainly help you with finding your strongest ability and how to tap into it because I do believe that everyone is at least a bit psychic.

DC: I feel in the United States we are so stressed and hurried and sometimes even a little bitter with everyday life (work, relationships, finances, illness) that we forget to thank God for how blessed we are, which I believe leaves people lost in the monotony of it all. It seems that a positive reading for everyone whether it be from you, or someone like you, could have a major impact on society. What’s your opinion on that thought? 

MF: I agree. There is so much stress in society, I absolutely believe that a reading could show people there is no reason to have a bad day. Everyone is given a tool to tap into their ability. It’s all about looking at the blessing, the grateful blessings in all of your surroundings. Everybody in life has a different angle of looking at things. Again, there is no reason to have a bad day, with the exception of somebody dying of course. These are things to consider.

DC: Being as gifted as you are with this ability, is there anything in life that might be a little harder for Matt Fraser to do compared to most people? 

MF: (ponders for a moment) The hardest thing for me…would definitely be over crowded places such as the subway. It’s a constant inner knowing and vibe of feelings from everyone around that all comes at me at one time. It’s hard to process all at once.

DC: You’ve got a day off and a clear schedule. What’s your perfect day?

MF: That’s an easy answer. Sitting on the beach and doing nothing. But even sometimes it’s hard to relax then because my psych never turns off completely.

DC: At this moment I am booking tickets for you and I to go to Vegas and play the cards, I think you would be a great team-mate for poker, don’t you?

MF: (laughs) Oh Lord…