10 Signs From The Departed

10 Signs From The Departed

10 Signs of Spirit Communication: How The Departed Are Trying To Communicate With You

Death is not a permanent goodbye. I want to remind you that the same way you are learning to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit, they are also learning to communicate with you. 

Signs are a special language that your loved ones in Spirit use to get your attention and keep in touch with you. They use signs to send messages to you, bring you comfort, guide you, and let you know they are with you every day. 

Sometimes you might not notice the signs because they can be subtle, but once you know what to look for, your loved ones can communicate with you more easily.  Have you noticed any of the signs below ?

1.Familiar Smells That Bring Memories

Have you randomly smelled cologne or perfume that your loved one used to wear? Smells hold memories that your loved ones use to show you they are close by. For example if your Dad was a cigarette smoker, you just catch a whiff of cigarette smoke when you are home alone by yourself. 

2. Signs Through Pets

Pets can see and sense Spirit too. If they randomly perk up and start barking or staring at a chair in a corner that your loved one once sat or spent time in, it’s a sign they are there. 

3. Songs That Bring Meaning and Love

If a special song keeps playing in your car, house or when you are out shopping it is not a coincidence. Spirit uses music to communicate and send strong messages. It could be a song that your loved one always sang to you or a special song like a wedding song that the two of you shared.

4. Repeating Numbers

Seeing repeating numbers like 11:11, the birthday of a loved one, or a specific time of death is a sign that they made it to Heaven. They love using numbers because it is the easiest way they can reach you. The pop up randomly on license plates, clocks, or even receipts!

5. Waking Up At 3:00AM or Randomly At Night

Waking up at 3am or the same time every night is a sign. It normally happens when a loved one first passes away and is trying to get in touch with you. Bed-time is the easiest way for your loved one to reach you because your mind is in a relaxed state. 

6. Dream Visitations

Those in Spirit love coming to visit you in your dreams. To them visiting in your dreams is like a Skype video call with Heaven. You might see them standing their happy and smiling or they may come and have a conversation with you. These dreams come every so often and are very real. You may even wake up thinking it actually happened. 

7. Hearing Your Name Being Called

Have you ever heard your name being called and nobody was there ? You might sometimes hear your loved one. No you are not crazy. They sometimes we call out to you or say something that you can hear audibly to remind you of their presence. You might even hear then speaking to you through your thoughts when you are upset or need guidance. 

8. Phone Calls from Heaven

I have had many readings where loved ones have come through the phone lines. You might get a call from their number or your phone might ring randomly and nobody is there. These calls normally come from souls that liked to play jokes here in this world. If your dad or brother was a jokester, they may be prank calling you from the afterlife. Spirit is energy and can manipulate electronics such as phones, TVs, and computers to send a message. 

9. Feeling A Spiritual Presence

I have had many souls come to tell me that they visit their loved ones at night. You might feel them sit on your bed or just feel their presence In the room with you. When you feel the presence of a loved one, talk to them. They can hear you and love coming to check up on you. 

10. Seeing A Spirit Figure or Silhouette

If you have ever thought you saw your loved one standing in the hall or saw a figure move past you, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Sometimes you might catch a glimpse of your loved one for a split second. It’s rare but it does happen. Sometimes, they also will show up in photographs as distortions, blurs, lens flares or sometimes even orbs. 

If you can relate to any of these signs, it means your loved ones are close by in spirit and trying to communicate. You are not alone in what you are sensing and feeling. It is real. It is why I love leading the way for groups of people to connect with spirit. It’s why my LIVE shows are so special to me.

The experience of being together, honoring loved ones on the other side, and raising the group vibration to receive messages creates a ripple of loving energy that infuses every member of the audience. 

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What is Heaven sending YOU?

What is Heaven sending YOU?

Signs from Heaven come in all kinds of ways. Capturing our attention with synchronicities is one way that our loved ones send us messages. Synchronicity is another word for a coincidence that resonates deeply with you. Some coincidences are just interesting or fun. For example, you and your friend might happen to be reading the same book at the same time. Or maybe you wear the same outfit to a meeting as one of your co-workers. But what if the coincidence is more meaningful? What if the coincidence really matters to you? These meaningful coincidences are a way that you get messages from your loved ones in Heaven.

A woman came up to me after an event to share this story of a synchronicity she experienced. “After my husband passed away, I stayed alone for many years. I didn’t think I would ever want to date again. Then my best friend asked me to try online dating with her. I wanted to support her, so I said yes, but I really didn’t think I’d meet anyone. Plus, I felt guilty, like I was betraying my husband. I was wrestling with so many conflicting emotions, that I was ready to cancel the account when a man sent me a message. As soon as I saw his picture I was shocked. He had the same first name as my husband and wore the same style of glasses. He even looked a little bit like him. After we talked for a bit, it was clear to both of us that we were not a romantic match, but he was so friendly and kind that it gave me the courage to stay on the site. A week later I met someone wonderful, and now we are engaged.” The woman had tears in her eyes when she talked to me. “I know that my husband sent me the first guy to tell me it’s okay. I just know it in my heart.”

She is not alone. I hear stories all the time about these messages from Heaven that come as meaningful coincidences just at the right time to help us make decisions or answer questions.

Another family friend was having a difficult day, facing a tough decision about whether to sell her house or not. At the grocery store, a stranger said hello and asked her for help finding the cereal aisle. My friend was going that way, and the two of them started talking. The woman projected such a warm, nurturing energy that by the time they got to the cereal aisle, my friend felt much better and more positive. When they parted, they shook hands and the stranger gave my friend her business card. “It’s been great talking to you. I’m a realtor. Give me a call if you ever need help.” When the stranger walked away, my friend looked down at the business card in her hand. The realtor had the same name as my friend’s beloved grandmother! My friend knew that was more than a coincidence. It was a sign, and it helped her make her decision. She called the realtor the next day and got her house sold.

Remember, your loved ones are trying to reach you, and these meaningful coincidences are one way for them to do that, so be on the lookout for them. It helps to keep an open heart if you want to start noticing these synchronicities. Be ready to receive the message your loved one is trying to send you. When you meet a stranger with the same name as a loved one in Heaven, sometimes that person has a message. And sometimes that person is a message, even just a reminder that your loved one is with you, helping you.

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A Message in a Song

A Message in a Song

When your friends want to give you a message, they just have to email or text or pick up the phone to give you a call. When your loved ones cross over to Heaven, their messages still come through, but not always in the way you’d expect. Sometimes you have to do a little work of your own to hear the messages your loved ones are sending.

Messages from heaven can be like those 3-D pictures that used to be popular. At first glance, you see a flat image or a pattern – but when you shift your focus or cross your eyes slightly, a three-dimensional figure pops out of nowhere! The funny thing about it is if you try too hard and stare straight at the picture, the figure won’t materialize at all. Connecting to Spirit is kind of like that!

I want to tell you a story someone shared in an email recently. Her husband had passed a few years ago, and she wanted me to know that she thinks about him often and has followed some of my suggestions to let him know she is open to hearing from him. She described how she sometimes sits down and writes him a letter when she is struggling with loneliness or faced with a big decision. She makes it a point to wear one of his cardigans and sit in his favorite old easy chair while she writes. This ritual makes her feel close to him.

But recently, her son was going through a difficult time and she didn’t know what to do. She felt lost, and her letter writing wasn’t helping much at all – it still felt like her husband was very far away.

While this was going on, she became aware of a couple lines of a song stuck in her head. She couldn’t place the tune. The same words kept repeating over and over in her head, “After you’ve done all you can, after you’ve gone through the storm.” It was starting to drive her a little bit crazy because she couldn’t figure out what song these lyrics were from.

She mentioned this to a friend who showed her how to search for lyrics online. She saw the name of the song, and suddenly it hit her. She knew it had to be a message from her husband. Whenever they drove in the car, he always wanted to put on spiritual songs, and she always wanted to listen to the news. This song, “Stand,” was one of the songs her husband had loved to hear whenever she gave him the chance to choose the radio station. It is about standing and waiting for God to step in after you’ve done all you can do. She knew her husband was sending this song to help their son. It was the answer she was looking for.

She sent her son an email. “I think your dad sent you this song.” He called his mom later that day. “That was just what I needed to hear. Thank you for passing on Dad’s message.”

When our loved ones want to reach out to us, the message doesn’t always come through the way we think it will. Spirit can be very subtle, like a song playing in the background of your thoughts, and messages from Heaven sometimes need a little bit of work for us to reveal their true meaning.

If you are longing to connect with someone in the Spirit realm and you’d like a little help, I’d love to have you attend one of my live events. Just being in the space where souls on both sides of the veil come together might be all you need to open the door to receive your own messages from the other side – not just at the event, but every day!

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