Growing up Psychic

Growing up Psychic

If you’ve ever watched a child who’s fully absorbed in an activity, it’s clear that they’re 100% in the moment – not dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. Because of this natural openness and mindfulness, it makes sense that young children are frequent recipients of messages, signs and visions from Spirit.

We’re all psychic and connected to Spirit to one degree or another, but as adults, we can be oblivious to the messages that come through – either too busy with our lists and responsibilities or too “rational” to accept what is in front of us. This behavior starts early. It’s common for children with psychic and mediumistic ability to repress their gift as they get older and want to fit in with their peers.

Living with my childhood gift.

For young children, seeing ghosts and hearing voices can be frightening. I remember my own experience! As a young boy with a psychic mother and grandmother, it was no surprise that I inherited the gift – but it was still a shock when I started hearing voices and seeing ghostly images. It got so I was afraid to go to sleep without my mother in the room, and I was frequently distracted during the day by apparitions flashing by.

My mother and grandmother understood my gifts and were able to relate to my fear and confusion and calm my fears – up to a point – but because of their Catholic upbringing they felt obligated to keep their own abilities under wraps, unless they were doing a secret reading for a friend or neighbor. Mediumship wasn’t an open topic of conversation in my house, and it seemed easier not to address it.

It got to the point that I was so fearful and reluctant to embrace the ability I had, that I tried to shut it off completely when I entered middle school. I didn’t get back in touch with my abilities until later on in my teenage years.

Allowing myself to open up to Spirit messages:

Right before I started college to pursue my dream of becoming an EMT, I went to visit a psychic with a group of friends. The psychic focused on me right away, and said she had a message for me, courtesy of my grandmother, who had recently passed. According to the psychic, Grandmother Mary said I was to embrace the gift I thought I’d buried and use it to deliver messages from those who had passed into the spirit world to the loved ones they’d left behind.  In a flash, I realized that I had nothing to fear or be ashamed of. My gift of mediumship was just another way of helping people – just as I planned to do in my career as an EMT.

Mentoring the psychicly gifted child:

If you know of a child who is psychic or sees ghosts or hears voices, you can help them to accept their gift without fear.  One way is to explain to them that they are lucky enough to have an extra sense – a 6th sense, that’s just like their other 5 senses in that it helps them to navigate the world around them. It’s important to let them know that the visions they see around them won’t hurt them –in fact, that one day they might share these visions with other people to help them deal with grief and loss.

When I received the message from my grandmother and received her permission and encouragement to use my gift, my whole life changed. I had turned off my gift, and was gratified to see how easy it was to turn it back on again! And with maturity and understanding, I was able to fulfill my goal of helping people by helping them to realize that death wasn’t the end, and that their loved ones were still there, watching over them.

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