What to Do When Somebody Dies…

What to Do When Somebody Dies…

How can you help a friend who is grieving?

It’s obvious they’re in pain, and even when you wrack your brain for a way to make it better, it’s tough to come up with the right thing to say. Most people resort to something like, “They had a wonderful life,” “At least they didn’t suffer,” or “They’ll live on in our hearts.” You might feel as if there’s nothing that will bring that person back, and no matter how well meaning, your words of comfort are just words.

But what if you could assure the person that their loved one is not really gone – that instead of being dead, they have simply transitioned to another phase of their existence?

The best thing about being a medium…

I’ve been connecting people with souls on the other side for years. Seeing the weight of grief being lifted when I deliver a message from Heaven is one of my favorite things about being a medium.

Group readings, in person or online, are especially rewarding for me because everyone in the room leaves feeling better. Even if they don’t get a message themselves, the realization that their loved ones are watching over them from Heaven eases some of the pain.

I have good news. You don’t have to be a psychic medium to help someone who is grieving – even if that person is you.

Here are a few things anyone can do to feel closer to the one they’re missing.


  • Embrace the fact that the dearly departed is now safe, happy and pain-free. Imagine them reunited with family members, friends and pets on the other side. If there are children who are also grieving, encourage them to draw pictures of the person in their new Heavenly home.


  • Be aware that souls communicate through signs and signals. Signs are like text messages or postcards from Heaven to remind you they’re with you. A sign can be anything – you’ll recognize it by the fact that it triggers a memory, or makes you think of the person.


  • Know that your loved one’s greatest wish is for you to be as happy as they are. The last thing they want is to see you lonely or in pain. In fact, souls often tell me that they are responsible for helping their loved one on earth meet someone new.


  • Learn some simple tools and techniques to bring loved ones closer — by doing this, you can actually invite more signs and signals. Try setting up a memory corner with photos, a candle and maybe something that belonged to the departed. They’ll appreciate being remembered in this loving way, and you’ll feel their presence every time you walk by.


  • Attend a mediumship demonstration like an online group reading and witness first-hand how the dead reach out to the living. Listen to the messages that come through to others in the room closely – everyone can benefit from the wisdom and guidance that comes through.


  • Be mindful and aware. So many times, when I do a reading, the soul lets me know they have been trying and trying to get their loved one’s attention. They’ve sent coins, flickered lights, and played meaningful songs on the radio – but the person they were trying to reach was too busy to notice. I get that we all are busy with normal day to day activities, but try slowing down and paying attention. That change in behavior might just be all you need to feel more connected!


As someone who has seen the healing and closure a message or sign from Heaven can provide, I wanted to reach out and share that comfort and closure with as many people as possible. So, I’ve taken the very best of what I’ve learned and created a unique new masterclass called ‘Keeping in Touch’ .  It includes practical and useful tips on how you can keep your loved ones close and connected to you even after death.

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If you’re struggling with a loss, or know someone who is, this course will open your eyes, and change your life!



Spirit Orbs In Pictures

Spirit Orbs In Pictures

Have you ever taken a photo, and when you looked at it later, noticed something you couldn’t explain?

There may be a ball of light, or a blurry shape, or even a faint image of a person or animal. What the heck! That wasn’t there when you took the picture! What are those things?

The natural reaction when you see something unexpected is to try to find a reasonable explanation. Is it just glare, or a shadow, or a reflection? Sometimes, but a lot of the time, what you are seeing is evidence of souls in heaven that are still around you.

As a medium, I get a lot of photos and videos sent to me. Some of them are absolutely wild!

I remember a woman sent me a video she’d gotten from a security camera in her home. One night she heard some bumps and odd noises downstairs, but in the morning when she looked around, nothing had been moved and everything seemed normal – until she looked at her security footage. In the video she could clearly see several small globes of light zooming around her living room like pinballs! When I saw them, I immediately knew they were orbs.

What is an orb, and why do they exist?

Orbs are transparent balls of light energy that are connected to spirits. They’re usually seen in photos, but in rare cases people who are particularly sensitive can spot them without a camera. These orbs can be a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Orbs usually show up when there’s an occasion with a lot of emotional significance – like a wedding, a graduation, or a holiday gathering.  Even though they can’t be there in their physical form, the soul is still drawn to the event and their energy is sometimes captured on camera in the form of an orb.

Discovering the soul behind orbs, blurs, and images.

When people come to me with their photos, they naturally want to know if what they’re seeing is coming from the other side, and if so, if it’s an angel, a departed loved one, or just a random ghost. I usually get a sense of who it is, and some psychics like my mom can even discern a face or a form. Some people are really good at seeing the soul behind the orb or flash of light. My Mom has always been very gifted in seeing faces and spirits revealing themselves in pictures

Sometimes people know exactly who is represented and just want confirmation. I did a reading for three sisters on a recent group call, and their father came through. He had so much to tell his daughters and gave me a lot of information that proved to them that it was really him!

After thanking them for loving him and taking care of him through all his illnesses, he said “Tell them I was the orb in that picture.” It turns out that a photo taken over the holidays had a clear orb, and his daughters felt like it was his energy coming through. They were right!

There’s a ghost in my picture!

Sometimes the image in a picture is more than just a globe of light. I remember something that happened when I was just getting started with my mediumship, and it blew me away! It was Christmas, and my boss invited me to his house for a holiday gathering. As soon as I got there, I saw the spirit of a little blonde girl run by wearing a white communion style dress holding a little Yorkie dog.  I told the group, and they laughed because they were Vietnamese. There were no little blonde girls in their family. My boss used to tease me about it at work – “remember the little blonde girl?”

Later that season, he came to me and he wasn’t teasing me anymore. He showed me a photo he had taken of his Christmas tree, and the little girl and her dog were right there, in the photo, sitting at the base of the tree. My boss asked around and did some research in the neighborhood and sure enough, he found out that there was a young girl on the street who had passed – along with her little dog.

Signs and signals.

Seeing orbs and images in photos shouldn’t come as a surprise, for a couple of reasons. First of all, we are all energy – and that energy doesn’t go away when we pass. Paranormal energy disrupts things like electricity, turning lights on and off and causing static on television and radio, as well as appearing in photos. Souls in heaven can be very determined to let their loved ones know they’re around – especially during significant or emotional events. I think that it’s no accident that their energy shows up. It’s just another way they can be there to share a special occasion with the people they love.

If you would like to learn more about Heaven and the Afterlife, you would really enjoy reading my new book ‘When Heaven Calls’. Each chapter is filled with secrets of afterlife and divine wisdom that I have learned over the many years I have had working with spirit. If you are interested, you can order a copy right now on Amazon by clicking here. I really hope you enjoy it. 


10 Ways To Connect With Spirit

10 Ways To Connect With Spirit

It doesn’t matter if you’re the one passing over or the loved one left behind, either way, it’s difficult to let go.

I’ve seen mothers who were gravely ill hang on with everything they had so they could be there for their daughter’s wedding or their son’s college graduation. I’ve known fathers who wouldn’t quit until they had settled their affairs, and made sure their family would be provided for.

You know that death is a part of life and that Heaven is a beautiful place where your loved one will be at peace and pain-free – but it still hurts to think you won’t be able to spend time with them or talk to them on the phone.

There are ways to ease the pain of letting go. A recent experience I had at an event illustrated this.


What is it like to die ?


A young woman came to an event. She looked like the picture of health. Her mother who’d passed a few years earlier came through immediately and told me her daughter was very sick. She’d been watching from Heaven as her daughter received her treatments.

The daughter came up to me after the event and asked me to tell her about death and dying. What she had to say brought tears to my eyes.  She was terrified of dying because she wanted to be there for her two teenage daughters as they reached important milestones – but her doctors were telling her she didn’t have much time left.

I had to help her. We arranged to meet one-on-one a week or so later. I explained what Heaven was like but what she really wanted to know was how to reach out to her daughters after she passed.

I recommended she devise signs she could share with her girls—pennies or rainbows or anything her daughters could look for that would tell them their mother was ok.

Right after we talked, she sat down with her daughters to put together different words, songs, and signs they could watch for after she passed. That way she could send specific messages when they were sad, celebrating, or just missing her. It put her mind at ease to know she now had a way to be there for them as they grew up.


About two years later the mother of two young women in the audience came through.


“I feel I know her,” I said but I couldn’t place her.


“She did a reading with you when she was alive.”


The women told me they’d come that night because they knew that if their mom came through to anyone it would be me. Their mother let me know our plan had worked. The daughters thanked me for encouraging them to set up the signs before she passed.

Doing so had made her passing a just a little less painful, and had given them great comfort over the years.


Staying In Touch With Those Who Pass Away.


Not everyone has the chance to set up signals and signs for loved ones before they pass. Sometimes death comes suddenly, and there’s no time. But there are many ways to feel connected to loved ones in Heaven.

Here are just a few ways to keep the close:


1. If possible, arrange for a sign before they die, just like the girls did in the story I just shared with you.


2. Write a letter to your loved one and “send” it to them. You can burn it, read it aloud to their picture, or if your message is short, write it in the sand at the beach, and let the tide wash it away.


3. Create a personal shrine with a picture of your loved one and something that belonged to them. This doesn’t have to be a “traditional” shrine. Anything that is meaningful to you, set in a place where you will see it often, will keep their memory close.


4. Look out for coins, cardinals, butterflies and dragonflies. These are all classic ways that souls in heaven reach out to the living.


5. Pay attention to songs on the radio – you might hear one that was significant to both of you, like a song you danced to at your wedding, or it might contain a message that resonates with you at that moment. Either way, it’s their way of reaching out to you.


6. Write down your dreams. Dreams are probably the most common way the dead bridge the gap between heaven and earth.


7. Talk about them! Keep their memory alive with others, but don’t focus on their death. Sharing happy memories and funny stories is what attracts them and brings them closer.


8. Visit a place they loved. This doesn’t have to be a big production. Of course, you can travel across the globe (when it’s safe to fly) but you can also go to their favorite restaurant or park.


9. Don’t be afraid to be happy and enjoy your life. Souls in heaven are not jealous or resentful. Their greatest wish is for their loved ones to live their best life.


10. If you’re not sensing the presence of loved ones, be patient. They might be adjusting to the transition. It sometimes takes souls up to a year to come through to a medium, or to send a sign to loved ones.


As a psychic medium I wish that I could loan a pair of my eyes to every single one of you so that you could truly see that your loved one in spirit is right by your side. Of course that can’t happen, but I did the next best thing. I started doing Live Online Group Readings during the pandemic where you and family can join me with other families across the country and be part of an online psychic reading event.


The experience is truly amazing. Its all done by video and so I will be able to see all of you and you will be able to see me LIVE right from your home. What is truly incredible is that during these events as I start to see different families appear on screen, I also start to see their loved ones in spirit standing behind them. So far these Live Online Group Readings have allowed me to meet so many of you that I would have never been able to meet and read before. As of today I can proudly say that I have read over 250 people during these readings alone.


If you are stuck, anxious or missing a loved one, I hope you will join me with your family and take part in this event with me. All you need is a computer, iPhone/smartphone or tablet to attend. Space is limited so if you would like to attend, please Click Here.


In the meantime, keep an eye out for all the amazing signs around you. Even though you may not feel them at times, I promise you your loved ones are closer than you think.



Why Some Souls Don’t Come Through

Why Some Souls Don’t Come Through

When I get ready for any kind of public appearance, I know what’s waiting for me.

  1. Every living person will have someone in mind who they’re hoping I’ll bring through.
  2. Spirits will be gathered, waiting for me to show up and channel their message to someone in the room.

Here’s something you should know. Everyone (living and dead) might not always get exactly what they’re expecting. That’s alright, because the spirits are calling the shots, and there’s always a reason or purpose behind the messages that come through. Let me give you an example…

Recently, I was a guest on the talk show, E! Daily Pop. I walked in and I could see that Carissa, the host, was pregnant. I immediately spotted her deceased grandmother standing behind her, signaling me that she had something to say. She wanted to thank Carissa for being there when she passed and tell her how happy she was that her beloved granddaughter was having a baby girl.

I started to share her grandmother’s message with Carissa, and next thing you know, the cameras turned on and there was the host, crying on live TV. Of course, everyone was happy that Carissa had heard from her grandmother, but they were also anxious for their own loved ones to come through.

The other hosts, Justin and Morgan Stewart really wanted a reading, but there was nothing coming through for them that day. What I did receive was a very powerful message for one of the production girls that sent chills through the room.

That message came through from a family member who had taken his life and wanted to help his family heal.

Watch the segment here:

As a medium I’m the conduit – the messenger – connecting the soul in heaven with the person they want to talk to. But remember, the soul is in control, and they don’t always have messages. For example, your mom won’t come through just to say hello and chit-chat. They will talk when someone is living in pain over their passing, or if their death was unexpected and they left unfinished business behind. Maybe, like in Carissa’s case, they want to acknowledge an important event like the birth of a baby. They don’t talk unless they have something important to say. I wish my own family was a little more like that!

Here’s how psychic messages come through.

Every psychic medium sees things differently, but the way my gift works is that I am aware of souls standing behind or near someone. I will see a shadow or outline of a person and I will hear a message that needs to be brought through to them.

Getting a message from a medium proves to us that those we love are close by. If I ran into you at the supermarket, chances are, I would probably see you father, grandmother, or whoever you lost standing behind you or close by. They never leave us.

What makes me a psychic medium is that I am able to see, hear, speak and feel your loved ones that have died. I’m really good at translating, but the truth is, you can receive messages on your own.

Spirit will come to you when the moment and time is right and when you most need to hear from them.  If there isn’t a medium handy when they need to connect with you, they will appear in a different way — in signs, dreams, or through your feelings and emotions.

Who’s that coming through?

Want to hear something crazy? Even people who may have forgotten about, like old co-workers, neighbors or friends are also there.

That makes my job as a medium so interesting. I never know what soul will come through or who will receive a message. It’s all up to them. For all of you who haven’t received a sign yet, please, don’t give up. When the time is right you too will receive a message.

If you haven’t received a sign or message yet, here are some possible reasons:

  1. The death may be too recent. Your loved one may not have been gone long enough to come through. There have been exceptions, but it sometimes takes a year or more.
  2. Your loved one is a peace and doesn’t have a message at this time. Back to what I was saying earlier. They are definitely watching over you, and will be there if you need them, but they want you to live your life and not be focused on them.
  3. You may not be ready. Spirit only comes through when a message will help you. If for any reason a message will cause you to be more in pain, they will wait.
  1. Like a lot of things in life, trying to push and control spirit can have the opposite effect. Don’t search too hard for a sign. Let the soul come to you.
  2. If there’s a lot of noise in your head, and you’re stressed and distracted, then it will be hard to receive a message from a living person – forget about a dead one!

One more thing.

If you’re around a medium and the person next to you gets a message and you don’t, think about it like this. Now you have proof that the dead can see and talk to us. If you relax and open yourself up to feel their presence and get signs from them, when the time is right, you will.

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Sensing Spirit and Their Personalities

Sensing Spirit and Their Personalities

What happens to your soul when you die?

When a loved one passes away, something amazing happens. Their physical body stays on earth and their soul takes flight into heaven, leaving their illness and disabilities behind. Without the body, the soul becomes pure energy. To some people, the thought of their loved ones being energy is scary, but that’s why I love doing this work. Even after death, there is one thing that still remains will them and that is there personality.

I love it when a soul comes through with their personality in a reading. It is a reminder to us that even though that person has passed on, death has not changed them. Your loved ones want you to remember them as happy and as they were in their best moments. I love giving readings because I feel like I can loan you my eyes for a few moments and give you a glance of what your loved ones are like in heaven. The truth is that even if you are not a psychic medium, your loved ones will still try to visit and communicate with you. Oftentimes, during a reading, they will allow me to sense and feel the ways they are using to communicate with you.

Meeting Dr. Paul Nassif

I just had the honor and privilege of meeting Dr. Paul Nassif from the television show “Botched.” Each day he changes lives for the better by fixing people who had botched surgeries. The moment I met him, I could see his mom was standing by his side in spirit. I could sense the strong bond of love that they shared with one another. The crazy part is that not only did I see her with him, but also I could smell her! The moment I saw her soul I started to smell Jean Nate. I told Paul and he immediately started to cry. He was smelling something around him, but didn’t know it was his mom trying to reach out.

His mom was so vibrant in her personality. When I saw her with him she was all dressed up with her makeup on and her hair perfect like she had just walked out of the hair salon. She looked like one of the Golden Girls and her personality was one that was electric.

Dr. Nassif was overwhelmed with emotion. His mom had always been the life of the party. She would get dressed up, look beautiful, and was everyone’s best friend and favorite mother. After her stroke, the illness had changed her and she was not the same person that she once was. Seeing the change in his mother took an emotional toll on him and the family.

That changed, however, when his mom came through in the reading. When she came through with her personality suddenly Dr. Nassif knew his mom was back to her old self.

Watch the Reading Here:

Learning to heal the painful memories.

I believe that one reading can touch many people and that’s why I wanted to share this reading with you.

Just like Paul’s mom, your loved ones are with you and without illness. During my time as a psychic medium I have seen incredible things through my readings. I have had children come through in spirit with disabilities that can now walk and be free. Parents that had passed with Alzheimer’s can now remember and think clearly. Recently, I even had a son come through who was autistic and non-verbal but now could speak and communicate in Heaven.

The truth is that those you love and miss are happy and free. Spirits often tell me in readings that they wish they could erase all the painful memories that their loved ones hold onto after they die. That’s why they come through in readings with their personalities and the way that they lived and enjoyed life before they were sick. They want to show you that they truly are OK and that’s it is OK to remember them in a happy way.

Happiness is Healing.

When you are thinking about your special loved one in heaven, remember the good days. So many times after a loved one passes away, you bury the thoughts of losing them and the photo albums and memories that go along with them. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you open yourself up to the happy times you unlock the door to receiving spirit messages and signs from them.

The signs can come in many different ways. Spirits loves sending you signs like music, dreams, repeating numbers, and, sometimes, you might even smell the familiar smell of their perfume like Jean Nate. These are all ways that your loved ones let you know that they are fine. The signs are all around you—you just have to be open to receiving them. Don’t block your emotions; instead, open the door to happy memories that make you smile. Take out the photo albums, home movies, or letters from your loved ones and choose to remember the good times. As you start to reminisce, remember that your loved one in spirit is standing with you proud, happy, and, most of all, with their same personality.

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