Understanding Your Spirit Guides

Understanding Your Spirit Guides

Who are your spirit guides and what do they do?

I have great news! You are never alone. Angels and loved ones in heaven are always around you, watching over you, helping you. But that’s not all. You also have special guides assigned to you. These spirit guides are there just for you, and they can see you with absolute clarity and have only your best interest at heart.

 What is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is a soul that has passed, maybe centuries ago, and taken on the divine job of watching over you. A spirit guide is not a family member or even a friend. Instead, they’re a “spirit volunteer” who spends decades learning about you at the deepest soul level to be able to help you during your journey here on earth.

Spirit guides are divine beings and are 100% nonjudgmental. Their mission is to watch us and guide us – but of course, we have free will, so we sometimes decide to ignore their help. They allow us to make mistakes when we decide to go against their advice and care about us so unconditionally that they keep trying to gently steer us back toward making the right choices to live our best life.

Your spirit guide is there just for you, walking silently beside you. Although you may not feel them, they are always there. Your spirit guides help you with so many things during your life. They help you to meet your soulmate, making sure you connect with that special person, pulling strings to make sure you meet at just the right time and smoothing over any obstacles that might get in the way of the relationship working out.

Your spirit guides also help you discover your life path and introduce you to the people who will help you along the way. That might be a person who comes into your life to give you a nudge into a new job or someone you meet randomly (or so you think), who ends up being your best friend. During the journey, your spirit guide helps you get through some of the difficulties that you might encounter, and some of those challenges might lead you towards even better things.

There are ways you can connect to your spirit guide. Meditation and journaling are good ways to get connected. Try to sit quietly with the thought of your spirit guide and what you need help with. For example, if you are trying to make a decision and just don’t know what to do, write the question down on a page of your journal then sit quietly for a few minutes of meditation. Don’t even try to think about the question. Just still your mind and open yourself up to receive their divine guidance. After this period of meditation, pick up your pen and journal about the question you wrote down. Let the words flow, and allow the answer to come to you as you are writing.

Even though you won’t meet your spirit guide face to face during your lifetime, you will feel their comforting presence when you need it. Always remember you are not alone and don’t be afraid to just say a silent hello or thank you to your guides every once in a while. They’re always happy to connect with you, and the more you acknowledge them, the more open you will be to receive their guidance.  And when you get that nudge that you’re supposed to do something or avoid a certain person or a certain path, listen. Your spirit guide just might be trying to help you get where you need to be.

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Your Guide to Guardian Angels…

Your Guide to Guardian Angels…

When you were first born and entered this world, you did not enter alone. Everyone begins their journey in Heaven with departed family members and ends their journey in Heaven reunited with everyone who you have ever lost. When you first enter this world, the spirits of your past ancestors help to guide your soul into the physical world where you are accompanied by your guardian ‘angel’ and spirit guide.

Usually, everyone has at least two or more angels that are with them always. Your guardian angel is like a special friend that always knows how to comfort you and what words to use to help you to feel better and uplift you. Your guardian angel is the shoulder that is available at any time for you to lean on, and the ear that is always listening when you need to get something off of your chest.

So, who is your guardian angel? Good question! People always ask me if someone who had passed on, such as a grandmother or family member, is their ‘guardian angel’ and although they are ‘like’ your angel, and indeed watch over you as well, guardian angels are completely different. Angels are supreme celestial beings that are like the guidance counselors of heaven. Pretty cool right? Bet you never knew you had your own divine counselor up above?

Angels are the problem solvers, peacemakers, and most of all they are emotional healers when times are tough. So, you might be thinking how can they know and help so many people and do such amazing things? Your guardian angels are all loving divine beings that want to see you happy and enjoying life. Before you are even born into this world, your guardian angel is assigned to watch over you and to care for you. They have spent centuries learning about you and the ways to guide you towards making the impact that are meant to with the divine gifts and talents you brought with you to this world. You are introduced to them as a baby when you are in Heaven, and you reunite and meet them again when your journey in the physical world comes to a close.

So, now that you and your angels are introduced, you might be wondering where they have been through different situations, or why you haven’t felt their presence? Your angels are always with you, and working in the background to help. Their presence is gentle and loving, and although you might not get signs from them all the time, they are always nearby when you need them. Your guardian angels come in a gentle way so as not to disturb or interrupt your life or day to day tasks. Your guardian angel will normally speak to you through your own internal voice, almost like a soft whisper that you hear in your mind that allows you act. For example, when you are driving in your car and you hear in your mind ‘I should slow down’ or ‘I should switch lanes’ just before something happens like a car swerving. That was your guardian angel alerting you that the situation was going to happen before it did.  

Although your guardian angel is meant to help and protect you, they can only be of service if we listen to the messages they send to us. Heaven, and our angels have given us ‘free will’ and no guardian angel can overstep this. Whenever any of us are doing wrong, our guardian angel is trying everything possible to stop us, but they cannot overstep the boundaries of free will. It’s your life, and the time spent here on Earth is where we make all of our life choices and learn our greatest lessons before returning home. Part of your guardian angel’s job is recording all of the life decisions that you make, and also all of your life events, so when you make your transition to the other side you will be able to see what lessons you learned and why everything will suddenly make sense.

You are the most important person in this world to your guardian angel. They want you to walk through life knowing that you have a special friend who believes in you and is always by your side. If you have not felt the presence of your guardian angels with you, then start each morning by waking up and saying ‘hello’ to them. By speaking with your angels, you open a conversation in which they can respond back to you. Your angels want to be able to speak to you but can only do so when you are ready to open your mind and engage in a conversation with them. Recognizing their presence brings a heightened awareness to you of feeling their presence nearby and connecting with them.

That being said, start your conversation today with your guardian angel and feel free to ask them questions along the way. You can ask any question you want such as ‘What should I be prepared for in the future?’ or ‘Can you help me find a support system of friends?’ Engaging questions with your angels allows them to know that you are ready and willing to make changes, and ready for them to help guide you along the way.

Keep an open mind and look for the signs, symbols and subtle directions. Our angels see tomorrow for us much more clearly than we can see today, and with their guidance, we can live up the potential each of us has been given.

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