Is it a Coincidence – or a Sign from Spirit?

Is it a Coincidence – or a Sign from Spirit?

Have you ever wondered if something was a sign from Heaven or just a coincidence? 

We’ve talked about some ways our loved ones can send us signs that they are with us. These messages normally come in a time of need, or during a life change or transition when you are searching for guidance around uncertain times. Those in the Spirit realm can see tomorrow more clearly than you can see yesterday, and they want to help you. Think of it like Heaven is sending you a little “Hello.” Your loved ones are telling you they support and love you. They want you to know you are on the right track.

But what happens if you’re not paying attention? What if you don’t notice the signs?

You might not recognize signs from Heaven if you aren’t ready to receive them. Your loved ones will wait until you are emotionally ready to hear from them. They don’t want to hurt you or overwhelm you. Sometimes, it can be a whole year before you realize signs are coming from your loved one who has passed. When my friend’s father died, his youngest grandson was the first one to dream of him. One by one, his family members reported seeing him in dreams. For many months, my friend’s mother wondered why she never saw her husband in a dream. She was struggling with losing him, blaming the doctors and pushing her family away, on a deep level, even being angry at her husband for abandoning her. It took time for her to release some of those feelings and accept what had happened. At last, when she was ready, he came to her in a dream. It gave her so much peace to talk to him and feel his presence. From then on, she met with him regularly in her dreams, and her grief lifted.

Sometimes, when you aren’t recognizing the signs, your loved ones will use repetition to get your attention. If you find that you keep waking up at the same time every night, or waking up at the time of their passing, do not be alarmed. This is your loved ones way of reaching you because you may have been missing the other signs they have been sending you.

Numbers are another way your loved ones use repetition to make you see that they are with you. You might notice the same numbers on the clock over and over. Every time you see the time on your car dashboard or on your phone it reads 1:11, or 4:44. Maybe you get the same number every time you place an order at a restaurant counter. Music and words can repeat also. Sometimes it is the same song every time you turn on the radio or your loved one’s name everywhere you go. Pay attention- the other side is trying to reach you.

I have another story for you that may give you the chills. A friend of mine was struggling knowing that her Mom was very sick and about to pass away. Her Mom, had struggled with so many health issues that she wasn’t even able to hold conversations during her last few months. My friend was so upset because she felt like her Mom was passing away and that she wasn’t able to find comfort. She struggled with wondering if Heaven was even real and if her Mom would be ok or even make it there. She called me and told me her concerns. After listening, I saw what to do to help her in a vision. I told her that the next time she visited her Mom to ask her to send her a special sign from Heaven. The next day she went to the nursing home and said “Mom I want you to send me a penny when you have made it safely to Heaven”. Not sure if her even Mom heard the message, she went home and her Mom passed away shortly after.

The next day, her neighbor invited her over for a glass of wine to unwind from the stressful week and to just relax. When then neighbor reached into the cupboard to get the wine glass sitting underneath was a shiny penny. At the moment my friend got the chills, but thought it must be a coincidence. She didn’t think it was her Mom she thought it was wishful thinking. A few days passed and she walked into the funeral home to say her final goodbye to her Mom. Sitting on her seat was another penny. At that point, bells started going off in her head. She couldn’t figure out how the pennies kept appearing or where they came from. She didn’t tell anyone about the conversation with her Mom.  She knew it was not a coincidence and started to believe it was real. She got home that night from the services and stepped out of her car to find yet another penny! She was an instant believer standing in the driveway yelling “OK Mom I Know It’s You ! She called me almost immediately to tell me all about it. Suddenly, the tears were gone and she was laughing. You will notice that signs sometimes keep happening and happening when they are real. Normally they happen in groups of threes.

A lot of times these repetitions might seem like coincidences, but they’re not. They are signs from Heaven. They are your loved ones using repetition as a way to get your attention and let you know they are with you. It will keep happening and even drive you a little crazy because they want you to acknowledge that you get the message and know their soul is with you.

When you acknowledge the sign, you send your loved ones a signal that they can reach you in other ways. You’ll get more signs and feel them more. You will stay connected and feel the way you do when someone moves away…you don’t have to worry about them anymore, and you know you will be together again one day. That’s what your loved ones want for you.

Anything you think is a sign from your loved one is a sign. Coincidences do not happen in my world. When you receive a sign, say thank you to your loved one in Heaven. Let them know you are ready to start receiving more signs from them, and you will.

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Can A Psychic Medium Speak To Someone In Spirit Who Spoke A Different Language?

Can A Psychic Medium Speak To Someone In Spirit Who Spoke A Different Language?

It seems that no matter how many readings I do, I am always asked the question “Can you speak to my loved one even if they did not speak English?” The answer is yes! Spirits have a special way of communicating with me using a unique and special universal language.

Because of this, I have been very blessed to have had the honor of having a world-wide client list. I have connected with clients in India, China and even Iceland! Many of the souls I have spoken to in spirit did not speak the same language as me, but I was still able to connect and give the reading. It is amazing that no matter what language you speak or what religious background or ethnicity you are, one thing remains the same: your loved ones are with you always and looking to connect and speak with you. When you visit a medium, you are actually opening up the door to communication between you and “the other side.”

As a medium, those in spirit use different techniques and vibrations to be able to get their point across and hold a conversation with me. Many times, they will even use my entire body to communicate and to pass on messages through me. That is why when you read for someone, it is called “channeling” a loved one in spirit. When I say channel, I don’t mean a television channel. What I am referring to is a divine channel that your loved one uses for me to be able to speak and communicate thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is almost like they put me back in their body to allow me to experience what they experienced here in the physical world.

For example, if a loved one passed of a heart attack, I will feel my heart begin to flutter. If another soul passed of infection, my stomach will begin to pulse, or if they died of an aneurysm, I will feel a dull achy feeling in my head. While this is going on, I will also see and hear images. I will hear names, dates and places and fast images that move before my eyes. For me, it’s like dreaming while I am awake. I will see flashes of pictures, symbols and moving pictures that they use to allow me to tell their story and to give them a voice. That is why sometimes you might even see in my video clips that I just stop for a moment to close my eyes and collect my thoughts. What I am actually doing is trying to figure out what they are telling me so I can pass the message.

Over time, I’ve learned that these images, feelings and voices are actually the language in which the other side uses to communicate with me. As a medium, each day I am learning to communicate better with them. It’s like being a psychic detective and piecing every bit of information together to tell a story. No two readings are the same, and each soul is different in the way they speak and communicate, so with each reading, I learn a new way to communicate.

I’m not sure why Heaven chose my family to speak and communicate with those who have passed on, but I am so glad it did. To be able to use this gift to deliver messages and put people back in touch with their loved ones in Heaven is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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WE BLOG THE WORLD: Matt Fraser Brings Comfort From the Spirit World

WE BLOG THE WORLD: Matt Fraser Brings Comfort From the Spirit World


December 12th, 2017 

If you’re interested in the ‘Other Side’ and have been on a spiritual journey for awhile now, you’ve likely heard of Matt Fraser, an internationally-renowned psychic medium. Let’s face it – his team seem to have nailed it on the Google search front – Matt is easy to find.

When I first began this journey of experiencing the work of ‘spiritual voices‘ and interviewing them,  mediums were at the top of the list, largely because I knew so little about mediumship. While I’m dozens of books into the topic now and have had about the same number of experiences, it still feels relatively new.

Although there are certainly similarities to every medium’s experiences (as children and adults), each is divinely gifted with an ability to bring love, peace, connection and healing in very unique ways. Just as therapists have their own raison d’etre and particular style with working with people, so does the medium world.

When I first visited Matt Fraser’s website, my first impression as a long time publicist myself, was “whoah, these shots feel so glitzy,” as if somehow a celebrity persona and mediumship couldn’t go hand-in-hand. The truth is that other “in-the-limelight” mediums like Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo who Matt says he admires, project a similar “Hollywood-like” image from a quick visit to their site. The more you dive into the spiritual world however, the more you realize that who we show up as in our ‘human body’ may be a far cry from the voice of our soul and Higher Self.

While I haven’t connected with Caputo personally yet, what I’ve seen of her work shows me an outgoing and ‘so not shy in front of a camera’ gal, yet she comes across as down-to-earth and let’s face it….damn funny. The same genuine nature holds true with Matt Fraser.

My Experience with Matt Fraser

My personal experience with Matt was anything but “glitzy” – his warm, authentic voice and soul is all about giving and healing those he works with in his life. During our interview, one of his childhood stories even brought me to tears.

Early on in our chat, I learn that his grandmother was a gifted psychic although a closet one, for what New England catholic woman would go public with such a rare gift in the 1950’s?  Matt says, “Grandma Mary, who was the first spirit I ever communicated with, died when I was three. She was a psychic in hiding her entire life — she was ashamed of it.”

Matt too ‘had the gift’ for as long as he can remember, hearing and seeing spirits as early as three years of age, but like so many children mediums who first fear the unknown, he tried to shut it down. After having a psychic reading in his late teens, where he was told he would be a famous psychic someday, bringing his gift to many, it made him explorer a little deeper. After all, at the time he was working for the World Trade Center as an EMT and had his career laid out as a ‘healer’ in a different way. How could this future prediction really be true?

When he relayed this reading to his mother however, she surprised him with a response he didn’t expect. “When you were born, Grandma Mary said that you were a psychic and had this gift,” she said. Into a household closet she went and pulled out a homemade card deck that his grandmother had made for him out of construction paper using old fashioned magic markers to create special symbols, characters and so on.

“What kind of symbols?,” I asked him. Matt replied, “she had a red hat man, an older gray haired man and there were different topics like job, love and relationships and so on.”

Although his grandmother didn’t believe in tarot card decks, in essence, the ever so talented Grandma Mary had perhaps created one of the first “Oracle” decks of the time, however one no one got to see her beautiful work because she had to hide from such a treasured gift.

“Grandmother made these for you right after you were born,” his mom, who also has psychic gifts, said during that very special day when she also relayed to Matt that his Grandma Mary could speak to the ‘Other Side.’

While psychic mediumship may not be frowned on as it once was at the turn of the century or in the more recently 50’s and 60’s when Matt’s grandmother was in her prime, the Spirit World is still largely feared and misunderstood.

For example, Matt tells me that there are some TV shows and companies who won’t invite him to speak because their audience may be too religious and still fear that his work is not of “God.”

The sad truth is that it couldn’t be further from the work of “God” however not in the way that so much religious dogma preaches it. In fact, Matt, like so many other psychics and mediums I have talked to, open a reading with a prayer, whether this is to “God, “God Light,” the “Highest Possible Light,” the “God Head,” “Christ Light” or simply “Divine Love White Light.”

There are others that are used, but these are the ones many use and I frequently hear mediums ask for protection from Archangel Michael (Matt Fraser included) and other angels, ascended masters and guides, to ensure that the reading is from the highest possible place and source, and to guide them on our journey.

While surely there are non-authentic mediums and psychics, for every charlatan, there are countless others infused with pure spirit, committed to serving others, for service is often how many mediums describe their life path.

For example, in a recent interview with respected medium John Holland, he says he conveys to his students: “If you embark upon a path of mediumship, understand that it is a life of service.” 

Matt Fraser gets this too and sees his life as a path of service to others. Thousands of readings later, Matt has made a career from talking to deceased loved ones of so many, bringing them messages of hope, comfort, and healing. I am not excluded but I’ll save that for the end.

Not unlike the early days of another famous psychic James Van Praagh, Matt would hear whispers from spirits in his room at night, which is known to be a common time when spirits try to communicate with us, whether we’re psychic or not.

Matt says that his biggest gift (and joy) is that he can bring people a sense of peace that their loved ones are always there, watching over them, sending messages of love and guidance, and sharing in their life’s happiness. He adds, “it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.”

“When connecting with the other side, I am blessed to learn something new every day.”

I asked Matt about Earth-bound spirits (sometimes referred to as ghosts) and unlike so many spiritual teachers and mediums I have talked to, he says that earthbound spirits are rare.

Renee: “What about if they died a tragic life, like suicide or in a war?” ( I was thinking about so many of the cases that Diana Palm often works with in helping spirits “cross over.”)

Matt: They rarely stick around for too long. Mostly, they find a way to cross over as loved ones will come to get them, and bring them into the spiritual realms.”

He asserts that when people pass over tragically, they have to let go of the burdens and emotional traumas this entails so they can work on healing on the other side.

Renee: How is your mediumship work different from others?

Matt: One way, is that I offer validation. I do this in different ways, from delivering names and dates to locations and particular memories. When I work in a crowd, I don’t like to do “group” readings but will go up to a person I am feeling energy from and stand in front of them and might say, ‘your father is standing behind you and wants you to know that he is here with you always.’ That kind of thing.

He reminds us that our spiritual family can see so much — they are around us all the time and even visit family celebrations. We started to talk about his work more specifically at this point.

Renee: What advice do you give others before you work with them and ‘how’ do you work with those who are grieving?  

Matt: Often when the grief is so heavy, it can act as a barrier to communication for me. (I was surprised by this response btw). If you’re not able to hear and see signs from a deceased loved one, you may be hurting so badly that you are unable to connect.

The same happens with me and is one of the reasons I have a policy to wait at least a year after someone has lost a loved one before I do a reading for them. (I was also surprised by this).

Renee: Is this because you can’t connect with them before then?

Matt: I’ve been able to connect with a spirit within a few days of their death, however it isn’t a constant. I would rather not disappoint people with a reading that isn’t as strong and clear as it could be. When people first pass, there’s a lot of ‘letting go’ to do so their souls can be free.

When someone crosses over to the ‘other side’, that spirit needs time. They reignite with parents and other deceased family members. For some spirits, transition can be quick but others can take much more time to begin a healing process. By waiting a year, I find that my readings are often more clear and in-depth. I feel that providing a more accurate reading is more fair to my clients.

When Spirit does come through to Matt, he says it comes quickly and naturally. “Does that mean you are mostly a mental medium,” I asked. He says that as soon as he stands next to someone, the information just comes. “The messages are always so different,” says Matt.

He reflects as he talks about an experience he recently had at the Providence Fire Department where he spoke for a benefit. “Mostly, I just ‘hear’ things I’m supposed to convey,” he adds.

Matt Fraser doesn’t ask questions because he doesn’t need to. “There’s no turning off ever,” he says with a soft laugh.

Renee: If it’s mental, then communicating with other cultures should be automatic then yes?

MattIf a spirit did not speak English in the physical world, I’ll ‘feel’ what happened in their body, including how they died, if they’re trying to convey that to me.

I’ll also hear names, places and faces. It’s like ‘reading’ pictures. Spirits will ‘paint’ a picture — it’s almost like watching a movie. I’ll see visions in front of me — visuals. Sometimes, it’s verbal. It’s quick when it comes through. They often want to convey a message of healing to those they left behind.

Like so many other spiritual teachers and gurus, Matt asserts that there’s a widespread awakening now that is unprecedented in history even if you don’t hear about it in your day-to-day life. Be sure to read my article on Thomas Hübl who is focused on raising global consciousness to prepare for the next wave in our evolution.

Even though this ‘awakening’ is becoming more prevalent, Matt Fraser largely deals with grief and helping others communicate with their deceased loved ones in a way that brings on healing. Then he hit me with another surprise.

“I limit my clients to only one reading a year.” 

Renee: “WOW,” I found myself saying. “Why is that?”

Matt: I feel that one of my biggest gifts is that one reading should be able to give them enough comfort and healing to last. They shouldn’t rely on me for healing – that needs to come from within and when I do a reading, I hope that the communication that I relay is special and healing enough that they don’t need to get ‘hooked’ on needing readings.

He says, it’s not about the money for him and that it’s about helping others. And help them feel more comforted he certainly does.

Of course my mother (the grandmother who raised me) came through pretty clearly towards the last half of our session just as she did in spades during my time with John Holland. I had to laugh however when Matt said that she wasn’t the first ‘spirit’ he saw however — it was my grandfather who still feels very protective of me. He was tough in his human body and still is on the other side.

My mother acknowledged how great at networking I was and constantly helping other people but had to add that it was well overdue for me to step into my own limelight. I had to laugh because as wearing two hats in my life — one as a publicist and the other as a writer, it has always been about helping others shine.

Each time she comes through however, her voice is getting stronger and stronger, something she couldn’t do as a woman born in 1916. It’s almost as if Gaia and Goddess energy are helping her spirit shine brighter and brighter on the other side. This alone gave me so much joy.

Before our call ended, he quickly added, “I see another father figure – do you have another dad?” I laughed softly and said yes. He went on to communicate what Dad’s spirit wanted to say to me. Without going into the details as my father was a pretty complex and trauma-filled man, let’s just say that Matt’s message was incredibly accurate. Just remember that letting your spirit family know that you forgive them, that it’s all okay and that you still love their souls just as they are, gives healing back to them just as their communication brings healing to you on the Earth plane.

Imagine gifting that to countless people week after week, year after year. While there are clearly many who still don’t believe that the spiritual realm exists, for those who are open and ready for healing and letting go of old trauma and energy that no longer serves you, genuine psychic mediums like Matt Fraser can help you sail along on your journey just a little more smoothly.

I can understand why those who have the ‘gift’ like Matt Fraser say ‘it’s not about the money’ It’s because they inherently know that it is their Soul’s Purpose and when you’re living your Soul’s Purpose my friends, everything will be in alignment.

That said, Matt Fraser certainly has made his business a prosperous one between hosting sold out group events, private readings, and his book The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability, which is available on Kindle and Paperback over on Amazon.

Additionally, in March 2018, he’ll be doing his first cruise with Holland America to bring his work into the open seas. For more information on Matt and his world, visit his website.

5 Steps to Answer Your Spiritual Calling

5 Steps to Answer Your Spiritual Calling

You have a divine gift that Heaven has given you to help change the world from before you were even born. If you have been feeling “stuck” or unfulfilled, it is probably because you have been wondering how to answer your spiritual calling. You are meant to fulfill a higher purpose in life, and Heaven will help you by laying out a divine pathway for you to follow. If you are feeling stuck, it is Heaven’s way of showing you that you need to change course and get back on path. You might be wondering, “What is my spiritual calling?” and “What are some steps to help me find my life’s purpose?” Here are some divine steps you can take right now to help you discover and use your God-given gifts.

Discover What Ways You Are Gifted: Each person has been placed here on Earth with a gift that is different and unique. It is up to you to look deep into yourself and think about the ways you are different and unique. Maybe you are very sensitive and have the gift of intuition; maybe you have in-depth dreams that tell the future; maybe you have a natural ability that heals people. These are just some examples, but spiritual gifts don’t have to be energy gifts. People like Celine Dion were gifted with the gift of music that brings joy, healing and loving messages to millions. Doctors have been given the gift of steady hands that allow them to heal, and icons such as Tony Robbins has been given the gift of speech and self-motivation to capture and push people toward their goals. Take a moment to look deep into the ability you have been given. It might be an ability that you have had as a child and pushed away later in life, like the gift of playing an instrument. Many times other people will notice the ways you’re gifted before you do. Start listening to what others are telling you.

Have Confidence in Yourself: You alone have the power to be great in what you do. Don’t compare yourself or your gift to other people. The secret to spiritual success is being proud of who you are and not hiding behind the scenes. Positive affirmations are a great way to remind yourself that you are not alone. Repeating positive statements to yourself such as “Heaven and my angels have a divine plan for me to follow today” will help to remind you to take steps forward. The biggest reason people do not fulfill their spiritually calling is fear. My own grandmother hid away from the public with her psychic gift out of fear that she would be made fun of or thought to be crazy. Because of this, the world never experienced her divine wisdom or spiritual teachings. It is important to keep moving forward, no matter what. When all the doors seem to be closed, look for the door that is open and waiting for you. The secret is knowing that Heaven will not let you fail. When you have faith in yourself, you will be unstoppable.

Your Thoughts Are Powerful Messages: Have you been feeling like you want to change careers? Has something come to mind that makes you want to start something new? Maybe, you have been thinking about working for yourself lately or starting a nonprofit agency or volunteering to help children. Thoughts are the building blocks of success. The number one way that Heaven and your angels speak and communicate with you is through your thoughts. Your mind is unlike any other and is able of achieving great things. When you have something genius that comes to mind, act on it! Many great people have had divine success with just a single thought. J.K. Rowling, the author of The Harry Potter series, was one. Blessed with the gift of writing and vision, one day she was in a coffee shop when the thought of a fictional character; “Harry Potter” came into her thoughts. She sketched a few ideas on a napkin and after many publishers turned her down, she stayed confident and became a name recognized worldwide. You too can have that same success. Your thoughts are very valuable. When something comes to mind, act on it! Don’t let fear push it aside; instead, keep going and let Heaven lead you. 

Share Your Divine Plan with Heaven: When you are ready to take steps toward pursing your divine gift, Heaven and your angels will be right there to help you and to guide you. Start by writing down your ideas and thoughts on paper. When you write your thoughts down on paper, you begin to divinely manifest without even knowing it. You do not need to know the path to take; Heaven will take care of bringing you there. All you need to know and be clear on is where it is you want to be. Start by creating a vision board. Take a poster board and fill it up with all the things you want in life. Cut out magazine pictures of the house you want to live in, the people you want to help, the places you want to visit on your journey. Heaven will create a plan centered around it. Take the board and keep it somewhere safe, either under your mattress or tucked away. Next, when opportunity knocks, say, “Yes!” Heaven will send new people and opportunity into your life. Enjoy the journey!

It’s Never Too Late: The old saying that “age is just a number” is the truth. There is no time in Heaven, and it is never too late for you to get started. The only time you fail is if you refuse and make excuses. Heaven will always be there to help you. Remember: what’s for you will not pass you. Your pathway was created by Heaven, and only you can walk it. Your gift will keep on coming back with opportunities for you to purse it until you work up the courage to do so.

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Your Guide to Guardian Angels…

Your Guide to Guardian Angels…

When you were first born and entered this world, you did not enter alone. Everyone begins their journey in Heaven with departed family members and ends their journey in Heaven reunited with everyone who you have ever lost. When you first enter this world, the spirits of your past ancestors help to guide your soul into the physical world where you are accompanied by your guardian ‘angel’ and spirit guide.

Usually, everyone has at least two or more angels that are with them always. Your guardian angel is like a special friend that always knows how to comfort you and what words to use to help you to feel better and uplift you. Your guardian angel is the shoulder that is available at any time for you to lean on, and the ear that is always listening when you need to get something off of your chest.

So, who is your guardian angel? Good question! People always ask me if someone who had passed on, such as a grandmother or family member, is their ‘guardian angel’ and although they are ‘like’ your angel, and indeed watch over you as well, guardian angels are completely different. Angels are supreme celestial beings that are like the guidance counselors of heaven. Pretty cool right? Bet you never knew you had your own divine counselor up above?

Angels are the problem solvers, peacemakers, and most of all they are emotional healers when times are tough. So, you might be thinking how can they know and help so many people and do such amazing things? Your guardian angels are all loving divine beings that want to see you happy and enjoying life. Before you are even born into this world, your guardian angel is assigned to watch over you and to care for you. They have spent centuries learning about you and the ways to guide you towards making the impact that are meant to with the divine gifts and talents you brought with you to this world. You are introduced to them as a baby when you are in Heaven, and you reunite and meet them again when your journey in the physical world comes to a close.

So, now that you and your angels are introduced, you might be wondering where they have been through different situations, or why you haven’t felt their presence? Your angels are always with you, and working in the background to help. Their presence is gentle and loving, and although you might not get signs from them all the time, they are always nearby when you need them. Your guardian angels come in a gentle way so as not to disturb or interrupt your life or day to day tasks. Your guardian angel will normally speak to you through your own internal voice, almost like a soft whisper that you hear in your mind that allows you act. For example, when you are driving in your car and you hear in your mind ‘I should slow down’ or ‘I should switch lanes’ just before something happens like a car swerving. That was your guardian angel alerting you that the situation was going to happen before it did.  

Although your guardian angel is meant to help and protect you, they can only be of service if we listen to the messages they send to us. Heaven, and our angels have given us ‘free will’ and no guardian angel can overstep this. Whenever any of us are doing wrong, our guardian angel is trying everything possible to stop us, but they cannot overstep the boundaries of free will. It’s your life, and the time spent here on Earth is where we make all of our life choices and learn our greatest lessons before returning home. Part of your guardian angel’s job is recording all of the life decisions that you make, and also all of your life events, so when you make your transition to the other side you will be able to see what lessons you learned and why everything will suddenly make sense.

You are the most important person in this world to your guardian angel. They want you to walk through life knowing that you have a special friend who believes in you and is always by your side. If you have not felt the presence of your guardian angels with you, then start each morning by waking up and saying ‘hello’ to them. By speaking with your angels, you open a conversation in which they can respond back to you. Your angels want to be able to speak to you but can only do so when you are ready to open your mind and engage in a conversation with them. Recognizing their presence brings a heightened awareness to you of feeling their presence nearby and connecting with them.

That being said, start your conversation today with your guardian angel and feel free to ask them questions along the way. You can ask any question you want such as ‘What should I be prepared for in the future?’ or ‘Can you help me find a support system of friends?’ Engaging questions with your angels allows them to know that you are ready and willing to make changes, and ready for them to help guide you along the way.

Keep an open mind and look for the signs, symbols and subtle directions. Our angels see tomorrow for us much more clearly than we can see today, and with their guidance, we can live up the potential each of us has been given.

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