Do Spirits Eat, Sleep or use the Bathroom?

Do Spirits Eat, Sleep or use the Bathroom?

From My New Book ‘We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife’


So many people lately have been asking me about Heaven lately and it seems this question almost always comes up. Do spirits eat and go to the bathroom?


This is actually a tricky one. There’s not a yes or no answer, but maybe this story will help clarify.


I once did a reading for a family, and their grandpa came through. When he was alive, his evening ritual was to sit in his recliner and eat ice cream, and that’s exactly what he showed me. The family was surprised: “Wait, people in heaven eat?”


People in heaven can eat, but they don’t have to. They often come through doing the things they loved in life. It’s not uncommon for me to see a chef cooking in the kitchen, or a father drinking a cup of coffee.


It’s important to know that just because food comes up in a reading, it doesn’t mean souls are eating three meals a day. They don’t need food to survive (they’re dead, after all), but they still take place in activities that represent their personalities and who they were in


life.Do I think that spirits might occasionally pour themselves a glass of wine and enjoy it with other souls? I know they do, but it’s more of a symbolic thing than an actual meal or drink. Food and drinks have a whole different significance in heaven.


Enjoying What He Had Missed in Life


A family came to me whose father had passed. Before he died, he was having a terrible time with food. He was on a GI tube and couldn’t stand the fact that he couldn’t enjoy his favorite meals. He begged his family for a steak or a hamburger. They couldn’t give it to him, and he suffered with those cravings for years until he passed.


When he came through in the reading, he was surrounded by food—steak, mashed potatoes, cheesecake—and he told me he’d gained back all the weight he had lost while he was ill. His family was so happy to see him back to his old self and enjoying the foods that he’d been denied when he was ill.


When a loved one passes away, they want you to remember them happy. This reading was very healing for the family and for the soul himself because it replaced the image they had of him being thin, hungry, and frustrated, with the image of his healthy, happy self in heaven surrounded by his favorite foods.


Overall, spirits don’t need the same things that we do to survive, because survival isn’t an issue anymore. There are no hospitals or cemeteries in heaven. If you see a family member jogging, showering, or eating a burger in heaven, that’s just a way for them to come through to you.


What you’re seeing isn’t really your loved one eating. The earthly activity they’re showing you is a link to their old self and the personality they still have in heaven.


This makes me think of Casper the Friendly Ghost! I loved that cartoon when I was a kid, and I remember when Casper’s uncles were sitting at the table eating, and the was food going right through them. They didn’t need the food, but they were still connected to the act of eating.



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The Difference Between Ghosts & Spirits

The Difference Between Ghosts & Spirits

People expect me to be really into Halloween. They figure because I’m a medium, I’m into ghosts and hauntings and stuff like that. That’s not really the case. There’s nothing spooky about the work I do – it’s really the opposite. Most people will do anything to feel connected with their loved ones in Heaven, so I guess you could say they’re running toward those spirits, not away from them.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like Halloween. I think it’s fun!

Alexa and I love celebrating Halloween in the same way most people do. We get all dressed up every year and our families do too. I love the creativity that goes into the Halloween costumes and decorations, and it’s fun to see the kids running from door to door trick-or-treating.

Since I get so many questions on this topic, I thought I’d share some thoughts about Halloween and the days that immediately follow it.

My Halloween History.

When I was a kid, my father hated Halloween. He felt that when you celebrated it, you invited negativity and evil souls into the house. He still let us dress up and trick-or-treat, but he wasn’t happy about it.

I thought my dad’s attitude was unusual until other people started saying similar things and asking me questions. They wondered if celebrating Halloween, watching scary movies, or practicing mediumship invited ghosts into to your house. The truth is no.

Why not? Well, it helps to understand the difference between a spirit and a ghost.

Spirits are deceased family members and friends that you loved, knew and cared for here in this world.  They are familiar to you because you once shared a bond and connection with them.

A ghost is someone that you don’t know that has died. That’s what makes them a little bit scary. They too are spirits, just ones that you are not familiar with because you never knew them here in this world or had a bond with them.

Growing Up Psychic.

When I was a kid that’s the reason why I was so afraid of ghosts. When my family members in spirit used to visit me, it was fine. I loved connecting with my grandmother and other relatives in spirit. It brought me comfort and I never even realized when I was young that they died. The moment that strangers started to appear in spirit it would freak me out!

The more I pushed them away or tried to ignore them, the more persistent they got. My mom explained that they recognized my gift, and just wanted to get a message through to their own loved ones. They didn’t mean any harm.

Remember that just like your loved ones in spirit, ghosts used to be someone’s family as well. Even though you didn’t know them in life, it’s possible to sense their presence under certain circumstances.

For example, years ago my neighbor died. She had loved her house, but after she passed away her family had to sell it. The new family told me they could still feel her presence there. It wasn’t spooky, but they knew that as long as that house was standing, she’d be watching over it, and the people who lived there. As strange as it was, they felt comforted by it.

 Are There Evil Spirits?  

There is a darkside to psychic ability, and there are such things as negative souls just like there are negative people. My Mom always taught me , “Don’t go looking for trouble.” You won’t find them unless you seek them out. Negative souls like to spend time alone. Participating in Halloween or going to a reputable medium doesn’t open up a portal of invite spirits into the house.

Have I ever sensed a malignant spirit? Yes, but they’re extremely rare. I’ve had thousands of connections with loving, well-meaning souls for every one that was even slightly negative.

I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on negative spirits and I certainly don’t go looking for trouble. I’d never dream of touching a Ouija board, and I don’t make it a habit to seek out haunted places. Remember that negativity of any kind can ony affect you if you invite it into your life.

Choose to do all things with your heart.  If you don’t focus on darkness, you’ll be fine. Watch your intentions, keep your energy light, and to play it safe, don’t mess around with spells, the occult, or Ouija boards they are not needed. The love in your heart is the strongest connection between you and your loved ones.

All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead.

While I don’t feel a special attachment to Halloween just because I’m a medium, I do feel very connected with the two days after Halloween when Mexican families honor their departed loved ones.

While we are getting dressed up and having fun being scared, in Mexico families are getting ready to honor those they love who are now in spirit.  Their celebration starts late on October 31st and goes through November 2nd.  November 1st is “el Dia de los innnocentes” or the day of the children and All Saints Day.  November 2nd is All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead.

In the Mexican culture, this is a special time that’s all about celebrating the lives of those who have passed over. Families visit the cemeteries where their ancestors and loved ones are buried, bring gifts, food, and pictures and spend the night with them thinking of the joyful times.

While this is not part of my culture, this celebration resonates with me and I deeply appreciate it. During this time, I like to remember my own lost loved ones in a very special way and send them prayers.

What is Heaven Like?

If you would like to learn more about Heaven and the Afterlife, you would really enjoy reading my new book ‘When Heaven Calls’. Each chapter is filled with secrets of afterlife and divine wisdom that I have learned over the many years I have had working with spirit. If you are interested, you can order a copy right now on Amazon by clicking here. I really hope you enjoy it. 





Why Some Souls Don’t Come Through

Why Some Souls Don’t Come Through

When I get ready for any kind of public appearance, I know what’s waiting for me.

  1. Every living person will have someone in mind who they’re hoping I’ll bring through.
  2. Spirits will be gathered, waiting for me to show up and channel their message to someone in the room.

Here’s something you should know. Everyone (living and dead) might not always get exactly what they’re expecting. That’s alright, because the spirits are calling the shots, and there’s always a reason or purpose behind the messages that come through. Let me give you an example…

Recently, I was a guest on the talk show, E! Daily Pop. I walked in and I could see that Carissa, the host, was pregnant. I immediately spotted her deceased grandmother standing behind her, signaling me that she had something to say. She wanted to thank Carissa for being there when she passed and tell her how happy she was that her beloved granddaughter was having a baby girl.

I started to share her grandmother’s message with Carissa, and next thing you know, the cameras turned on and there was the host, crying on live TV. Of course, everyone was happy that Carissa had heard from her grandmother, but they were also anxious for their own loved ones to come through.

The other hosts, Justin and Morgan Stewart really wanted a reading, but there was nothing coming through for them that day. What I did receive was a very powerful message for one of the production girls that sent chills through the room.

That message came through from a family member who had taken his life and wanted to help his family heal.

Watch the segment here:

As a medium I’m the conduit – the messenger – connecting the soul in heaven with the person they want to talk to. But remember, the soul is in control, and they don’t always have messages. For example, your mom won’t come through just to say hello and chit-chat. They will talk when someone is living in pain over their passing, or if their death was unexpected and they left unfinished business behind. Maybe, like in Carissa’s case, they want to acknowledge an important event like the birth of a baby. They don’t talk unless they have something important to say. I wish my own family was a little more like that!

Here’s how psychic messages come through.

Every psychic medium sees things differently, but the way my gift works is that I am aware of souls standing behind or near someone. I will see a shadow or outline of a person and I will hear a message that needs to be brought through to them.

Getting a message from a medium proves to us that those we love are close by. If I ran into you at the supermarket, chances are, I would probably see you father, grandmother, or whoever you lost standing behind you or close by. They never leave us.

What makes me a psychic medium is that I am able to see, hear, speak and feel your loved ones that have died. I’m really good at translating, but the truth is, you can receive messages on your own.

Spirit will come to you when the moment and time is right and when you most need to hear from them.  If there isn’t a medium handy when they need to connect with you, they will appear in a different way — in signs, dreams, or through your feelings and emotions.

Who’s that coming through?

Want to hear something crazy? Even people who may have forgotten about, like old co-workers, neighbors or friends are also there.

That makes my job as a medium so interesting. I never know what soul will come through or who will receive a message. It’s all up to them. For all of you who haven’t received a sign yet, please, don’t give up. When the time is right you too will receive a message.

If you haven’t received a sign or message yet, here are some possible reasons:

  1. The death may be too recent. Your loved one may not have been gone long enough to come through. There have been exceptions, but it sometimes takes a year or more.
  2. Your loved one is a peace and doesn’t have a message at this time. Back to what I was saying earlier. They are definitely watching over you, and will be there if you need them, but they want you to live your life and not be focused on them.
  3. You may not be ready. Spirit only comes through when a message will help you. If for any reason a message will cause you to be more in pain, they will wait.
  1. Like a lot of things in life, trying to push and control spirit can have the opposite effect. Don’t search too hard for a sign. Let the soul come to you.
  2. If there’s a lot of noise in your head, and you’re stressed and distracted, then it will be hard to receive a message from a living person – forget about a dead one!

One more thing.

If you’re around a medium and the person next to you gets a message and you don’t, think about it like this. Now you have proof that the dead can see and talk to us. If you relax and open yourself up to feel their presence and get signs from them, when the time is right, you will.

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WE BLOG THE WORLD: Matt Fraser Brings Comfort From the Spirit World

WE BLOG THE WORLD: Matt Fraser Brings Comfort From the Spirit World


December 12th, 2017 

If you’re interested in the ‘Other Side’ and have been on a spiritual journey for awhile now, you’ve likely heard of Matt Fraser, an internationally-renowned psychic medium. Let’s face it – his team seem to have nailed it on the Google search front – Matt is easy to find.

When I first began this journey of experiencing the work of ‘spiritual voices‘ and interviewing them,  mediums were at the top of the list, largely because I knew so little about mediumship. While I’m dozens of books into the topic now and have had about the same number of experiences, it still feels relatively new.

Although there are certainly similarities to every medium’s experiences (as children and adults), each is divinely gifted with an ability to bring love, peace, connection and healing in very unique ways. Just as therapists have their own raison d’etre and particular style with working with people, so does the medium world.

When I first visited Matt Fraser’s website, my first impression as a long time publicist myself, was “whoah, these shots feel so glitzy,” as if somehow a celebrity persona and mediumship couldn’t go hand-in-hand. The truth is that other “in-the-limelight” mediums like Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo who Matt says he admires, project a similar “Hollywood-like” image from a quick visit to their site. The more you dive into the spiritual world however, the more you realize that who we show up as in our ‘human body’ may be a far cry from the voice of our soul and Higher Self.

While I haven’t connected with Caputo personally yet, what I’ve seen of her work shows me an outgoing and ‘so not shy in front of a camera’ gal, yet she comes across as down-to-earth and let’s face it….damn funny. The same genuine nature holds true with Matt Fraser.

My Experience with Matt Fraser

My personal experience with Matt was anything but “glitzy” – his warm, authentic voice and soul is all about giving and healing those he works with in his life. During our interview, one of his childhood stories even brought me to tears.

Early on in our chat, I learn that his grandmother was a gifted psychic although a closet one, for what New England catholic woman would go public with such a rare gift in the 1950’s?  Matt says, “Grandma Mary, who was the first spirit I ever communicated with, died when I was three. She was a psychic in hiding her entire life — she was ashamed of it.”

Matt too ‘had the gift’ for as long as he can remember, hearing and seeing spirits as early as three years of age, but like so many children mediums who first fear the unknown, he tried to shut it down. After having a psychic reading in his late teens, where he was told he would be a famous psychic someday, bringing his gift to many, it made him explorer a little deeper. After all, at the time he was working for the World Trade Center as an EMT and had his career laid out as a ‘healer’ in a different way. How could this future prediction really be true?

When he relayed this reading to his mother however, she surprised him with a response he didn’t expect. “When you were born, Grandma Mary said that you were a psychic and had this gift,” she said. Into a household closet she went and pulled out a homemade card deck that his grandmother had made for him out of construction paper using old fashioned magic markers to create special symbols, characters and so on.

“What kind of symbols?,” I asked him. Matt replied, “she had a red hat man, an older gray haired man and there were different topics like job, love and relationships and so on.”

Although his grandmother didn’t believe in tarot card decks, in essence, the ever so talented Grandma Mary had perhaps created one of the first “Oracle” decks of the time, however one no one got to see her beautiful work because she had to hide from such a treasured gift.

“Grandmother made these for you right after you were born,” his mom, who also has psychic gifts, said during that very special day when she also relayed to Matt that his Grandma Mary could speak to the ‘Other Side.’

While psychic mediumship may not be frowned on as it once was at the turn of the century or in the more recently 50’s and 60’s when Matt’s grandmother was in her prime, the Spirit World is still largely feared and misunderstood.

For example, Matt tells me that there are some TV shows and companies who won’t invite him to speak because their audience may be too religious and still fear that his work is not of “God.”

The sad truth is that it couldn’t be further from the work of “God” however not in the way that so much religious dogma preaches it. In fact, Matt, like so many other psychics and mediums I have talked to, open a reading with a prayer, whether this is to “God, “God Light,” the “Highest Possible Light,” the “God Head,” “Christ Light” or simply “Divine Love White Light.”

There are others that are used, but these are the ones many use and I frequently hear mediums ask for protection from Archangel Michael (Matt Fraser included) and other angels, ascended masters and guides, to ensure that the reading is from the highest possible place and source, and to guide them on our journey.

While surely there are non-authentic mediums and psychics, for every charlatan, there are countless others infused with pure spirit, committed to serving others, for service is often how many mediums describe their life path.

For example, in a recent interview with respected medium John Holland, he says he conveys to his students: “If you embark upon a path of mediumship, understand that it is a life of service.” 

Matt Fraser gets this too and sees his life as a path of service to others. Thousands of readings later, Matt has made a career from talking to deceased loved ones of so many, bringing them messages of hope, comfort, and healing. I am not excluded but I’ll save that for the end.

Not unlike the early days of another famous psychic James Van Praagh, Matt would hear whispers from spirits in his room at night, which is known to be a common time when spirits try to communicate with us, whether we’re psychic or not.

Matt says that his biggest gift (and joy) is that he can bring people a sense of peace that their loved ones are always there, watching over them, sending messages of love and guidance, and sharing in their life’s happiness. He adds, “it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.”

“When connecting with the other side, I am blessed to learn something new every day.”

I asked Matt about Earth-bound spirits (sometimes referred to as ghosts) and unlike so many spiritual teachers and mediums I have talked to, he says that earthbound spirits are rare.

Renee: “What about if they died a tragic life, like suicide or in a war?” ( I was thinking about so many of the cases that Diana Palm often works with in helping spirits “cross over.”)

Matt: They rarely stick around for too long. Mostly, they find a way to cross over as loved ones will come to get them, and bring them into the spiritual realms.”

He asserts that when people pass over tragically, they have to let go of the burdens and emotional traumas this entails so they can work on healing on the other side.

Renee: How is your mediumship work different from others?

Matt: One way, is that I offer validation. I do this in different ways, from delivering names and dates to locations and particular memories. When I work in a crowd, I don’t like to do “group” readings but will go up to a person I am feeling energy from and stand in front of them and might say, ‘your father is standing behind you and wants you to know that he is here with you always.’ That kind of thing.

He reminds us that our spiritual family can see so much — they are around us all the time and even visit family celebrations. We started to talk about his work more specifically at this point.

Renee: What advice do you give others before you work with them and ‘how’ do you work with those who are grieving?  

Matt: Often when the grief is so heavy, it can act as a barrier to communication for me. (I was surprised by this response btw). If you’re not able to hear and see signs from a deceased loved one, you may be hurting so badly that you are unable to connect.

The same happens with me and is one of the reasons I have a policy to wait at least a year after someone has lost a loved one before I do a reading for them. (I was also surprised by this).

Renee: Is this because you can’t connect with them before then?

Matt: I’ve been able to connect with a spirit within a few days of their death, however it isn’t a constant. I would rather not disappoint people with a reading that isn’t as strong and clear as it could be. When people first pass, there’s a lot of ‘letting go’ to do so their souls can be free.

When someone crosses over to the ‘other side’, that spirit needs time. They reignite with parents and other deceased family members. For some spirits, transition can be quick but others can take much more time to begin a healing process. By waiting a year, I find that my readings are often more clear and in-depth. I feel that providing a more accurate reading is more fair to my clients.

When Spirit does come through to Matt, he says it comes quickly and naturally. “Does that mean you are mostly a mental medium,” I asked. He says that as soon as he stands next to someone, the information just comes. “The messages are always so different,” says Matt.

He reflects as he talks about an experience he recently had at the Providence Fire Department where he spoke for a benefit. “Mostly, I just ‘hear’ things I’m supposed to convey,” he adds.

Matt Fraser doesn’t ask questions because he doesn’t need to. “There’s no turning off ever,” he says with a soft laugh.

Renee: If it’s mental, then communicating with other cultures should be automatic then yes?

MattIf a spirit did not speak English in the physical world, I’ll ‘feel’ what happened in their body, including how they died, if they’re trying to convey that to me.

I’ll also hear names, places and faces. It’s like ‘reading’ pictures. Spirits will ‘paint’ a picture — it’s almost like watching a movie. I’ll see visions in front of me — visuals. Sometimes, it’s verbal. It’s quick when it comes through. They often want to convey a message of healing to those they left behind.

Like so many other spiritual teachers and gurus, Matt asserts that there’s a widespread awakening now that is unprecedented in history even if you don’t hear about it in your day-to-day life. Be sure to read my article on Thomas Hübl who is focused on raising global consciousness to prepare for the next wave in our evolution.

Even though this ‘awakening’ is becoming more prevalent, Matt Fraser largely deals with grief and helping others communicate with their deceased loved ones in a way that brings on healing. Then he hit me with another surprise.

“I limit my clients to only one reading a year.” 

Renee: “WOW,” I found myself saying. “Why is that?”

Matt: I feel that one of my biggest gifts is that one reading should be able to give them enough comfort and healing to last. They shouldn’t rely on me for healing – that needs to come from within and when I do a reading, I hope that the communication that I relay is special and healing enough that they don’t need to get ‘hooked’ on needing readings.

He says, it’s not about the money for him and that it’s about helping others. And help them feel more comforted he certainly does.

Of course my mother (the grandmother who raised me) came through pretty clearly towards the last half of our session just as she did in spades during my time with John Holland. I had to laugh however when Matt said that she wasn’t the first ‘spirit’ he saw however — it was my grandfather who still feels very protective of me. He was tough in his human body and still is on the other side.

My mother acknowledged how great at networking I was and constantly helping other people but had to add that it was well overdue for me to step into my own limelight. I had to laugh because as wearing two hats in my life — one as a publicist and the other as a writer, it has always been about helping others shine.

Each time she comes through however, her voice is getting stronger and stronger, something she couldn’t do as a woman born in 1916. It’s almost as if Gaia and Goddess energy are helping her spirit shine brighter and brighter on the other side. This alone gave me so much joy.

Before our call ended, he quickly added, “I see another father figure – do you have another dad?” I laughed softly and said yes. He went on to communicate what Dad’s spirit wanted to say to me. Without going into the details as my father was a pretty complex and trauma-filled man, let’s just say that Matt’s message was incredibly accurate. Just remember that letting your spirit family know that you forgive them, that it’s all okay and that you still love their souls just as they are, gives healing back to them just as their communication brings healing to you on the Earth plane.

Imagine gifting that to countless people week after week, year after year. While there are clearly many who still don’t believe that the spiritual realm exists, for those who are open and ready for healing and letting go of old trauma and energy that no longer serves you, genuine psychic mediums like Matt Fraser can help you sail along on your journey just a little more smoothly.

I can understand why those who have the ‘gift’ like Matt Fraser say ‘it’s not about the money’ It’s because they inherently know that it is their Soul’s Purpose and when you’re living your Soul’s Purpose my friends, everything will be in alignment.

That said, Matt Fraser certainly has made his business a prosperous one between hosting sold out group events, private readings, and his book The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability, which is available on Kindle and Paperback over on Amazon.

Additionally, in March 2018, he’ll be doing his first cruise with Holland America to bring his work into the open seas. For more information on Matt and his world, visit his website.