THE LIST TV: How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities – 3 Tips from a Psychic Medium!

What happens when we pass on? And how can we keep in touch with our dearly departed? These are questions many of us have pondered. The List spoke to renowned medium and author Matt Fraser, who shared three tips on how to develop your psychic abilities. Read Matt’s insights below to learn to how to sharpen your intuition, and communicate with the Other Side.

By: Victor Padilla

1. Send a Sign to Heaven

Matt’s first tip on how to develop your psychic abilities? Send a sign to Heaven! Your loved ones are only a thought away. Sometimes people are frustrated because no matter how hard they try, they have not been able to see, feel, or sense signs from their loved ones. I always give them the same advice. Your loved ones in Heaven might need a sign from YOU – so they know you’re emotionally ready for them to connect. Conversation is a two-way street. When you start to speak to your loved ones at the beginning or end of each day, you begin to open the channel and show them that you are ready to feel their presence. It can help to say “hello” to them either out loud or in your head. Tell them how your day is going and ask them for guidance. Your loved ones in Heaven love and support you. They love helping you achieve your goals. Sometimes it can even help to write a letter to them in Heaven. The more you speak to them, the more that you begin to feel and sense their presence and understand that they are with you.

2. Trust Your Feelings

Have you ever heard that little voice inside you? The one that tells you slow down! in the car, right before an accident happens? Or maybe you’ve had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right, and then something happened. It is important to know that that little voice is not just coming from you. Heaven and your loved ones are using it to reach you. The same way you can sense and feel when danger is near, or when to use caution, you can also use that sense to feel the presence of your loved ones. They can come visit you in a dream, or you may even feel them with you, but not be able to explain it. The key is trusting your feelings. When you wake up from having a dream, write it down. When you feel a presence around you or have random thoughts come to mind of a loved one, thank your loved one in spirit for the visit. Heaven gives us all a cellphone to reach Heaven. That is why so many children see and have experiences with seeing family members who have passed. Although most of us “outgrow” the ability to see them, they use your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to communicate with you. Another way you will sense them is through smell. If you suddenly smell your grandmother’s Jean Nate out of nowhere, it means she is close by. One of the most critical parts on how to develop your psychic abilities is trusting your feelings, trusting your inner voice, and going where you are being led.

3. Look for Signs & Synchronicity – How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities 

Matt’s third tip on how to develop your psychic abilities is to look for signs and synchronicity. Signs are the best way that Heaven uses to communicate with you. They send you signs based on their personality. They are the butterflies that you see by their graveside, or the 11:11 that keeps popping up on the clock, or the pennies, dimes, or nickels you continue to find. The rule is that anything you think is a signs form Heaven is. They use this way to reach you because they want you to know they are close by without interfering in your life. Signs are like little postcard from Heaven. They come at a time when you least expect them, but most need them. They bring a smile to your face and remind you that they have never left. The way you know that a sign is real is if it keeps repeating itself again, and again, and again. When you finally wonder why it keeps happening, that’s when you know it’s a sign. Coincidences do not happen, but divine timing and signs do. The more open that you are to receiving them, the more that you will receive.

If you’ve been looking for advice on how to develop your psychic abilities and reach the Other Side, now you’ve got three tips to try!

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