Valentine’s Day Magic to Connect With Loved Ones in Heaven

If you fear the approach of Valentine’s Day because you have lost your soulmate, let me share something that might ease your mind – and heart. I can’t bring your loved one back to life, but based on what I’ve learned over years of speaking to Souls in Heaven, I can help you feel closer to them. 

The interesting thing is that during holidays like Valentine’s Day, when you’re missing that special person so much, they’re likely to be right there beside you. The reason isn’t because you’re sad and missing them – it’s the opposite! The fact that so many people are thinking about and expressing love in so many ways creates a vibration, a powerful energy that Souls can’t resist! It’s like a million tiny thoughts, words, and acts combine to create a magnet, drawing them closer.  Let me try to explain…

Souls are Attracted to the Universal Love Vibration

I was reading my son, Royce, Dr. Seuss’s classic story, “Horton Hears a Who?” and I was struck by something. Horton was an elephant who had such large, sensitive ears that he was able to tune into a community of “Whos” who lived in Whoville. Whoville was the whole world to the Whos, but in fact, it was just a tiny speck of dust perched on a flower – kind of like our own world is small and insignificant when compared to the vast universe. 

But, here’s the part of the story I want you to understand. It wasn’t until all the Whos raised their voices to communicate with the outside world that the other animals, besides Horton, were able to hear them. Every one of the Who’s tiny voices combined together to transmit the message that “We are here!” Why am I telling you this? Well, that’s how Valentine’s day on Earth feels to your loved ones in Heaven. The heart-felt energy that comes from every one of us at this time of year resonates across the universe and draws Souls even closer, and they respond with signs and messages to let you know they hear you. 

This means that when you’re looking at Valentine’s cards or gorgeous bunches of roses, and wishing with all your heart that you could celebrate with your dearly departed, that longing is drawing your loved one closer. Like the Whos in Whoville, you, and all of the people who are celebrating the season of romantic love are combining your energetic voices to create a powerful vibration that Souls can hear. 

Sending Love Notes to Heaven

Because there’s so much focus on love from so many people, the combined energy is enough to attract your loved one. However, I always like to go the extra mile, and I sense that you do too! I put together some practices that are very powerful and healing, and will help you attract love from both Heavenly and Earthly sources. 

Simple Ways to Transmit  Love Energy Across the Veil:

  • Write a love letter to your soulmate in Heaven. Be sure to include some happy memories from your time together. If there’s unfinished business, or something you have been wanting to tell them, this is the time to bring it up!
  • Journal about your loved one, and pose some questions that you’d like them to answer. Let your questions sit for a day or two, then read over them again and open up your mind to receive a reply! It might come in the form of a sign, or you might find Spirit communicating through your pen as you write your next journal entry.
  • Get your art supplies out and create a picture that represents your lost loved one. You might want to draw or paint the two of you doing something you dreamed of, but didn’t have time to experience.  Your art might even be abstract, a wash of colors that represents your feelings in a less literal way. 
  • Do something kind and thoughtful for someone they loved. For example, you might send flowers to your deceased husband’s sister or mom and say “I know how much John loved you, he would have wanted you to have these.”
  • Visit a special park, restaurant, or any spot the two of you enjoyed. As you make your plans, mentally invite your loved one to join you. When you arrive at your destination, don’t push too hard, just relax, enjoy the moment, and open your heart to feel their loving presence.  
  • Sometimes guilt can block your connection with your loved one, so if you’re feeling conflicted because you’re involved in or considering a new relationship, let yourself off the hook! A true soul mate is secure in knowing that you will be reunited in Heaven. In the meantime, they want you to experience love and be happy.  
Love Bridges the Gap Between heaven and Earth

Throughout the year, and especially around Valentine’s day, the love we send out through kind acts, words, and reliving cherished memories becomes a beautiful serenade, resonating throughout the universe. It’s a reminder that love is not confined by the limitations of time or space, but rather a force that connects us across dimensions. 

So when you pause to think about that loved one you’ve been missing, instead of feeling the distance between you, imagine your thoughts joining all the other love energy to make a beautiful bridge, bringing that Soul closer to you. 

Hearing From Heaven

How do I know all of this you ask? Being a psychic medium when souls come through they share not only messages to their loved ones, but during each reading they give me a glimpse into the life they live in the spirit world. That is why I feel my readings are so important. A reading is not just a message. It is a chance for you to learn about the spirit world and the many ways your loved ones are using to communicate iwth you each and every day. 

If you feel you are ready for a reading and to connect with someone in spirit, I highly recommend you attend an upcoming Online Group Reading by CLICKING HERE or attend an upcoming LIVE Event by CLICKING HERE. It is during these events that I will be using my gift to help you connect with the spirit world.

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