WROR: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Mystified, Enlightened and Healed

LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS: Thursday night in Massachusetts psychic medium Matt Fraser had a thousand loyal fans on the floor laughing, by talking to their deceased loved ones. How can that be funny, you may ask? Well ask the Rhode Island born medium who says his gift was handed down from his grandmother. “She couldn’t really share it out loud in those days. She even kept it from my grandfather.” It was home-spun stories like that and dozens more that entertained, mystified, enlightened and healed a loving Lynn Auditorium audience.

Millions have seen Matt stun his audience in person and on television sharing his breathtaking gift. His hit show Meet The Frasers is on E Entertainment.

Rhode Island. The smallest state in the nation is primarily known for its sandy beaches, wicked local accent and loud Italian-American presence. Until now… In this half-hour reality sitcom, follow the humor, heart and hijinks of Rhode Island’s emerging golden couple, psychic medium Matt Fraser and his beauty queen girlfriend, Alexa, and their extended families.

On stage, Matt’s Rhode Island humor comes through: “right now, your deceased loved ones are whispering in my ear, telling me to talk to you, and they won’t shut the hell up.” That is the gift of someone known as a psychic medium. If you want to believe it (I do) there are people among us that possess the ability to receive messages from beyond our physical world from our deceased loved ones, and interpret them for those here, still living.

Some may believe it’s baloney. But watching Matt in action can transform even the most rabid skeptic. Matt pointing to a woman in the audience:

“Your Dad is here, he’s RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! Did your Dad die recently?”

Women in audience: “he recently died, but not from smoking.”

Matt: “He’s right there.”

Woman: “hmm…I don’t think it’s my Dad.”

All of the sudden the woman BEHIND the first woman jumps up and says: “Did you say died of smoking? It’s MY DAD.”

The audience watching on the huge auditorium screen gasps in amazement. At this point Matt continues to stuns the audience with a list of rapid fire, hysterical and heartfelt validations that could in no way be known. The proof was the reaction of the daughter of the deceased smoker, (and many in the audience) crying happy tears.

I have experienced this gift first hand. In the past, I have had two readings from wonderful and skilled mediums. They report back that my Dad is with me each day. Both readings, 20 years apart, said the same exact thing. My Dad, came through to both mediums, using specific language. They both said “your Dad is saying you stepped up for him. What does that mean to you?” When he was sick back in 2002, I stopped my fulltime radio career for six months and moved in with him and my Mom, back home to help them. When he was alive he would say, “you stepped up to help me.” I have never posted that on social media, or shared it with anyone. How could the mediums know that personal fact? There were other stunning validations that came through, which reinforced my belief.

Kelly Clarkson says:

His readings will definitely raise the hair on the back of your neck.

If you’re fascinated with work like Matt’s, you may want to get his book “We Never Die.” It checks off all of the boxes between our world, and the next. Actress Jenny McCarthy’s endorsement of the book reads: “This book is like my own private reading.” When Matt comes to your town, you get an incredible value at his show. You get a free autographed book and a picture with Matt if you get his meet and greet package with the tickets. He was very friendly and generous with taking pictures and selfies.

All of us have one thing in common: we all have or will have a loved one that will leave us, some day. Matt’s beautiful gift and entertaining personality, makes his audience leave feeling lighter, knowing that our loved ones, while they leave us physically, never leave us, and are here watching over us.

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