Audio Classes

If you’ve been searching for answers in any area of your life, Matt Fraser’s teachings and insights could open a whole new pathway to healing and guidance for you. Explore four powerful topics with his Mediumship Audio Classes and begin an incredible journey of soul discovery. Matt can guide you toward creating the life you’ve always wanted through awakening your intuition, learning to communicate with the world of spirit, overcoming grief and loneliness, and perhaps most importantly… manifesting a beautiful future for yourself. In these safe and gentle audio seminars, you’ll experience Matt’s unique brand of humor and healing.

You may also experience life-changing results… getting unstuck, opening up to a new world of possibility, attracting abundance, discovering your purpose, or even finding that special someone. Once you purchase, you can listen to these programs again and again—at your own pace and on your own schedule—to connect, or re-connect, to the very best version of yourself. Give yourself the gift of these powerful teachings and begin the spiritual adventure of a lifetime.

Developing and Expanding Your Intuition

Did you ever have the feeling that the phone was going to ring before it did? Or maybe a thought popped into your head, and shortly after it became reality? This is no coincidence, but instead the power of your Intuition. It is your inner voice, and divine feeling, that helps to guide you and move you forward- helping you to find the direction you need in your life. Whether in work, love, family or health, your intuition is always there to guide you if you just learn to listen to it. In this 65-minute audio seminar, Matt Fraser will lead you through the steps to help you understand, develop, and learn to tap into your own intuition- using it to bring all aspects of your life into focus.


Overcoming Grief and Loneliness

While most people have heard that there are seven stages of grief to go through after losing a loved one, few know of the final stage – regaining Hope. For many, this final stage is the most challenging of all, and overcoming Grief and Loneliness can be hard, especially after losing someone you loved. In this audio seminar, Matt Fraser will explain the nature of life after death, and show you steps that will help you to find the light at the end of the tunnel, leaving you feeling comforted and uplifted. This 65-minute audio download is filled with positive life suggestions and is a reminder that love never ends.


Communicating with the Spirit World

Have you ever wished that you could receive a message from a loved one who has passed on? Have you ever felt they were trying to give you a message, but you didn’t know how to interpret it? In this 65-minute audio seminar, Matt Fraser will teach you ways to communicate and understand the subtle messages your loved one’s spirit uses to communicate with you. Just like learning a language, you too can learn to interpret messages and connect with Heaven. Whether it be through understanding the meaning behind signs & symbols, or through vivid dreams or visitations, everyone has been given their own special way to feel, sense, and receive messages from Heaven- you just have to open yourself and be ready to communicate.


Dream Setting, Manifesting, and Achieving

So many times we set out to fulfill our dreams and goals, but they are pushed aside and forgotten about in the struggles of everyday life. In this working “Dream Setting” Audio Course Matt Fraser will help you create a personal action plan to help you give your dreams the support they need to get off the ground and allow you to bring more freedom and happiness into your life. It all begins with the power of positive thinking, and using that mental focus to manifest a master action plan that makes your dreams into your reality. In this 90-minute audio download, Matt will share with you his own personal goal launching formula and the secret techniques behind his success.


Angels to the Rescue

Do you ever feel the presence of angels around you, but you aren’t sure how to communicate with them? Have you needed to call upon your Guardian Angel for protection but you didn’t know how? Or perhaps you’re already connected to your angels, and you want to strengthen this gentle bond. In this audio seminar, Matt Fraser will teach you how to open and expand your connection to your Angels and the angelic realm so you can discover powerful healing and guidance in every area of your life. Learn all about angel numbers, an angel prayer you can use every day, and believe it or not… angel outsourcing! This course is the first step in inviting and attracting angels to your side, wherever and whenever you need them.