Delivering The Message of Healing

It’s hard to believe that Fall is already approaching. As the weather starts to cool down, the kids start to get ready for school & friends get back from vacations take this time to let yourself unwind and relax in the moment of calmer days. Today, let’s talk about healing after the passing of a loved one. I wanted to share what those on the other side want us to know about overcoming or coping with their death when they pass on to Heaven.

Dealing with the passing of someone you love can be such a difficult experience and many times can seem overwhelming. At the same time it doesn’t always have to be a sad experience, you have the choice to look at it as a celebration and be encouraged knowing that they are still with you. I have had the honor over the Summer to meet with hundreds of people, hold their hands and pass on messages & memories from their loved ones on “The Other Side”. I am always amazed at how much pain can be healed by receiving a simple message from Heaven. From delivering messages from Heaven at events, to reading individuals one on one, to even spontaneous messages being passed to strangers it’s so comforting to hear the voices in Heaven pass on information to help ease the pain.

The best part about this is that the messages are never sad or depressing. Your loved ones always come through with inspiration and uplifting messages to help encourage us to move forward with our lives. It’s always inspirational and uplifting to see and hear the laughter and applause of the audience when the fiery and funny personalities comes through from the other side, ready to communicate. The reason why your loved ones often come through joking or talking about memories that they held close to them when they were here, is because they want you to remember them as happy and full of life. The first thing that they want you to know is not to worry about them. No matter how they passed; in a tragedy, peacefully at home, or unexpected, there is no doubt that they are safe and at peace with God and that the illness or pain they experienced when they were here is no longer with them.

So many times you may wonder… where are they and are they at peace?
Do they hear us when we speak to them?
What would they say to me right now? Why did this happen?

From what I am told from the other side, when we pass we never truly die, just a new beginning as you enter a new side of life; Heaven. The only way I could describe it to you is the ultimate paradise where all illness, negative emotions & thoughts leave allowing you to just relax while watching over and helping guide those here in the physical. Find comfort in knowing that indeed they can hear you when you speak, are with you when you cry and are proud to watch you as your family celebrates success.

One of the most important messages they want to pass on to you is to live your life to the fullest, know they are watching over you and want you to continue on with your life. They want you to know that they are not in pain or suffering any longer, so why should you be in pain over their passing? They want you to celebrate life, have fun, laugh often, love deeply and most of all be thankful for every minute you have here in this world. That message in itself is the real blessing!

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