Do Dead People Watch You In The Shower ?

Do Dead People Watch You Take a Shower? I have been asked the question many times. It usually goes something like… If my loved one in spirit is always with me, can they see everything I do, like take a shower!?

The answer is yes. Those is spirit can see everything you do, and I am mean everything. I know that might be kind of freaky to think about, but let me explain…

Those in spirit have access to universal information, but it does not mean they use it. The best way I can describe it is to liken it to when you have cameras in your home. You know they are there, but do you spend every moment checking on your husband to see what he is doing ? Probably not. It’s the same as when you see in the headlines that someone’s famous naked photos are released. You have access to it, it’s online, but you don’t run and seek it out. Why would you when there are so many other things that need your focus in life?

Those you love in spirit are not there to judge you. They simply want to love and support you on your path. They are respectful of what they see and what they put their intention on. It’s the same reason why we have doors here on Earth. When a door is shut, we respect it and know that the person behind it needs their privacy. It’s the same thing with those you love. To them, what you do in bathroom is not of interest. They instead want to be there with you through life’s transitions, celebrations and special dates. This is also true for the less happy moments in your life, and when there is a struggle or an obstacle you are going through, they often pop in to keep an eye on you.

As a psychic, I have noticed that those in spirit choose to be more present in your life when you don’t expect them but most need them. I have given many readings where those in spirit have reassured their loved ones they were watching over them through surgeries, divorces and unemployment. Those are the times when they rush in and try to be of help. You may feel your loved one’s presence with you or you may start to see signs of them nearby or see them in a dream. Sometimes, they even go to other people you are close with. Have you ever had an old friend randomly call you during a troubling time and say, “I just felt the need to call you and check on you.”

It happens all the time. Sometimes, those thoughts you receive from that little voice within you is actually a little message from Heaven. It’s amazing how they find ways to help us. Universal knowledge is an amazing thing, and there is a reason why your loved ones use it and have access to it. Here is a story that is very close to me that I want to share. My grandmother, who has passed, is always with us. I feel her almost every day, and the first time my mom had cancer, she actually came to me to tell me that my mom would be diagnosed—this was even before the doctors had the results!

My grandmother saved us again after my mom beat breast cancer the first time. My mom was cleaning the house and was trying to get dust under the couch. She was doing all these weird positions when she twisted her back. It wasn’t anything serious, just a typical ache and pain that was dull , achy and annoying. My mom isn’t usually one who runs to the doctor over something small like this, but this time, she felt different. Long story short, she went to then ER and when they did the routine X-Ray on her back, they found a tumor had been forming on the side of her lung. They caught it just in time! She had surgery that same month, and it literally saved her life. If it wasn’t for her muscle aches, the tumor would have gone undetected. I know that my grandmother knew this and used it as a way to get my mom to the hospital.

Many times, people say to me, “I don’t want anyone watching over me,” but personally, I see it as a great blessing. Don’t get me wrong, if I ever opened the shower door and saw a Congo line full of dead people, I would have to rethink that last thought! For now, I choose to be thankful for the constant love, guidance and support from Heaven, and I hope you see it the same way.

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