Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People ? 

As a psychic medium, I have been honored to hold the hands of many hurting people and deliver messages from their loved ones that have passed on. I try my hardest not to get emotional, but sometimes, no matter how hard I try, there are times when you just can’t help getting choked up. It’s only normal. How can your heart not hurt for someone who has lost their only child? Sometimes, you might even find yourself questioning how someone who is 90 years old and has cancer lives and a young child with that same cancer passes on to the other side? Sometimes, it just spiritually does not make sense.

During the course of my career, I have been asked this question time and time again: Why do bad things happen to good people?The ultimate answer unfortunately is this: only God knows. However, I have learned through many of my readings and through connecting with spirits some life lessons and some hints as to why these things happen to us. I would like to share with you some reasons that might help bring you a little bit of comfort.

You are strong enough to make it through this.

I am sure you have heard this one before, so I wanted to share with you a personal story. One of my dreams has always been to have Bengal cats. My whole life, I have been allergic to cats and Bengals are the only breed that are less allergic than most. I never could have one because they were so much money. Not to mention the waiting list is very long. I saved up until I had the money to buy one. I researched the best breeder and bought not one but two beautiful kitties. They were a brother-sister pair that I named Lord and Lady. They were so bonded with love, I could not separate them.

I brought them to their initial vet check, fed them the very best food and gave them lots and lots of love. After almost a year of bonding, it was at their one-year checkup when the vet made a startling discovery. The little boy cat (Lord) had a dangerous cancer and was going to die. I could not understand it. The cat was not even 1 year old. I couldn’t stop wondering why us? My girlfriend and I had done everything right to love and care for this cat, and we had grown so close with him and his sister. After I calmed down, I started having visions. What if that cat had gone to a young child and not to me? What if that cat was given as a therapy animal to someone who was grieving or if someone adopted this cat after having saved for years without many financial resources?

I immediately knew this cat was destined to come to me. Being a psychic medium, I know that pets make it to the other side and to Heaven. As sad as it was to say goodbye, I knew Lord would be joining my grandmother in Heaven and I would see him again. We had the means to take care of him to the end and to give him comfort care. Before we said goodbye, we contacted the breeder and told her we would like to adopt another little boy. She said she had a pregnant cat and when the litter was delivered, she would hold one for me if there was a boy. Low and behold, the cat delivered just 1 cat and it was a boy. This cat wanted a family in the worst way.

We brought him home to Lord and Lady and they got along instantly! We knew he was meant for us. Although we had to put Lord down, we knew there was a divine reason. Of course this story is nowhere as devastating as someone who has lost a child; it cannot even compare. But, it just goes to show why that special cat made its way into our lives and why sometimes the things you think are bad are actually sent to you because you can handle them better than someone else.

You are an Inspiration to Others.

When something bad happens to you, it is normal for you to think of other people who have been in your same shoes. You suddenly begin to understand what they were feeling and also how they were able to overcome the obstacle. For example, breast cancer is one of the scariest things that can ever happen to a woman. It happened to my mom not too long ago. She went to the doctors, had an operation at Dana Farber, and then made a speedy recovery. She was determined to beat it and to get back to work, joining me on my world tour. Almost 6 months later, my grandmother and great aunt had the same diagnosis. They were so scared that they were keeping it a secret for a while not to put stress on the family. When they opened up to my mom and saw how well she was doing after her surgery and heard her personal story, they knew they could beat this. They had regained hope from my mom’s confidence and strength.

Paying It Forward

When you have something bad happen to you, use it to inspire others. I know a woman who lost a son through an overdose. She was determined to save lives after her own son died in her house alone. She set up a nonprofit organization and has spoken to kids across the East Coast in auditoriums. She feels closer to her son knowing that she is helping others through his legacy. She feels this is her divine mission and calling. Although she misses her son every day, she feels him divinely pushing her to do this healing work. She has also had teenagers reach out to her, acknowledging how her talks have helped them to take the steps needed to put their life back together and to step away from drugs. She realized that what she was doing was more than just a calling; it was the help that many so desperately needed.

The Silver Lining

We all come into this world with our own challenges and struggles. For some people, it’s love; for others, it’s illness or tragedy and for some it’s financial. We all face challenges at one point or another, even though some are greater than others. What I have been told by spirits is that Earth is the classroom. Although it seems like we are here for a long time, Earth is more like a holding area. In the end, we leave this world and spend eternity on “the other side” where we join our friends, family and loved ones for a family reunion. We are here to make connections and to learn life lessons. We are here to inspire others and to open ourselves up to love unconditionally. Although there are things we cannot understand now and the pain is real, in the end, it will all make sense as part of God’s divine plan.

Don’t Lose Faith

The saddest thing in the world is when someone loses faith after a tragic event. I have noticed that after losing someone special, some people lose faith all together. They take off their religious necklaces, stop praying and blame God for everything that has gone wrong. The truth is that faith is the support you need to carry you through. When something is too heavy or hard for you to handle, you can always ask Heaven and your angels to send you strength. Just because you may not feel them or sense them does not mean they are not listening to you. You do not have to go through suffering alone. Instead, let your heart be open to the divine guidance Heaven is sending you.

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