Are You An Old Soul?

The Perks and Pitfalls of Being an Old Soul


I have to say, these last few months have been pretty amazing. I married my soulmate, Alexa, went on an amazing honeymoon, I’ve got a brand-new book coming out, and I’ve been back on the road hosting LIVE events all around the country. I’ve even done shows in Las Vegas, which was a dream of mine for years. But my life wasn’t always like this. If you’d told me I’d be on stage in Las Vegas when I was in high school, well…I’m not sure I would have believed you!


When You’re an Old Soul in High School


Everyone asks me, is there a hell? Yes, it’s right here on earth and it’s also known as High School! To say that my high school years were difficult is an understatement.

People assume that the fact that I speak to dead people was the reason I didn’t fit in with the high school crowd, but that wasn’t it. For the most of that time I didn’t let anyone know about that side of my life- I had pushed it away to the point that I had almost forgotten that I had psychic abilities. But what WAS an issue is that I was an “old soul” trying to connect with a bunch of kids who were basically obsessed with sports and partying.


How Heavy is Your Baggage?


Growing up, my mom and grandma always said I was an old soul, but I didn’t really get what that meant. I asked my mom once, and she said it was because I wasn’t like other kids. I was very sensitive and tuned in to the feelings of other people – even strangers, and she felt like I was “born knowing things.”

That’s pretty much the definition of an old soul. If you believe that we’re all energy, and part of a universal life source, then an old soul is connected to that wisdom on a deeper level (and from an earlier age) during their lifetime.

New souls enter the world to experience things for the first time. It’s like they’re traveling through life with an empty suitcase and filling it up as they go along. Everything feels new to them, and their journey is all about learning lessons. An old soul comes into this life with heavier baggage – filled with karma and memories – so they approach things from a whole different perspective. Because of this perspective, they have a hard time relating to the things that their peers care about so desperately.


How to Know if You’re an Old Soul


If you, or someone you know is having the kind of experience at school or work that I did back in High School, maybe their “old soul” is the reason. If you’re wondering if you, or someone you love, is an old soul, here are some characteristics to look for:


  • You feel like an outsider. Like I said, old souls are approaching life from a different angle than other people, and their unique perspective makes It hard for others to relate to them. If they’re in an environment where everyone is trying hard to fit in, sensitive old souls can be left out of things, or become the target of bullying.



  • You know right away when you’ve found a kindred spirit. On the flip side, when you meet a like-minded person (another old soul) you really click. And that’s an amazing feeling.



  • You feel connected to everyone – you’re sensitive to animals, strangers, plants, and flowers. Your empathy can be a burden or a blessing. You might cry when you watch the news, but you also understand people. When you find people you can trust, it’s easy for you to get close.



  • You’re more self-aware than most people. “Old souls” tend to look inward and examine their behavior and feelings. This pays off, because they recognize when they hurt others, or make a choice that doesn’t serve them.



  • You see the big picture. Because an old soul is tapped into universal energy, they tend to understand things on a different level. They can’t just focus on how something impacts them without also seeing the impact of others, their neighborhood, and the planet as a whole.



  • Finally, you have a gift that you can’t really explain. You sit down at the piano and can play by ear. You have an eye for color and design that comes naturally. Or maybe you can talk to dead people.



Living Your Best Life as an Old Soul


If you checked a lot of these boxes, congratulations! You CAN thrive as an old soul in a world full of newbies if remember these simple tips.

  • Find your tribe and connect with them often. Everyone is not going to totally “get you” but it’s critical to have other like-minded people that you can spend time with to recharge and relax.


  • Do meaningful work. I always knew I wanted to help people, first as an emergency medical technician (EMT), and then as a medium. When I recognized my gift, it was like my whole life lit up. I was in the right place, and that resonated down to my soul.


  • Enjoy life. Don’t let that heavy baggage weigh you down! Feed your “old soul” with music, art, spending time in nature, good food, good friends, and loving pets.


I can hardly express how grateful I am to be spending my time doing work that’s fulfilling and that has such a healing effect on other people. I feel like I’m doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do – and that makes my “old soul” very happy!


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