Is Psychic Ability or Mediumship Inherited?

It is very common for psychic ability or mediumship to be inherited within a family. Although there have been times under extreme circumstances where psychic ability can happen out of nowhere, or if you have had a near-death experience. Oftentimes, I will hear stories of people who were involved in car accidents and were in a coma and after awakening has discovered that they too can see and hear the departed. One time, I even met a man who was struck by lightning and after that was able to see and hear the departed along with visions. Many times, these experiences open up a person’s awareness because of the fact that they have come so close to death. It’s almost like an eye opener that strengthens their connection between this world and the next.

In my family, it was different. My grandmother was psychic and had passed the gift down to my mother, who in turn passed it down to me. I am not sure why the departed chose to talk to my family, but I believe the reason why is because we have always been there to listen to them.

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