Do Spirits Eat, Sleep or use the Bathroom?

Do Spirits Eat, Sleep or use the Bathroom?

From My New Book ‘We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife’


So many people lately have been asking me about Heaven lately and it seems this question almost always comes up. Do spirits eat and go to the bathroom?


This is actually a tricky one. There’s not a yes or no answer, but maybe this story will help clarify.


I once did a reading for a family, and their grandpa came through. When he was alive, his evening ritual was to sit in his recliner and eat ice cream, and that’s exactly what he showed me. The family was surprised: “Wait, people in heaven eat?”


People in heaven can eat, but they don’t have to. They often come through doing the things they loved in life. It’s not uncommon for me to see a chef cooking in the kitchen, or a father drinking a cup of coffee.


It’s important to know that just because food comes up in a reading, it doesn’t mean souls are eating three meals a day. They don’t need food to survive (they’re dead, after all), but they still take place in activities that represent their personalities and who they were in


life.Do I think that spirits might occasionally pour themselves a glass of wine and enjoy it with other souls? I know they do, but it’s more of a symbolic thing than an actual meal or drink. Food and drinks have a whole different significance in heaven.


Enjoying What He Had Missed in Life


A family came to me whose father had passed. Before he died, he was having a terrible time with food. He was on a GI tube and couldn’t stand the fact that he couldn’t enjoy his favorite meals. He begged his family for a steak or a hamburger. They couldn’t give it to him, and he suffered with those cravings for years until he passed.


When he came through in the reading, he was surrounded by food—steak, mashed potatoes, cheesecake—and he told me he’d gained back all the weight he had lost while he was ill. His family was so happy to see him back to his old self and enjoying the foods that he’d been denied when he was ill.


When a loved one passes away, they want you to remember them happy. This reading was very healing for the family and for the soul himself because it replaced the image they had of him being thin, hungry, and frustrated, with the image of his healthy, happy self in heaven surrounded by his favorite foods.


Overall, spirits don’t need the same things that we do to survive, because survival isn’t an issue anymore. There are no hospitals or cemeteries in heaven. If you see a family member jogging, showering, or eating a burger in heaven, that’s just a way for them to come through to you.


What you’re seeing isn’t really your loved one eating. The earthly activity they’re showing you is a link to their old self and the personality they still have in heaven.


This makes me think of Casper the Friendly Ghost! I loved that cartoon when I was a kid, and I remember when Casper’s uncles were sitting at the table eating, and the was food going right through them. They didn’t need the food, but they were still connected to the act of eating.



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What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die?

Stepping Into The Afterlife


People often ask me, “what happens when you die?” It’s not surprising that they’d want to know. Death is something that inevitably happens to every one of us, but you can’t go on Travel Channel and watch a tour of Heaven before you go.


I find that most people tell me that they are fearful of dying, mostly because they just don’t know what to expect. Even if you DID know what to expect, it’s still kind of scary for most people to think about dying themselves or losing a loved one – so let’s make this less stressful. Try to exclude the word “death” and substitute it for “transition.” Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s ask “What happens when you transition?”


As a psychic medium, I’ve connected with countless souls in Heaven, and based on what they’ve shared, I have a good understanding of the first actions that happen when a soul crosses over.


Passing Over


When someone passes from old age or illness, they’re surrounded by their loved ones – and not just the living ones. Souls of their own dearly departed visit them and prepare them for the transition. But there’s not always time for that. When death is sudden, like a car accident, the transition is instant.


Many souls tell me that dying suddenly was like going to sleep – except they fell asleep on earth and woke up on the other side. It’s like when you were a little kid and fell asleep in the car. Your dad would carry you into the house and you’d magically wake up in your bed. For some it’s like that – they close their eyes and open them in Heaven.


The Life Review


You’ve probably heard mediums talk about the life review. It’s a soul’s way of transitioning from one life to the next and revisiting the lessons they learned on earth. It’s kind of amazing, because during the life review, the soul sees every action, relationship, and experience through their new, heavenly “filter.”  They see the love they shared and the impact they had on others. The life review allows the soul to leave all the pain, illness and hurt that they might have experienced in life behind and truly understand their life’s purpose.


A Heavenly Reunion


When you are about to pass, angels, loved ones, and pets who are already on the Other Side will help guide you through the transition. Some of them arrive early, and that’s the reason many people appear to see loved ones and have conversations with them before they die. I know this because of my connection with souls on the other side, but people who have had a near death experience will tell you the same thing. That’s one of the reasons virtually no one comes out of an NDE (near death experience) quite the same as they were before it happened.



Checking In On the People You Left Behind


One thing you should know is that love is eternal! When someone passes, they will often come back and check up on their family and friends on earth. It’s common for the deceased to attend their own funerals in spirit, not to see who sent flowers, but to see for themselves how their loved ones are doing.


Choosing Special Signs


One interesting item on a souls’ “to-do-list” is choosing the signs they will use to reach out to loved ones on earth. They might choose different signs for different family members, but you can be sure that whatever they select will have meaning to them, and to the recipient. There’s nothing to stop you from making this task a little easier by talking to your loved one before they pass. Many people set up special ways to know if their loved one is near – it might be coins, music, or flickering lights – whatever works!


Divine tasks


Your work isn’t over when you die. Heaven is a place where souls continue to fulfill their purpose. They choose a “job” that helps those on earth – and usually this divine task relates to lessons they have learned, special gifts, or helping others overcome an obstacle they struggled with in life. For example, an alcoholic who died of alcoholism might help those on earth with their recovery, or a gifted schoolteacher might encourage others on the same path.


Closer Than You Think…


When a loved one passes, to the people they leave behind it feels like the ultimate distance. For the dead, it’s the opposite. From their Heavenly vantage point, hey still feel close and connected! They are with you through the good times, the bad times, and all the times in between.


The last thing that they want is for you to cry over them, first, because they’re not gone, and second, because they don’t want your grief to keep you from being happy and enjoying life.


So, when you imagine how your loved one is doing in Heaven, remember this. The one thing that the dead always say to me, as a medium, is that they don’t want you to take time out of your life mourning them. Time and time again, they ask me to relay the same message, “I’m always by your side.”


We Never Die


What I have learned as a medium is that we truly never die. There is just a continuation of life in a completely different way. These are just SOME of the parts of transitioning that the souls have shared with me about life after death, however there is so much more I want to share! That is exactly why I decided to write my new book ‘ We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife’ available for pre-order right now on Amazon!  In my new book I will take you on a journey of the soul from this world to the next. I hope you will join me on this journey and order a copy.


If you would like to hear from a loved one that has passed on, I invite you to join me at an online group reading or in person event by Clicking Here to take part in the most amazing family reunion with Heaven!






The Invisible Psychic String

The Invisible Psychic String

The Psychic Cord That Can’t be Broken


The holidays can be lonely when someone you love isn’t around. You might be separated by miles or in a more permanent way, but whatever the reason you can’t be together physically, it’s comforting to know that you’re always connected energetically.


Coincidence or Spiritual Connection?


It happens to everyone. You randomly think about someone from your past – then within a few hours you get a friend request from them on social media or unexpectedly run into them. Or you have the sudden urge to call a friend at the very moment something significant is happening to them. Once, based on an impulse, I called an old friend I hadn’t talked to in years. When she answered the phone, she told me she was waiting for the coroner to arrive to pick up her mother who had just passed.


Those synchronicities are more than just coincidence. I believe these incidents are proof that we’re energetically connected to certain people with a “psychic string” that time, distance, and even death can’t break.


A Psychic “Hotline” Connects you to Loved Ones


Remember when you were a kid, and you made a “telephone” with two tin cans and a string? I tried that experiment when I was about ten. You couldn’t have a real conversation, but the vibration would travel through the string, and if you were paying attention, you’d know when the person on the other end was trying to reach you. This is the same – you’ll feel a tug – and your subconscious or your intuition gets the message. All you have to do is be open and receptive.


We’re energetically tied to people for all kinds of reasons – the most common connections are to partners or soul mates, children, and immediate family members – but you can also find yourself linked to friends, pets, and even ancestors who you’ve never actually met. We all have multiple cords connecting us to the people who matter most.


There are also cords that aren’t so healthy or positive, and those can actually drain your energy – but that’s a story for another blog.


As a medium, I know that people carry these invisible soul connections with them into the afterlife. If one person goes before the other, this cord will bridge the gap until they’re together again.


What is an Astral Cord?


An Astral Cord is a golden string of energy that connects your heart to the heart of a loved one who has passed away. When you love someone, the connection doesn’t die just because they do. You give off energy with your thoughts and intentions and send it out into the Universe. Your loved one feels that love and sends it back to you, through this golden string.


The astral cord also allows the deceased to send you signs to let you know they are still connected to you. You will notice these signs because you may feel a little tug on your heart when this happens and it’s usually when you need their support, or right before something amazing occurs in your life!


Love is the Most Reliable Network!


Love energy is the most powerful way to create enduring connections in life, and it’s also the best way to stay connected with loves ones in Heaven.


The more love you give off into the Universe and the more you set your intention to receive love, the stronger your connection becomes. The golden string of energy that connects you makes spirit communication easier for both parties involved.


So, when you’re feeling sad because you’re missing a loved one during the holidays, remember that they’re not that far away. Reach out and talk to the people in your life that you care about, and for those on the other side, send out a loving thought – you’ll hear back from them in your dreams at night, or notice signs as you go about your day!


Staying Connected


What people often do not realize is that when you visit a psychic medium like myself, your loved ones come through not because of my gift or ability, they come through because of the connection you had with one another. When they see that they can reach you through someone like myself, they take the opportunity to deliver you a message. This the reason why I love my readings so much! Whether I am doing a group reading or a LIVE event, nobody is ever attending alone. Right with you are the spirits of your loved ones that have passed on. It truly is a family reunion with Heaven! If you would like to attend a psychic medium event with me, Click Here.


Second Chances – Coming Back From Death

Second Chances – Coming Back From Death


One of the best things about being a medium is that moment when you see someone’s idea of death and the afterlife change after you deliver a message from a loved one in Heaven. As satisfying as that is, there’s nothing like a near death experience to change the way a person sees life, death, and just about everything else!

A near death experience (NDE) is an event in which someone comes close to dying without actually dying.

Near death experiences are often described as being very similar to out of body experiences, where the person’s soul leaves their body and then returns back with a whole new outlook on the afterlife.

During these experiences, people oftentimes will visit Heaven for a few short moments, meeting friends, family and sometimes even pets that died. They sometimes are explained the purpose of their life, foretold certain life events that would be happening, and then told that they must return back to their body.


A Life-Changing, Near-Death Experience


Recently I had the chance to meet Dr. Mary Neal from the Netflix Original Series “Surviving Death.”

In 1999, Dr Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon, had a near-death experience. She was pinned underwater, declared dead, and was then revived. For a few short moments she visited Heaven and now shares her story with the world.

Talking to Mary was so amazing! Many of the things she saw during those minutes when she was declared dead match up perfectly with what souls in Heaven have described to me – like the life review. The only difference is that Mary experienced these events firsthand, and miraculously came back to tell us about it.


When It’s Not Your Time to Go


Near death experiences, especially ones where people die and come back to life are rare and miraculous. They remind us that we are here on this earth for a divine purpose and mission. If that mission has not been completed and it’s not our time to die, it’s possible that we will be sent back to Earth to continue our journey.

During these near-death experiences, people’s lives can be forever changed. I’ve had done some amazing readings and had some fascinating conversations about the topic, here’s what I have learned during some of my readings:


Unlocking Psychic Gifts: 


One woman I met was in a horrific car accident and was thought to have died. Miraculously she recovered – but she wasn’t the same. She was suddenly a psychic medium. She woke up from her coma and was shocked that she was able to see, hear, and sense the departed. She came to me for a reading and some advice. She didn’t know how this was possible! I knew exactly what had happened. The experience brought her so close to Heaven that even when she awakened from her coma, she maintained a stronger spiritual connection that most.


A New Outlook On Life: 


I remember a reading I did for a man who was an absolute skeptic and did not believe in Heaven or the afterlife. After suffering a major heart attack, he was clinically dead for 30 mins but was brought back to life with a whole new perspective.

He had the proof he needed to believe that Heaven was real. While the doctors were working to revive him, he visited Heaven for a few short moments and saw his family that had passed on. They had some important things to tell him.

They urged him to come back to Earth, get closer to God and start believing in Heaven. They also told him that he needed to become a better person. He had been an alcoholic and hadn’t been good to the people in his life. But that all changed after he spent a few minutes in Heaven. He realized he still had some growing to do spiritually, and some lessons to learn, and he was determined to make the most of his second chance.

He learned to cherish relationships deeper, set goals, spread kindness and open his heart.


Close To Death – But Not There…


One more thing!  It’s important to understand that not everyone who has a near death experience visits Heaven. There would be a lot more of these stories if that were the case.

For example, I knew a woman who had suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the abdomen, she was extremely close to death but not close enough to have the experience of visiting Heaven.

When she asked me about the experience and why she never saw Heaven, I saw a vision. The spirit world showed me it was because she had never left her body. Spirit tells me that near death experiences only happen when our soul exits our physical body and start to transition into Heaven.


A Visit with a Purpose


I was so honored to meet and speak with Dr. Mary Neal, and I left with confirmation of something I’ve always felt. Any encounter we have with the other side, be it a sign from Heaven, a reading from a medium, or a near-death experience happens for a reason. The dead come through to me because there’s something important they want their loved one to understand, and from my conversations with those who have taken a round trip to the other side – they learned valuable lessons and never saw things the same way again.

One thing is certain, proof of the Heaven and the afterlife is all around us. The more we learn about Heaven the more that we our loved ones are right by our side and that our soul truly lives on even after death.

I invite you to attend one of my events, either online or live by Clicking Here.

It is during these group events that I contact the spirit world and give reading in real-time. You might hear an important message from a loved one – and you’ll have a chance to see firsthand how audience member’s outlooks are changed by getting a little closer to Heaven!


Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

Having you ever wondered why you are here on Earth?


Over the last few years, I realized something about people, and I’ll bet you’ve noticed the same thing. Whether they’re old or young, rich or poor, living in New York City or a small town in Kansas, people have something in common — they want to know that what they’re doing matters, and that their life means something.


As a medium, I get a lot of people asking me about their special gifts and talents. When people are talking to me, they’re mostly wondering about their spiritual gifts, but honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a gifted psychic or a gifted carpenter, a born medium or a born musician. Bottom line, we all want to know why we were put on this earth, and we want to be assured that we’re living our true purpose.


When I talk to souls in Heaven, this topic comes up often. Looking back over their lives, the dead can see things clearly. They know if they lived a meaningful life or not, and now that their lives on earth are over, they want to help their loved ones make the most of their own lives. But most of all, they have a message for you. They want you to know that you were put here on Earth for a reason.


I’m always so happy to relay these messages of guidance and encouragement. After all, what’s more meaningful than the wisdom that comes from a heavenly perspective?


What Makes You Special?


Here’s what I’ve gathered from talks with the spirit world… When you’re born, there are certain gifts that have your name written on them. These gifts are divinely placed in your life from Heaven and are just for you. Nobody else can claim them.


You won’t truly know the FULL purpose of your life until you pass on. During your life review the mystery of why you were put on earth will be revealed. But while you’re alive, the insights I’m sharing here can help nudge you onto the right path.


Oh, and one more thing to keep in mind. In addition to being born with special gifts, you might encounter challenges that help you discover your purpose. Heaven tells me that all the challenges, struggles and obstacles we face here on Earth define our future by teaching us life lessons and making us stronger. These challenges are not meant to stop us, they are meant to empower us.


Think about the struggles you have gone through in your life. How could you use your experience to help someone going through the same or something similar?



Hints and Opportunities from Heaven


I once did a reading for a man who was lucky to be alive. He had almost passed from an alcohol addiction, and after coming so close to death, he knew he had to make a change. After this dramatic wake up call, he worked so hard to get sober. It wasn’t easy, but he persevered. Once he was healed, he knew his purpose was to help others to do the same.


He started rescuing some of his friends who had similar issues and joined forces with organizations to raise money and save lives. Doing this helped him to stay sober, while gaining satisfaction from the knowledge that he was making a difference in people’s lives.


The spirit world tells me that they send us hints to fulfill our purpose. When we’re on the right path, the other side helps us along, pushing us toward new opportunities and people that can help us.


Align yourself With Your Soul Purpose


So where to start? Open your mind to all the possibilities. Finding your purpose is not so much about finding the meaning of YOUR life, but about becoming more by learning lessons and using your divine gifts to help others.


If you can’t readily identify your uniqueness, look back to what you love. Start by asking yourself these questions…

What conversations or activities excite you most?

What are you better at than anyone else you know?

What lesson have you learned that you’re passionate about sharing with others? 

You’ve probably heard this, and I KNOW it’s true because it happens to me every time I do a reading:


When you are channeling your gifts, time disappears as you become completely one with your task. When you’re in that zone, you’re not looking at your watch or going to the refrigerator for a snack. You’re 100% immersed in what you’re doing, you’re perfectly content, and hours go by like minutes.


Where Do You Fit In?


Some of us are painters, some of us are musicians. Some of us are born teachers, inventors, some of us are born healers and others are born leaders. Where do you fit in?

Start by paying attention to those activities that bring you the fulfillment. Listen to your intuition as you meditate and journal. Write a letter to a loved one on the other side and ask for guidance. And, if you run across a medium or attend a mediumship event, keep your ears open for clues from Heaven.