A Special Visit from Heaven

A Special Visit from Heaven

The First Soul Connection

Growing up with a psychic Mom was never boring. I have vivid memories of her having premonitional dreams. There were many mornings when she woke up happy and excited after dreaming that a friend or family member was having a baby. She’d rush to the phone to call the person and share the good news, “I had a dream that you were pregnant!”

For her, the dreams always followed the same pattern. A departed family member would appear in her dream holding a child that would soon be sent down to his or her mother here in this world. The souls were always eager to share this news with my Mom because they knew she would pass the message along to the new parent to be. Usually, her predication would be within a just a few days of the couple getting their positive pregnancy test result.

My mother is a gifted psychic and medium, but dreams and visitations like this can happen to anyone. In fact, it happened to my wife Alexa.

A Dream Come True!

From just about the moment we met, Alexa and I always planned on getting married and starting a family. That plan went into action the moment we each said “I do” back in October. However, when Alexa received her first two negative pregnancy tests, she started to feel sad, anxious, and even a little nervous. She wanted to see that positive mark on the test so badly!

One night, she was really stressing herself out. “What if I don’t get pregnant?” she asked. I could see the worry on her face, but I reassured her it would all happen in God’s time – when it was meant to be. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long for her mood to shift. That very night she went to bed and woke up a changed person. She shook me out of a sound sleep, excitedly telling me she had met our son.

In Alexa’s dream, she was pregnant and gave birth to a little baby boy. She saw herself singing to him in the car, dressing him up in cute outfits – she could see his personality as he waved and interacted with her in the dream. The details were so vivid! He loved Winnie the Pooh, Disney music, and car rides. He was sassy and energetic. She woke up and knew she had met our son. After so many years as a child, watching my own mom have these same types of dreams, I knew it was real.

Alexa connected with our “dream baby” so strongly that she began to miss him – wondering if she would ever get to hold him and love him in real life. To our delight, we discovered two weeks later she was pregnant. The moment she got that result, I knew it was him. Our son!


Confirmation & Validation

Sure enough, when we went to the doctor for blood work, and it was confirmed that we were having a boy. As a medium, I’ve had souls explain how babies wait in Heaven to be born. I know for sure our boy was waiting and couldn’t resist dropping in on Alexa to let her know. Since I’m the psychic, you would think that I would’ve known first! However, our little baby decided to give Alexa the upper hand on this one.

This wouldn’t be the first time a baby visited its mother or father before being born. I have talked to many people who have had similar experiences. When we’re in a subconscious state, we’re more open to Spirit connections, which is why so many souls visit us in our dreams. It’s not just babies, relatives, ancestors, and friends that have passed away will also make their appearances in our dreams.


Remember, that dreams can be a sign that Spirit is around you. Don’t pass it off as wishful thinking – if you have a dream that seems especially vivid, write down the details as soon as you wake up. You might have a deceased loved one trying to close out some unfinished business, or you might be expecting a new little blessing from Heaven!

Beginning Your Soul’s Journey

Beginning Your Soul’s Journey

The separation between Heaven and Earth isn’t a wall or a gate. It’s more like an invisible curtain which can be crossed freely. As a medium, I reach across that veil to connect with the Spirit realm, but it goes both ways. Souls, Guides, and Angels pass through just as frequently to visit the living.

A Family Reunion in Heaven.


Did you know that we all begin our life journey from the same place? Everyone starts out as a soul in Heaven. Before you are born you gather with those who passed before you – including your grandparents, great great grandparents and even ancestors who died centuries earlier.

At the same time that you meet your extended family in the spirit world, you’re assigned a spirit guide and guardian Angel. They’re excited to join you on the journey that lies ahead!

When a baby is born, they don’t consciously remember the time they spent with loved ones in Heaven, but that’s not important. What is important is that the loved ones remember. Some will remain with the child throughout their life. They will be there to provide support, guidance, and love.

It might seem strange, but it’s no different from the way living family members rush to see a new baby born into the family. Once you accept that you’re part of a soul family that exists in Heaven and is watching over you with the same love as your Earth family, it makes perfect sense. But that doesn’t mean people don’t sometimes get surprised by spirit visitors!

Recently on my Facebook page I got a message from a mother and father who were experiencing that exact situation.

The couple posted footage from their baby monitor on my Facebook page. At 3:00 am they were awoken by the sound of their baby laughing and giggling in his crib. When they checked the baby monitor, they saw bright orbs flying around the baby’s head, and the child was having a great time interacting with them. It’s not unusual for a camera pick up orbs, which often appear as small floating circles. The camera is actually picking up on the energy of spirit. I recognized that this footage was a spirit visitation, and as I watched, it was obvious there was nothing to fear.


The poor parents didn’t see it that way! They were afraid the orbs represented something negative- maybe a force that was trying to possess or harm their child – when in fact, it was totally the opposite. They were seeing the spirits of Angels and loved ones stopping by to visit the baby. I was able to reassure them that their baby was in no danger. I know they believed me, but I have a feeling they slept with one eye on the baby monitor for a while.


Your Spirit guides and Angels are always there, even if you get older and don’t feel them as strongly.

Heavenly visitations are the reason some children see and interact with imaginary friends. Many children will see great grandparents, angels, and even people who have recently passed away.

As they age, most people become less aware of their connection with Spirit. It doesn’t mean their loved ones aren’t there, only that most adults are less open to seeing the signs and feeling the energy of Spirit visitors. They might see things like orbs in photographs, but often pass it off as a glitch with the camera or a trick of the light.

The best way for an adult to open to Spirit visitors is to make a conscious effort to tune in. Talk to your guides and angels, keep your eyes open for signs from Heaven, and use your intuition to sense when Spirit might be near. If you want to take your Spirit awareness to the next level, I offer courses on my website, to provide tips and guidance. You can view all my courses by Clicking Here.

From before you are born till the day you die – and beyond – remember that you are not alone. When you see a sign, or spot an orb in a photo, take it as a reminder to us that Heaven does exist and that our loved ones are always with us

Do Spirits Eat, Sleep or use the Bathroom?

Do Spirits Eat, Sleep or use the Bathroom?

From My New Book ‘We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife’


So many people lately have been asking me about Heaven lately and it seems this question almost always comes up. Do spirits eat and go to the bathroom?


This is actually a tricky one. There’s not a yes or no answer, but maybe this story will help clarify.


I once did a reading for a family, and their grandpa came through. When he was alive, his evening ritual was to sit in his recliner and eat ice cream, and that’s exactly what he showed me. The family was surprised: “Wait, people in heaven eat?”


People in heaven can eat, but they don’t have to. They often come through doing the things they loved in life. It’s not uncommon for me to see a chef cooking in the kitchen, or a father drinking a cup of coffee.


It’s important to know that just because food comes up in a reading, it doesn’t mean souls are eating three meals a day. They don’t need food to survive (they’re dead, after all), but they still take place in activities that represent their personalities and who they were in


life.Do I think that spirits might occasionally pour themselves a glass of wine and enjoy it with other souls? I know they do, but it’s more of a symbolic thing than an actual meal or drink. Food and drinks have a whole different significance in heaven.


Enjoying What He Had Missed in Life


A family came to me whose father had passed. Before he died, he was having a terrible time with food. He was on a GI tube and couldn’t stand the fact that he couldn’t enjoy his favorite meals. He begged his family for a steak or a hamburger. They couldn’t give it to him, and he suffered with those cravings for years until he passed.


When he came through in the reading, he was surrounded by food—steak, mashed potatoes, cheesecake—and he told me he’d gained back all the weight he had lost while he was ill. His family was so happy to see him back to his old self and enjoying the foods that he’d been denied when he was ill.


When a loved one passes away, they want you to remember them happy. This reading was very healing for the family and for the soul himself because it replaced the image they had of him being thin, hungry, and frustrated, with the image of his healthy, happy self in heaven surrounded by his favorite foods.


Overall, spirits don’t need the same things that we do to survive, because survival isn’t an issue anymore. There are no hospitals or cemeteries in heaven. If you see a family member jogging, showering, or eating a burger in heaven, that’s just a way for them to come through to you.


What you’re seeing isn’t really your loved one eating. The earthly activity they’re showing you is a link to their old self and the personality they still have in heaven.


This makes me think of Casper the Friendly Ghost! I loved that cartoon when I was a kid, and I remember when Casper’s uncles were sitting at the table eating, and the was food going right through them. They didn’t need the food, but they were still connected to the act of eating.



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Are You An Old Soul?

Are You An Old Soul?

The Perks and Pitfalls of Being an Old Soul


I have to say, these last few months have been pretty amazing. I married my soulmate, Alexa, went on an amazing honeymoon, I’ve got a brand-new book coming out, and I’ve been back on the road hosting LIVE events all around the country. I’ve even done shows in Las Vegas, which was a dream of mine for years. But my life wasn’t always like this. If you’d told me I’d be on stage in Las Vegas when I was in high school, well…I’m not sure I would have believed you!


When You’re an Old Soul in High School


Everyone asks me, is there a hell? Yes, it’s right here on earth and it’s also known as High School! To say that my high school years were difficult is an understatement.

People assume that the fact that I speak to dead people was the reason I didn’t fit in with the high school crowd, but that wasn’t it. For the most of that time I didn’t let anyone know about that side of my life- I had pushed it away to the point that I had almost forgotten that I had psychic abilities. But what WAS an issue is that I was an “old soul” trying to connect with a bunch of kids who were basically obsessed with sports and partying.


How Heavy is Your Baggage?


Growing up, my mom and grandma always said I was an old soul, but I didn’t really get what that meant. I asked my mom once, and she said it was because I wasn’t like other kids. I was very sensitive and tuned in to the feelings of other people – even strangers, and she felt like I was “born knowing things.”

That’s pretty much the definition of an old soul. If you believe that we’re all energy, and part of a universal life source, then an old soul is connected to that wisdom on a deeper level (and from an earlier age) during their lifetime.

New souls enter the world to experience things for the first time. It’s like they’re traveling through life with an empty suitcase and filling it up as they go along. Everything feels new to them, and their journey is all about learning lessons. An old soul comes into this life with heavier baggage – filled with karma and memories – so they approach things from a whole different perspective. Because of this perspective, they have a hard time relating to the things that their peers care about so desperately.


How to Know if You’re an Old Soul


If you, or someone you know is having the kind of experience at school or work that I did back in High School, maybe their “old soul” is the reason. If you’re wondering if you, or someone you love, is an old soul, here are some characteristics to look for:


  • You feel like an outsider. Like I said, old souls are approaching life from a different angle than other people, and their unique perspective makes It hard for others to relate to them. If they’re in an environment where everyone is trying hard to fit in, sensitive old souls can be left out of things, or become the target of bullying.



  • You know right away when you’ve found a kindred spirit. On the flip side, when you meet a like-minded person (another old soul) you really click. And that’s an amazing feeling.



  • You feel connected to everyone – you’re sensitive to animals, strangers, plants, and flowers. Your empathy can be a burden or a blessing. You might cry when you watch the news, but you also understand people. When you find people you can trust, it’s easy for you to get close.



  • You’re more self-aware than most people. “Old souls” tend to look inward and examine their behavior and feelings. This pays off, because they recognize when they hurt others, or make a choice that doesn’t serve them.



  • You see the big picture. Because an old soul is tapped into universal energy, they tend to understand things on a different level. They can’t just focus on how something impacts them without also seeing the impact of others, their neighborhood, and the planet as a whole.



  • Finally, you have a gift that you can’t really explain. You sit down at the piano and can play by ear. You have an eye for color and design that comes naturally. Or maybe you can talk to dead people.



Living Your Best Life as an Old Soul


If you checked a lot of these boxes, congratulations! You CAN thrive as an old soul in a world full of newbies if remember these simple tips.

  • Find your tribe and connect with them often. Everyone is not going to totally “get you” but it’s critical to have other like-minded people that you can spend time with to recharge and relax.


  • Do meaningful work. I always knew I wanted to help people, first as an emergency medical technician (EMT), and then as a medium. When I recognized my gift, it was like my whole life lit up. I was in the right place, and that resonated down to my soul.


  • Enjoy life. Don’t let that heavy baggage weigh you down! Feed your “old soul” with music, art, spending time in nature, good food, good friends, and loving pets.


I can hardly express how grateful I am to be spending my time doing work that’s fulfilling and that has such a healing effect on other people. I feel like I’m doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do – and that makes my “old soul” very happy!


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Book Cover with Matt Fraser standing with a gold jacketPsychic medium Matt Fraser, the author of When Heaven Calls, is back with a book that answers the question everyone wants to know the answer to: “What happens after death?” Although the answer might seem complicated, it’s actually pretty simple: We never die.

Drawing from his personal experiences as America’s top psychic medium and the thousands of conversations he’s had with those in spirit, Matt will pull back the curtain on life’s hidden question. He’ll dive into what happens when we cross over, explore the beautiful realities of heaven and eternal life, the guardian angels who keep us safe on earth (including our pets), and much more. He’ll also explain how we can tune into our own inner psychic medium and better recognize the signs and messages our loved ones send us from heaven. As Matt explains, “We all have our own ‘phone line’ to communicate with heaven. All we have to do is figure out how to use it.” 

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What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die?

Stepping Into The Afterlife


People often ask me, “what happens when you die?” It’s not surprising that they’d want to know. Death is something that inevitably happens to every one of us, but you can’t go on Travel Channel and watch a tour of Heaven before you go.


I find that most people tell me that they are fearful of dying, mostly because they just don’t know what to expect. Even if you DID know what to expect, it’s still kind of scary for most people to think about dying themselves or losing a loved one – so let’s make this less stressful. Try to exclude the word “death” and substitute it for “transition.” Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s ask “What happens when you transition?”


As a psychic medium, I’ve connected with countless souls in Heaven, and based on what they’ve shared, I have a good understanding of the first actions that happen when a soul crosses over.


Passing Over


When someone passes from old age or illness, they’re surrounded by their loved ones – and not just the living ones. Souls of their own dearly departed visit them and prepare them for the transition. But there’s not always time for that. When death is sudden, like a car accident, the transition is instant.


Many souls tell me that dying suddenly was like going to sleep – except they fell asleep on earth and woke up on the other side. It’s like when you were a little kid and fell asleep in the car. Your dad would carry you into the house and you’d magically wake up in your bed. For some it’s like that – they close their eyes and open them in Heaven.


The Life Review


You’ve probably heard mediums talk about the life review. It’s a soul’s way of transitioning from one life to the next and revisiting the lessons they learned on earth. It’s kind of amazing, because during the life review, the soul sees every action, relationship, and experience through their new, heavenly “filter.”  They see the love they shared and the impact they had on others. The life review allows the soul to leave all the pain, illness and hurt that they might have experienced in life behind and truly understand their life’s purpose.


A Heavenly Reunion


When you are about to pass, angels, loved ones, and pets who are already on the Other Side will help guide you through the transition. Some of them arrive early, and that’s the reason many people appear to see loved ones and have conversations with them before they die. I know this because of my connection with souls on the other side, but people who have had a near death experience will tell you the same thing. That’s one of the reasons virtually no one comes out of an NDE (near death experience) quite the same as they were before it happened.



Checking In On the People You Left Behind


One thing you should know is that love is eternal! When someone passes, they will often come back and check up on their family and friends on earth. It’s common for the deceased to attend their own funerals in spirit, not to see who sent flowers, but to see for themselves how their loved ones are doing.


Choosing Special Signs


One interesting item on a souls’ “to-do-list” is choosing the signs they will use to reach out to loved ones on earth. They might choose different signs for different family members, but you can be sure that whatever they select will have meaning to them, and to the recipient. There’s nothing to stop you from making this task a little easier by talking to your loved one before they pass. Many people set up special ways to know if their loved one is near – it might be coins, music, or flickering lights – whatever works!


Divine tasks


Your work isn’t over when you die. Heaven is a place where souls continue to fulfill their purpose. They choose a “job” that helps those on earth – and usually this divine task relates to lessons they have learned, special gifts, or helping others overcome an obstacle they struggled with in life. For example, an alcoholic who died of alcoholism might help those on earth with their recovery, or a gifted schoolteacher might encourage others on the same path.


Closer Than You Think…


When a loved one passes, to the people they leave behind it feels like the ultimate distance. For the dead, it’s the opposite. From their Heavenly vantage point, hey still feel close and connected! They are with you through the good times, the bad times, and all the times in between.


The last thing that they want is for you to cry over them, first, because they’re not gone, and second, because they don’t want your grief to keep you from being happy and enjoying life.


So, when you imagine how your loved one is doing in Heaven, remember this. The one thing that the dead always say to me, as a medium, is that they don’t want you to take time out of your life mourning them. Time and time again, they ask me to relay the same message, “I’m always by your side.”


We Never Die


What I have learned as a medium is that we truly never die. There is just a continuation of life in a completely different way. These are just SOME of the parts of transitioning that the souls have shared with me about life after death, however there is so much more I want to share! That is exactly why I decided to write my new book ‘ We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife’ available for pre-order right now on Amazon!  In my new book I will take you on a journey of the soul from this world to the next. I hope you will join me on this journey and order a copy.


If you would like to hear from a loved one that has passed on, I invite you to join me at an online group reading or in person event by Clicking Here to take part in the most amazing family reunion with Heaven!