The Meaning of Psychic Dreams

Doorway to Other Worlds – Understanding Your Dreams


You open your eyes and sit up in bed, aware that while your body was resting your subconscious mind just had an extraordinary experience.


As you leave your dream state behind you become aware of familiar surroundings – the walls of your bedroom, your phone, and personal items on the table beside you, sunlight streaming through the window. No! You think to yourself. I need just a little more time. But you’re awake and there’s no going back – at least not today.


Have you ever had a dream that felt so real it was hard to believe it didn’t really happen? If the answer is yes, then this blog is for you.


Dreams play an important role. They’ve been known to provide insights into the future as well as help process emotions and get clarity on situations that might be causing you worry or stress. And that’s not all. Dreams can be your best chance at receiving guidance and connection with your spirit guides and loved ones in Heaven.


But how can you get the most out of your dream state? Well, for starters, you have to remember them.


What Did You Dream Last Night?


If you sleep, you dream – most people dream for about two hours every night and might have 4-6 separate dreams. But I’d be surprised if you remembered many of them. In fact, most of your dreams will vanish from your memory as soon as you wake up.


There’s no secret to remembering ALL your dreams (and you probably wouldn’t want to) but these five tips will help you remember more of them.


  • Chill out. Stress interferes with your ability to sleep deeply and causes you to wake up more often throughout the night, which interferes with your ability to remember dreams. To calm down before bed, turn off your electronics, and listen to soft music, meditate, or read.
  • Eat healthy. For a good night’s sleep and sweet, memorable dreams, avoid sugar and heavy meals before bed, and try to eat healthy throughout the day.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed.
  • Set your intention before falling asleep. Awareness might be all you need to remember that important dream – and figure out what it meant.
  • Wake up slowly. If your alarm clock jolts you out of bed, you’re sure to forget all about the dream you were in the middle of. If you can, set your alarm so you can wake up slowly, and while you’re still groggy do your best to grab a pen and paper and jot down anything you can remember about your dreams.


What the Heck Was That All About?


Do you ever wake up from a particularly vivid dream and wonder what on earth (or Heaven) your subconscious is trying to tell you? I might have your answer. Let’s spend a minute exploring what dreams mean and how to interpret them properly:


Different kinds of dreams:


  1. Dream Visitations – While you’re in a subconscious state, the veil between the physical world and the spirit world becomes very thin, and your loved ones who have passed can take the opportunity to pay you a visit. You don’t have to be a medium to experience this – all you must be is open and receptive. Dreams like this are usually very emotional, and make you feel like you are visiting Heaven.


  1. Premonitional Dreams – These are dreams that hold signs of things to come – they can tell you what might happen if you choose a certain path. These dreams can be scary, and feel like a warning, but if you pay attention and interpret them correctly, they will provide you with valuable guidance.


  1. Fear Dreams – A lot of people call these “anxiety dreams” and they can feel like everything you fear has come to life. You might dream of the worries and anxieties that you are running away from. This kind of dream isn’t fun but can be a valuable tool to show you what you might be avoiding or pushing away – and give you practice in facing them.


  1. Symbolic Dreams – These dreams normally don’t make sense because their meaning is hidden deep within. These dreams are when messages come from a symbol. For example, a dream of a deer can mean anything from independence to grace. It can also be a personal symbol – maybe there was someone who used to call you “dear?” In dreams like this, there might be common interpretations, but only you can figure out what these symbols say about yourself and your life.


The key to understanding you psychic dreams:


When it comes to dreams, most people find themselves confused when interpreting their meanings, but the combination of setting your intention to dream, remembering the details, and using your intuition to interpret your dreams can help you unlock their secrets.


If you can remember your dreams, write them down in a dream journal. Be as detailed as possible and start looking for patterns. Pay attention to the details.


Where were you in the dream, who was with you and how did you feel about what was happening?


Were you frustrated, scared, or happy?


Was there something you were trying to do but couldn’t?


What was stopping you?


Were there things that seemed out of place?  A rubber duck in the road or a horse in the kitchen?


If there’s a dream that’s recurring, or that seems very significant, jot down everything you can remember about it and think about it throughout the day. It might hold the key to something you’ve been struggling with – or it might be a message from a loved one in Heaven.


The Language of Spirit

There are so many different ways besides dreams that your loved ones in spirit try to get your attention and deliver messages. Learning to communicate with them is a special language. If you would like to learn more about communicating with the spirit world, take a look at my audio classes by Clicking Here. Each class is filled with ways to help you better understand you psychic intuitive gifts and give you insight into the spirit world.







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