The World Needs Your Prayers

It is through the toughest times in your life and when you think you are alone that Heaven is silently helping you in ways that you cannot see.

When you are scared about what tomorrow will bring, I want you to remember one thing: Heaven and your angels can see tomorrow so much more clearly than we see yesterday. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

If there is one thing I know as a psychic medium, it’s that your loved ones are always with you. Whether you are feeling sad, lonely, or anxious you can know that they are by your side through it all. In fact, they are waiting for you to talk to them and acknowledge that they are there. 

Heaven is Listening…

When you talk with your loved ones who have passed on, they hear you. Whether it’s an internal conversation or one that you say out loud, your loved ones are listening.

You can share anything with them: your worries, concerns, or day to day struggles. When you speak to them, you will begin to feel their warm and gentle presence with you. You may even begin to get emotional. 

It is important to know that Heaven is not a faraway place. You are connected to Heaven by the bond of love you share with someone special who has passed on. When we are faced with troubled times here on Earth like the coronavirus, Heaven teaches us to remain strong and stick together.

I believe that when we pray, we send out a little bit of our energy to help spread healing and love. During this time, the world needs you. Our prayers work to send emotional support and healing. 

As the coronavirus spreads, so does fear and anxiety. Together, we can stop it by joining Heaven and spreading positivity and love.

While God and our angels are helping those who are sick, take a moment to close your eyes and send love and healing thought waves to wherever it is needed in the world. 

Pray, Be Positive, Have Faith.

Here is a prayer that I started saying. I hope it helps you through this time and that you share it with your friends and family who need some positivity. 

Dear God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, and St. Rocco,

Please send your healing and loving energy to wherever it is needed today in the world. Please help those who are ill recover quickly and become stronger. Please use your divine power to slow the illness, and keep those who are vulnerable safe.

We thank you for your strength and the healing you have already given us. Amen.

When we all start to pray, we bring new energy of light and healing into the world and invite Heaven and our angels to help. 

Remind Yourself That Heaven is Near.

During times like this when you need to be reminded of Heaven, it helps to wear or keep with you something of a passed loved one or that holds special spiritual significance in your heart. It could be a piece of their jewelry, a picture, or even rosary beads.

When the coronavirus first began, a friend of mine named Linda who owns a spiritual jewelry company here in Cranston, RI started wearing a St. Rocco Medal and praying daily. She gave one to me to wear, and I began doing the same. I noticed that when I wore it, something amazing happened.

I walked into the supermarket where emotions and anxieties were high due to the virus. A couple of people stopped me and told me, “I love your necklace. What does it mean?”

I told them about St. Rocco and that he was the patron saint of infectious disease. I shared how I was praying to him and sending prayers to the world, and I wore the necklace as a symbol of inviting his energy into my life.

As I told the story, everyone started feeling so good. It reminded them that through the panic, they also can pray and invite the divine energy of Heaven and the universe into their lives. Friends, family members, and strangers all wanted one. 

A chain reaction started, and I decided to share this same spiritual medal with all of you. If you would like your own St. Rocco medal to wear, pray on, or give to someone special, you can order yours below.

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