What is Heaven Like?

Have You Ever Wondered, What Heaven Is Like?

Being psychic, I feel blessed to hear the stories of those on “the other side.” From time to time, I have even been shown a few glimpses of Heaven. During my many readings, souls have come through to connect with their families and deliver a message. Many have even shared what it was like in Heaven. First, it is important to know that death is not the end. Instead, it is a new beginning for that person who has passed away, sort of like a trip around the world for that person who has passed on. According to the spirits who have passed on, one of the first and most amazing parts of their transition to Heaven is that everybody in Heaven automatically knows and loves one another.

When a soul first crosses over, it is like the ultimate family reunion as you are greeted by those who have passed away weeks, months and years earlier. Parents, grandparents, friends and family are among the first who are there waiting. Even those family and friends whom you had never gotten the chance to meet are there waiting to greet you. One of the BEST things about Heaven is EVERYONE gets along! It always puzzles me when I tell families that their mother and father are together in Heaven and their response is: “Cant be! They could not stand each other when they were here.” Well, that might have been true BUT you have to remember that Heaven is not like life here on Earth. When a soul makes their transition into Heaven, they have to let go of all the negative emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy and hate. If we brought all these negative emotions with us, how could Heaven be Heaven?

In order to transition, a person must first forgive all those who have hurt them in the past and move forward so they can live in harmony in Heaven and help those on Earth by doing good. Those in Heaven are completely free of illness. All the pain and suffering they have when they are here leaves them and they become “energy forms,” which allow them to be anywhere they want at any given time. The beautiful thing about Heaven is that it is not a faraway place; your loved ones who have passed on can see and hear you while you walk through your journey of life. The good news is they can see things that are going to happen tomorrow so much more clearly than you see today. They are able to send you “messages from Heaven” in the form of signs and symbols to let you know they are there.

Your pets are with them as well! Horses, dogs, cats, birds, etc. all join our loved ones in Heaven (after all, they are family as well). The good news is that in Heaven, there are no such things as leashes. When a person passes away, that person feels no more pain; unfortunately, the pain is passed on to those here on Earth as we cry and mourn their death. They are in a beautiful paradise and in the presence of God and angels, and they are reunited with family and friends who have passed away earlier. They are still able to visit you and communicate but in a different way. Always remember not to cry over someone passing; smile and know in your heart that they are watching over you. One day you will be reconnected again, but right now, their message to you is to live the BEST and most positive life you can here on Earth. They will be supporting you from heaven 100% of the way!

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