Your Connection To The Spirit World

It seems to be happening more and more. When I give private readings by phone in my Boston and RI office, people from all of the world have been asking me “Am I psychic?” and “do you think I am crazy?.  The answer is Yes, you do have a way to connect with spirit and No you are not crazy lol. I am so happy to hear this question asked more and more.

It makes me think back to the time when my Mom and Grandmother had this gift but could not talk about it. It was a time in the world when many people were having psychic experiences such as seeing signs and connecting and feeling spirit but it was not socially accepted. Boy am I glad that things have changed. I know that you are reading this for a divine reason. The same reason why my grandmother came to me in Spirit and told me to embrace this gift and help change the world. It is because you have loved ones, Angels and spirit guides watching over you. They love you and want to help you. More importantly, they want you to know that you CAN communicate and speak with them whenever you need divine assistance. You may have already started to see signs from them, or felt your intuition kick on in different moments of your life. I have a message for you TRUST YOUR INTUITION.

Here are 5 ways that you can strengthen your psychic ability and follow your divine voice. It is never to late to start your conversation. I hope this helps you.
1. Ask Questions – The Answers WILL Come

You Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones are there to help you and to listen to you. When you speak to them it opens up the door to communication between you and Heaven. You can ask them anything. Ask questions. Whether it’s about finances, health, relationships, family, or friends—ask, ask, ask the questions in your own mind, and the answers will come. We are all psychic in different ways. The answer might come to you in a dream, through a sign, a thought, or maybe even through a friend. The spirit world will find a way to reach you and connect with you. It is now up to you to “listen’ and be open to the answers.

2. Trust & Have Patience – You Are Learning

Communicating with the Spirit world is much like learning a new language. The only difference is they reach you through your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You must have patience so that you can focus on learning the deeper meaning behind what you are seeing, hearing and feeling. For example have you ever had a dream and woke up wondering ” what does this mean”. Dreams have hidden messages from Spirit. The next time you have a dream or have a strong gut feelings or sensation, write it down. The situations, people and circumstances in your dreams  are all symbols that are waiting to be interpreted. When you begin to search for the meanings, you begin to understand what Heaven is trying to tell you. Trust in your gut and your first instinct. Don’t be fear being wrong, use it to help you connect deeper.

3. Let The Messages In & Negativity Out

Part of your journey in evolving spiritually & psychically is letting go of grief, anger and negativity. Negative energy is like a dark spot that sits on your soul. When you are angry with someone or when you hold onto hurt instead of forgiveness, it can act as a barrier between you and ” The Other Side”. Let it go. It will lighten the load you a carrying so the you can start receiving. The messages are there you just have been ignoring them or misunderstanding them. Your Intuition is actually your psychic muscle. Have you ever had an alarm go off in your head to warn you about something, and then come to find out that you were right about the feeling? That is the beginning of your psychic ability emerging. Listen to it. Write it down. Share it with friends. Trust it. The more you do this the more that Heaven knows that you are listening and taking what they are telling you seriously. More messages will follow.

4. Practice By Helping Others

Sometimes it is hard for you to “read” yourself. This is normal. It is because your psychic thoughts and your everyday thoughts run parallel to one another. You must learn to push out your everyday thoughts and assumptions, so that you can focus solely on the divine guidance that you are seeing, hearing or feeling. This is why sometimes it is easier to help a friend through a situation than actually going through it yourself or taking your own advice. When you “read” or help a friend intuitively, it will help you to form and understand the channel of communication that you are using easier. Hold their hand and just feel their “vibes”. Try to pick up on what struggles they are facing and what they can do to make it better. I am sure you will notice that the things you are seeing, sensing or feeling makes sense to them.

5. First Impression Is The Right Impression

The Universe is like a lighthouse sending flashes of information to you through your intuition. Many times you will receive divine information but overthink it until it drifts away or until your thoughts convince you to change the message entirely. The messages are not meant to be edited, they are there to be listened to. When you are facing questions, the first thought that pops into your mind is 99.9% of times the right one psychically. Your intuition does not use you brain to think things through, it just receives. That is why I talk so quickly when I am giving readings. There is no time to think, I am just a conduit of spirit repeating what keeps flowing in. Have you ever had an experience where you heard a loved one was sick or going in for an operation and immediately thought ” They are going to be just fine”. You feel they are going to be o.k but later your mind questions it. You later find out your first thought was correct. This is true with many of the messages from Spirit. Don’t think, just trust.

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