What to Do When Somebody Dies…

How can you help a friend who is grieving?

It’s obvious they’re in pain, and even when you wrack your brain for a way to make it better, it’s tough to come up with the right thing to say. Most people resort to something like, “They had a wonderful life,” “At least they didn’t suffer,” or “They’ll live on in our hearts.” You might feel as if there’s nothing that will bring that person back, and no matter how well meaning, your words of comfort are just words.

But what if you could assure the person that their loved one is not really gone – that instead of being dead, they have simply transitioned to another phase of their existence?

The best thing about being a medium…

I’ve been connecting people with souls on the other side for years. Seeing the weight of grief being lifted when I deliver a message from Heaven is one of my favorite things about being a medium.

Group readings, in person or online, are especially rewarding for me because everyone in the room leaves feeling better. Even if they don’t get a message themselves, the realization that their loved ones are watching over them from Heaven eases some of the pain.

I have good news. You don’t have to be a psychic medium to help someone who is grieving – even if that person is you.

Here are a few things anyone can do to feel closer to the one they’re missing.


  • Embrace the fact that the dearly departed is now safe, happy and pain-free. Imagine them reunited with family members, friends and pets on the other side. If there are children who are also grieving, encourage them to draw pictures of the person in their new Heavenly home.


  • Be aware that souls communicate through signs and signals. Signs are like text messages or postcards from Heaven to remind you they’re with you. A sign can be anything – you’ll recognize it by the fact that it triggers a memory, or makes you think of the person.


  • Know that your loved one’s greatest wish is for you to be as happy as they are. The last thing they want is to see you lonely or in pain. In fact, souls often tell me that they are responsible for helping their loved one on earth meet someone new.


  • Learn some simple tools and techniques to bring loved ones closer — by doing this, you can actually invite more signs and signals. Try setting up a memory corner with photos, a candle and maybe something that belonged to the departed. They’ll appreciate being remembered in this loving way, and you’ll feel their presence every time you walk by.


  • Attend a mediumship demonstration like an online group reading and witness first-hand how the dead reach out to the living. Listen to the messages that come through to others in the room closely – everyone can benefit from the wisdom and guidance that comes through.


  • Be mindful and aware. So many times, when I do a reading, the soul lets me know they have been trying and trying to get their loved one’s attention. They’ve sent coins, flickered lights, and played meaningful songs on the radio – but the person they were trying to reach was too busy to notice. I get that we all are busy with normal day to day activities, but try slowing down and paying attention. That change in behavior might just be all you need to feel more connected!


As someone who has seen the healing and closure a message or sign from Heaven can provide, I wanted to reach out and share that comfort and closure with as many people as possible. So, I’ve taken the very best of what I’ve learned and created a unique new masterclass called ‘Keeping in Touch’ .  It includes practical and useful tips on how you can keep your loved ones close and connected to you even after death.

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