Your Intuition Has the Answer!

It might surprise you to have a psychic advise you to “be your own psychic”, but just think about it! You’ve had experiences where you just knew something, where your gut feeling turned out to be right, or when you “just knew” something was going to happen, and it did. We all are born with natural psychic gifts.

For some people, intuition shows up as that little voice inside that just seems to know things. A gut instinct when you first meet someone. Picking up on emotional cues and tuning another person’s vibe – or energy – can tell you a lot if you’re open to receiving the information.

Sometimes you’ll receive a message in a dream – especially a dream that repeats. A friend of mine had a recurring nightmare that her chewing gum was expanding, filling her mouth like a gag. In her waking hours, she was in a situation where she didn’t have a voice. Her conscious mind was justifying and explaining away problems, but her psychic self knew the truth – the situation was toxic. The dream helped open her eyes to the reality.

Think of psychic gifts as a radio station you want to tune into. Some of us get a clearer signal than others, but there are ways to adjust your dial. Here are a few ways to help you tap into your psychic gifts:

Meditation is a great way to get in touch with your own true voice, and hear the messages that you need to hear. Being still and quieting the mind makes space for those messages to get through. You may think meditation requires a special space, special props, the perfect music, even aromatherapy. While those things are great, the reality is that meditation can happen anywhere, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you’ve been intimidated by the idea of meditation, try setting a timer for three minutes and just sit quietly. Focus on your breathing. Don’t try to quiet your mind. Let thoughts come and go, and just breathe.

What if the signals aren’t coming through clearly? Sometimes you don’t know which way to go and you’re not sure what your intuition is trying to tell you – if it’s saying anything at all! When you find yourself in that situation, flipping a coin is a great way to tap into your intuitive self that knows what you really want. Heads I quit; Tails, I stay. Flip the coin. If you tune out the chatter – the “woulds and shoulds” – and pay attention while the coin is in the air, you will know which way you want it to land. And if you miss that message, you’ll feel it in your gut when the coin hits the table. Are you happy? Are you disappointed? Listen to your heart, and remember that the coin flip itself isn’t the issue here – it’s the outcome you hope for when the coin is in the air that matters.

Ask and you shall receive (the answer). If you’re struggling with something, and you really need the answer to a particular question, ask it. Before a meditation session, or right before you go to bed at night, speak the question out loud. Then listen for the answer.

The written word is powerful! When you want something to happen and reach that point where you’ve done everything you can, or if you’re stuck getting started, write out your intention. Use pen and paper, and put the paper somewhere special. Or write it in permanent marker on your bathroom mirror. Let go, and let your own higher-self work on getting you what you need!

Tapping into your psychic gifts is all about trusting yourself. When you have that intuitive thought, when you’ve had a premonition, check in with a trusted friend. Get some input. As you start to learn how often you’re actually right, you’ll gain trust in your gifts. You might even keep a journal to track your success. Tune that dial. See what you learn.

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