Breakthrough Signs From Spirit

What Are Breakthrough Signs? 


When a person dies, the friends and family members they leave behind often look for a sign that they made it to Heaven and that they are okay. It’s not so different from the way you feel when your child or spouse is taking an international flight and you can’t rest easy until you know they’ve landed safely.

Sometimes when people arrive in another country their phone doesn’t work the same way as it does at home. Maybe they need a WIFI connection to talk, and they haven’t quite figured out how to use apps like Viber or What’s App. They might need a new chip for their phone, or to sign up for a special plan. It can take a while to figure things out.

It’s the same thing when a loved one tries to reach out from Heaven! When they first cross over, right after they complete their life review, many souls try to contact their family members on Earth let them know they got there “safely.”

But just like using a smart phone when you travel internationally, it’s not as easy as you might think. At least not at first. Just like you must get used to losing a loved one physically, they also have to learn to get acquainted with their spiritual body and the spirit world in which they live.


Early Signs From Heaven


When souls first reach out and try to communicate, weird things can happen. These are some of the early signs, or what I call “breakthrough signs” that are the first evidence that someone who recently passed is trying to connect with you:

  • You wake up at the same time at night – maybe for a few nights in a row – feeling a presence with you.
  • You become aware of repeating numbers such as 11:11 or numbers that are connected to that person and their passing.
  • Your electricity starts to go haywire. You notice lights flickering, radios and televisions turning on and off randomly, even smoke alarms, clocks, and doorbells going off when no one is there.
  • Maybe it’s not that concrete. You may just feel something you cannot explain.


A Goodbye Message That Was Overlooked


Decoding early breakthrough signs can be challenging, and they’re easy to miss entirely. This story might help you understand this phenomenon:

I remember at one of my live events, the moment I walked onto the stage I became aware of the spirit of a young man. He absolutely would not leave me alone! He was jumping up and down and begging me to relay a message to his Mom, who was in the audience. He told me that he had passed away years earlier in a car accident.

He pointed out his mother, and the moment I started to read her son, she looked at me in disbelief. She said, “if you are talking to my son, ask him why he never sent me a sign.”

Immediately her son whispered in my ear, “Tell her that I rang the doorbell on the night I died!”

Well, as soon as I said that the woman turned white as a ghost. She immediately knew what he had meant. The night he died, she had heard the doorbell ring, and when she opened the door, nobody was there. This had happened just moments after she received the horrible news that her son had died in a car accident.

This was a breakthrough sign – an immediate message a boy sent his Mom to let her know he had passed over, and that he was ok.


Don’t Miss the First Breakthrough Attempts


Receiving breakthrough signs can be so healing and comforting that I want to make sure you don’t miss them. Here are three things you can do to help the connection get started:

  • Have conversations with your loved one in Heaven. It might be painful at first, but it will open the door and help you be aware of their attempts to communicate with you.


  • Create a simple, happy space where you can remember them. Put a photograph of them taken during a fun event and add a meaningful trinket or keepsake. There’s so much sadness when someone passes, and the soul will be drawn to a happy, positive memory.


  • Keep a journal of unusual occurrences that you notice. Songs that play on the radio, random numbers, electrical glitches, odd coincidences. Jot them down, and after a few days review them all. You might be surprised at the patterns that emerge.

In the hours and days right after someone dies, important signs are often overlooked – then a few weeks later, people often come to me wondering why their loved one isn’t reaching out to them, when in fact, they have! Give your loved one time and know that the breakthrough signs are just the beginning of an eternal connection. When you recognize the first signs and send love back, you will encourage and invite more signs and messages.


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