Can You Get A Good Psychic Reading By Phone?

The first thing people always ask me when they find out I do phone readings is, how can you give a reading by phone? Don’t you have to be in person?

I have always found it fascinating that some people believe you need to be in person to deliver a message from spirit. If you have heard me give a reading on radio shows for callers, then you would know that phone readings are indeed possible. As much as I would like to believe that every person who claims they are a psychic is real, just like in every industry, there is a fair share of people who simply just fake it. If a psychic says you need to be in person for them to read you, chances are they are reading YOU (your physical cues, expressions, searching for clues, etc.) and NOT connecting with those in spirit.

The spirit world is just a thought away. Those in spirit can be reached whenever and wherever, as long as you have a connection to be able to reach them. That connection is provided by you, and those in spirit know you are going to make contact with them even before you do.

Most of the time, those in spirit will show up even before my clients do or before I even make my way into a show.

A typical day in my life starts with waking up with spirits waiting at my bedside. I will never forget the time I woke up to a little girl standing next to me. I thought I was still sleeping when I looked over and saw her. She said to me, “ You are going to be speaking to my mommy today.” That’s when I knew I was awake and that this child’s mother would be coming to see me that day. It’s typical. When I channel a loved one, they are just as excited to get in touch with you as you are to speak to them.

As a psychic medium, when I speak to someone in spirit, they are actually speaking to me through a channel. They use all my thoughts, feeling , emotions  and senses for me to be able to deliver a message. If you have seen me during a LIVE show or on TV, you will notice there are times when I have to close my eyes for a moment to concentrate. That’s why for me, I personally love readings by phone. When I am channeling a loved one, the less distractions, the better the reading. If you could peep into my office during a phone reading, you would see me with my eyes closed and speaking as quickly as possible to get all the messages through. I can’t help it! When I channel a loved one, I get so excited ! They have so much to say, and I don’t want to miss a beat. That is especially true when I am on TV and radio. The segments are short, so I talk quickly to get out the information. The speed at which I am talking to the person I am reading for is how fast the other side is talking to me. You may notice I never ask any questions; there is no need to. The moment I connect with someone, not only do I see them, but I also sense those they have lost.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that phone readings are the better way to go, but I do want you know that they are the same as in person, if not better. In the beginning, I would take private client readings only in person. As my clientele grew to national and then international, I found myself speaking to someone in Texas by phone one minute and then someone in China by Skype the next, thanks to technology. I noticed that client readings by phone were also more comfortable for the client. They were more relaxed sitting at home or in a quiet comfy place than having to rush and travel to a strange office, worrying about travel times, locations, etc. They also could focus more on the information that was given to them.

At the end of the day, it all depends on you. I have some clients who prefer readings by phone while others prefer Skype video. I even have some clients who only want to be read at a group reading with their friends and family by their side. No matter what you prefer, one thing is for sure: if your loved one has a message for you, they are going to make sure you receive it. To them, it doesn’t make a difference if it’s by phone, in person or by moving plane—they only care about getting their message heard and delivered.

I hope one day to meet you and to deliver you the most amazing message from Heaven! Many of you have been asking me if I still do private one on one readings. Right now there is close to a two year waiting list at the moment. If you are interested in joining the list, you can do so by Clicking Here and adding your name and email. By doing so you will be the first to know when sessions become available. In the meantime, take a look at my tour schedule by Clicking Here. You never know, I just may be coming  to your city.

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