Free Will: The Choice is YOURS

Recently, someone asked me a question that made me stop and think. She wanted to know if you can always count on a message from a psychic or a medium coming true. Well, the answer is, yes and no. Spirit is ALWAYS right in their predictions when they make them, but that’s assuming your own actions don’t cause events to shift.


The Benefit of a Heavenly Perspective


Your loved ones in spirit watch over you, and can clearly see your past, present, and future. If you’re having a reading with a medium, these souls welcome the chance to come through with insights that can help you. Because they are coming from a divine space, they see the whole picture without bias, judgement, or self-interest, so it makes sense to listen carefully to what they have to say.

They may even continue helping after the reading is over, giving you signs you can follow to stay on course to achieve your dreams. But here’s what you need to keep in mind. Your own actions play a part in whether the predictions come true.

That’s where free will comes in.


What is Free Will?


When a psychic mentions “free will,” they are referring to the personal choices you make every day that determine your future. While your past may influence the present, you always have the power to deviate from your future path. This means that you can change your destiny by making different choices.


Don’t get in the Way of Positive Opportunities


People always hope that a spiritual reading will give them encouraging news. Everyone wants to hear that they have an exciting new job or a wonderful relationship in their future. I hear those messages a lot from souls in Heaven, and of course, I’m happy to share them. But the funny thing is, people can still mess things up.

Your father in Heaven might see you getting your dream job, but that just means that the job is out there, and you will have the opportunity to be hired. You could do everything right and enjoy a successful career. Or you could be late for the interview and blow the opportunity before you even get started. You could also get the job but perform in a way that eventually gets you fired.

Your mother might see you meeting your soulmate. She may even pull some strings in Heaven and bring you two together – but at any point in the relationship, you could make a choice that causes it to go sour. You might find someone else more attractive, or you could drive the person away if you take them for granted or treat them badly.

In both cases, the message from Heaven was correct, but your behavior changed the outcome.


Caution Signs from Heaven


Some people worry that a medium or psychic will tell them they have cancer or are going to die in a plane crash tomorrow, I couldn’t do that because souls in Heaven can only see what has happened and what is scheduled to happen in the future. But they can’t 100% predict the future, because you have free will, and can change the course of your life at any time.

Your mother might come through with a message that your blood pressure is high, or that you’re on track for other health issues. If you start eating healthy and exercising, everything can change. People sometimes ask if they should go to a psychic after they make lifestyle to find out if things have improved. I tell them it’s better to take the advice of spirit and follow up with their doctor.

It’s not like a horror movie where you can’t escape your fate, the choice is yours to make. I like to think that Heaven lays out pathways for us to follow, and it is up to us to pick what road to follow.

The choice is yours…


So, bottom line is that when a loved one in Heaven sends you a message through a medium, listen closely to what they have to say.

Remember that those are predictions of things that are “scheduled” to happen, but if they DO happen is based on destiny, combined with your own actions. Free will ultimately puts you in control. If I tell you that your Mother is predicting that you will meet your soulmate this year, take it seriously, and don’t get in the way of your own happiness.

By taking Spirit predictions seriously, being aware of your own behavior, and making conscious, smart choices, you can create the life that you want to live.



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