Imagination Heals

The saddest thing in the world is a sick child. Your heart breaks when you see something so little, helpless and innocent fighting a battle they know nothing about.

After spending time with sick children in the high school missions program when I was younger to my days as an EMT and now as a psychic medium, I have seen many things. It was only after these experiences that I realized children who are battling illness have so much to teach us.

During my first experience in Peru working with sick children at an infirmary, I was scared to walk in. I was only 17 years old and was scared about what I would witness. I sucked up my emotions, held it together and walked through the door. I was immediately overwhelmed. Children had been burned in fires, were sick with cancer, had infections etc. I couldn’t help but feel bad. I looked over to one child who was wearing a face mask. He looked up at the hat on my head and started to laugh. I picked it up off my head and put it on his. He was giggling and laughing.

All the kids started running around us. Once I started playing with them, I didn’t see them as sick children any more. They were laughing , joking and loving the attention. They were regular kids, but they were fighting their battles of illness. Their strength was amazing and inspiring. I later realized it was because they didn’t view themselves as “sick.” They just wanted to be regular children and treated as normal.

In this day and age, there is a pill for everything. Whether you have a headache, anxiety or can’t sleep, there is a pill waiting for you. But what else can you do to heal?

A few years ago, I was invited to attend an event called “Imagination Heals.” It was a program for sick children who were battling life-threatening illnesses. The program introduced positive books, movies and audio CDs into hospitals where children were recovering or undergoing treatment.

The program used fictional characters who had challenges of their own and used positivity to overcome them. The hope was that while children were undergoing traditional medicine, they would also reach and listen to these programs and relate with the characters and start to think positively. The results were amazing!

The children started to respond to treatment and heal almost 80% faster than other kids. They found that by keeping their mind off the treatments, they would start to heal more and more; plus, the children loved it!

Looking back on this, there is a very valuable lesson we can learn from them about healing. It’s a journey of the mind, soul and body. When you are sick, don’t let life get you down. Choose to continue living your life and don’t let your illness control or hold power over you. Love and enjoy each day and try to get back to normal by letting your good days shine through the tough ones.

When you keep a positive mindset and believe in yourself, you begin to heal.

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