Shielding Your Sensitive Soul

Believe it or not, some people have mixed emotions when it comes to mediumship. 

On one hand, they desperately want to be connected with a loved one who has passed – but at the same time, they worry that opening the door to the other side is asking for trouble. 

I try to reassure them that they shouldn’t worry! 

My mom always says that dead people can never hurt you – it’s the living people who you have to be afraid of. 

I know firsthand that my mom is 100% right about this, but I can see how the idea of souls reaching out to connect with the living can freak some people out. My own father still swears he’s “scared of dead people!”

First thing to remember is that light cancels out darkness. 

People who are naturally tuned in to spirit are sometimes reluctant to really develop their spirit connection. They worry that doing so might open up a portal that will allow evil spirits to come through. Should they worry? 

The simple answer is no. Most spirits mean no harm, and it’s pretty easy to avoid the bad ones. If you’re coming from a place of light and love, you will attract light. It’s that simple!

Your own positive energy is way more powerful than darkness.

Protect yourself from negative souls and people. 

Even though dark spirits can’t harm you when your own energy is positive, there are a few things you can do to give yourself a little extra protection. 

Remember how my mom said that the only people you have to fear are the living? Well, these psychic protection techniques help with negative souls and also negative people here on Earth! 

Here are a few basic techniques you can use to protect your energy from any kind of darkness that you might encounter:

– Imagine a mirrored wall around you, forming a wall and reflecting negative energy away from you. 

– Get to know your angels and guides and call upon them to protect you.

– Clear stagnant energy out of any living space that feels uncomfortable to you by burning sage. It really works!

– Take a few steps to infuse spaces that are new to you with your own energy. I like to personalize hotel rooms by putting a photo of Alexa and our two cats on the nightstand, and by playing some of my favorite disco tunes. 

Nature is a very powerful force – so when all else fails, open the windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in. It is a natural way to clear energy. 

Extra sensitive? Develop your personal protection plan. 

Psychics, mediums, and other spiritually tuned-in people usually develop their own ways of  safeguarding their energy to protect themselves from negative forces and people. 

If you’re a sensitive soul, or if you’re at a place in your life where you’re experiencing a lot of draining negativity or “bad vibes,” I can help you develop your own personal force field of psychic protection.  

My special audio seminar, Psychic Protection for Everyday Life can help provide the energetic “shield” you need, in about an hour!

You’ll learn how to:

      Use psychic protection to protect your home, workplace, family members, and personal property from negativity.

      Rid yourself of negativity that has been holding you back.

      Banish the fear so you can use your own intuition and spiritual gifts to improve your life. 

We all want to feel safe and protected. Now more than ever, it’s easy to let negativity slip into your life – that’s why I created Psychic Protection for Everyday LifeJoin me and see how much better it is to live in the light! 


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