When Traditional Medicine Is Just Not Enough

Have you ever heard people talk about healing from within?

As a psychic medium and former EMT (emergency medical technician), I have witnessed many medical miracles. I truly believe and know through my conversations with Heaven that God does work through the hands of doctors, nurses and first responders. It’s amazing how healing from an illness can be both a physical and emotional journey.

Have you ever noticed that people who are positive, hopeful and motivated while sick seem to recover faster? They breeze through surgeries and illnesses and are back on their feet in no time. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. I have always believed doctors can help save you, but you need to use your mind to help heal the process.

I had a great aunt who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer that metastasized to her lung. The doctors gave her no hope. The cancer was so aggressive that it was taking over her body. This was back over 20 years ago when treatments and surgery were not as strong or effective as they are today. The doctors said she could choose to go in for an operation, but there was no guarantee that she would get better.

She decided she was going to go in for surgery but not go through chemotherapy. The doctors were appalled. They asked how she planned to heal from cancer with just surgery alone. They explained to her that she would need chemo to rid her of any developing cancer cells. She explained that instead, she would use her mind.

Each night before bed, she would sit and meditate. She would tell herself positive affirmations such as…

“Okay body, you know what you have to do to heal. Let’s do this.”

“I’m going to get better. I am going to heal.”

“The next time I see the doctor, I will be in remission.”

She told me she would close her eyes and imagine little scrubbers like in the scrubbing bubbles commercial rushing all through her body and scrubbing away the bad cancer cells. She did this night after night and most of all, she believed with her whole heart and soul in this technique.

Just before surgery, a friend had heard about her opting out of chemo and introduced her to an herbal tea that she heard about called Essiac. With nothing to lose, my great aunt incorporated that into her daily schedule.

After the surgery, her road to recovery was not easy. She had more bad days than good days, but she never gave up. She kept pushing through. She believed in her doctors, the surgery and the power of her mind. It was on her one-year anniversary of surgery that she received the news that she was healed.

She was so overjoyed. She decided to keep up the Essiac routine and the cleansing meditations in her weekly schedule for years to come. It soon became a part of her life until she was well into her seventies. She was thankful for her doctors. They respected her wishes and were open-minded. She felt that through her thoughts, surgery and positive mindset, she had made it through.

I wanted to share with you this special message to encourage you to never give up. Illness can only have power over you if you let it. Never give up! Instead, help your doctors to help you. Stay positive and keep pushing forward, and most of all, believe in YOU!

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