Bright Ideas For A Gloomy Day

Nothing is worse than a gloomy day. Here are some inspiration thoughts to help you to smile and stay positive.

When it’s cold and gloomy, it can be a challenge to get out of bed in the morning – and working on your new life resolutions is probably the last thing you want to do! It’s tempting to just hibernate, and sometimes the grey skies can even get us into a bit of a depression. Here are some happy thoughts to help warm and brighten you up from the inside.

Your Loved Ones Are With You

Remember your loved ones are watching over you. Look for signs that they are with you. Sometimes it might be something small and silly that makes you laugh. That’s great, because they want you to laugh and be happy! My friend has a small stuffed animal toy that she keeps in her car. It was something that was very special to her and her dad. “It’s been there for a year and has never moved,” she told me. “Then one morning, I was feeling sad and down. I stopped at a red light, and the toy suddenly slid down into my lap. I had to laugh.” She took that as her dad saying hi to her, reminding her that he was there with her. It brightened her day, and now whenever she looks at that toy, she smiles, remembering her dad is there with her every day.

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Sometimes it can be as simple as remembering to breathe. Sit quietly with your hands on your abdomen. Watch your hands rise and fall with each breath. This simple exercise can help re-energize you and get you more in sync with your body, mind and spirit!

Self Care

With all the bundling of scarves and socks and boots, we might forget the person there underneath all those layers. Self care is important in the cold winter months. Treat yourself to a “me day”! Give yourself permission to cuddle up on the couch and watch your favorite show. You don’t have to be busy doing all the time. Sometimes, it’s healthy to just be. When it’s dry and cold, our hands get chapped, and our skin feels dry. Pick up some new lotion or a lip balm with a festive label. Those little touches of self care make all the difference!

Pay It Forward

When you’re really in a funk, it’s good to do something nice for someone else. One time, I was bringing my cat, Lord, to chemotherapy, I had taken time out of my schedule to run to the cat hospital, and I was all stressed out about the work piling up back at the office. I was rattled and upset – worrying about Lord and feeling overwhelmed. I pulled into the drive in for a cup of coffee, and when I pulled out my wallet at the drive-thru window, I learned that the person in front of me paid for my coffee at Dunkin’ donuts. Wow! That was so great. The girl at the drive thru suggested that I pay it forward by buying coffee for the person behind me. Great idea! That just made it even better. The kind stranger in the car in front of me had no idea what a terrible morning I was having. I didn’t know who that person was, or even if they were a man or a woman, but they made my day. And their kindness expanded to the next person too!

Whatever is going on, there’s usually a way out of the dark. When it’s cold and dark on the outside, remember you can light a spark of warmth and light on the inside. And your light can shine so brightly that it warms and inspires the people around you too!

Just remember that you are never alone. You have Angels and loved ones in Spirit that are with you and watching over you. Even when you do not feel them, they are there. I hope this article brought you a little bit of comfort and made you smile. I hope one day to see you at one of my group readings in the future. It is truly amazing how so many people walk in sad and nervous but leave hopeful and inspired just by being part of a group reading. If it feels right, I hope that you will take a look at my group reading schedule by clicking HERE. You never know when there is a message waiting for you in Spirit.


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