10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Afterlife

If you have ever wondered what your loved one was doing in Heaven or even what Heaven is like, you have come to the right place! As a psychic medium, I have conversations daily with those in spirit and have literally given hundreds of readings. Through my conversations and visions, I have learned some incredible secrets about Heaven and the afterlife. Here are 10 things that might come as quite a shock to you…


  1.  Those in spirit literally can see EVERYTHING you do, but they don’t judge.


Yes, it’s true. Your loved ones in Heaven are with you every day. They can see everything you do, but they aren’t in Heaven saying, “OMG, what a messy house,” or, “My granddaughter is REALLY dating him!?” They respect your privacy and can tune out what they focus in on. Their goal isn’t to judge you; it is to love and support you. They want to help guide you to where you need to be and to the path you need to follow. Most of all, if you are happy, they are happy.


  1. The departed have jobs in Heaven.


There may not be Starbucks or Macy’s in Heaven, but rest assured those in spirit have divine tasks they choose to take on when they make their transition to “the other side.” Do you wonder where those “signs” come from that you see? It could be a family member in spirit or a soul who is protecting you from above.


For example, someone who has passed because of an accidental drug overdose will often watch over those in the physical world who are going through similar situations to help them reach out and find the help they need. Many times, those on the other side will help in hidden ways to get that person help and to keep them from going down the wrong path. They do not want to see that person make the same mistake they did. That person in spirit may choose to appear to the person they are helping in signs, songs or even by randomly meeting a stranger who knows just what to say to help that person make the choice to go to rehab. Coincidences just do not happen.


Those in spirit will help guide that person to make the right choice, but at the end of the day, we all have free will, and it is up to us to pay attention to the signs and to choose the right path.


  1. Even family members you never met or weren’t close with are there watching over you.


Before you are even born, you start your journey on “ the other side.” This is something you don’t remember, obviously, but you met grandparents and great-grandparents even before you were born. It all goes back to the reminder that nobody ever starts or stops their journey here in life alone. Many times while giving readings, I have delivered messages from grandparents who passed long before the client was born, and there have even been times when I have read for clients who were adopted and their biological family came through whom they never knew. At the end of life, we are all reunited in Heaven, and its the biggest family reunion you could ever imagine.


  1. Sometimes couples don’t end up back together.


It’s shocking, I know! Many times I have given readings when the mom decided her 2nd husband was much more suitable for her than the first one who had passed away. It sounds shocking, but those in spirit don’t mind. Things are so much clearer once we leave this plane. It becomes clear that some souls have a stronger and divine love connection than others. The good news is that if you and your first wife decide to call it quits in Heaven, you may have an old ex flame who re-enters your life from years ago. Soul mates do reunite.


  1. The departed go through a life review. It’s like TSA, only in the spirit world.


When you leave this world and transition into Heaven, you go through what those in spirit tell me is a life review. Because Heaven is a place of peace, there is a process of letting go of the baggage. While you make your transition, you leave your physical body behind. You also leave the illness, sadness, resentment, and anger you once carried. Think about it: if everyone brought their problems to Heaven, it wouldn’t be a place of peace; it would be daily drama. That is why their message to us here on Earth is to make peace and enjoy those around us while we have the time to do so. Love deep and laugh often. If it doesn’t make you happy, it is not worth holding onto. Release it to the universe and lighten your load.


  1. Pets do make it to Heaven.


Yes, pets make it Heaven, and it’s called “The Rainbow Bridge!” Yes, it exists! Anything that comes from God goes back to God, and if you lost a pet, rest assured that they are safe and at peace on the other side watching over you. Oftentimes, in my experience, they even come through with relatives and friends who have passed as well.


At my recent group reading in Stamford, Connecticut, I was reading a woman in the audience when all of a sudden, I saw a big fat orange cat in spirit. I asked her, “Did you lose a cat recently?” She said no! Then all of a sudden, I heard a spirit whisper to me and say, “The cat’s name is Pumpkin.” I said, “Are you sure? They are telling me the cat’s name is pumpkin.” The woman was floored. She said, “That’s my friend’s cat that just died! Why is he around me!?” The truth is that soul recognizes soul here in this world, so even your friend’s pets or pets from other family members might be watching over you. The best part of all this is that even childhood pets watch over you.


  1. Those who commit suicide do find peace in Heaven. Many times, they regret it.


I have held the hands of many families who have lost someone tragically to suicide. From what I have been told by those souls who have crossed over, Heaven is a place of peace and forgiveness. I have never spoken to anyone who passed away in this manner who has told me they were in a place besides Heaven. The most frequent message I receive from spirits to pass on to friends and family is, “I am safe and at peace and forever watching over you,” and that they are sorry for the heartache and pain they left their family and friends with here in the physical world.


Many times after a soul crosses over, they realize they didn’t have to end their life. They can see how supportive their family REALLY was and how the depression made them think the opposite. Many times they realize their suicide was not an act of depression but rather a mental illness that was causing them to feel pain. Many times during my group realigns, those who pass in this way will rush to the front to help their family heal by providing a message.


  1. Everyone speaks the same language in Heaven. There is no language barrier.


It seems that no matter how many readings I do, I am always asked the question, “Can you speak to my loved one, even if they did not speak English?” The answer is yes! Spirits have a special way of communicating with me using a unique and special universal language.


Because of this, I have been very blessed to have had the honor of having a world-wide client list. I have connected with clients in India, China and even Iceland! Many of the souls I have spoken to in spirit did not speak the same language as me, but I was still able to connect and give the reading. It is amazing that no matter what language you speak or what religious background or ethnicity you are, one thing remains the same: your loved ones are with you always, looking to connect and speak with you. When you visit a medium, you are actually opening the door to communication between you and “the other side.”


As a medium, those in spirit use different techniques and vibrations to be able to get their point across and hold a conversation with me. Many times, they will even use my entire body to communicate and to pass on messages through me. That is why when you read for someone, it is called “channeling” a loved one in spirit. When I say channel, I don’t mean a television channel. What I am referring to is a divine channel that your loved one uses for me to be able to speak and communicate thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is almost like they put me back in their body to allow me to experience what they experienced here in the physical world.


  1. Heaven looks and feels different for everyone.


Heaven is a place that is entirely created by you. Just like you can design the inside of your house differently but live in a neighborhood with people, it is the same thing in Heaven. Many times, it is a direct reflection of what that person loved here in this world. For example, if you are a mountain climber here in this world, Heaven might be a place of great heights and magnificent views for you. If you loved the ocean, your kind of Heaven may be relaxing in the middle of the water. It’s similar to virtual reality. The one thing that remains consistent is that everyone in Heaven automatically knows one another and can see one another. Oh, and there’s no time there as well.


  1. Those in Heaven never lose their personality. It lives on with them.


“Pull my finger.” If you grew up hearing your grandfather say this again and again, then it is typical they will do the same when you reunite with them in Heaven. I love when those in spirit use their personality to communicate. When they come through with jokes, wisecracks or their little quirks during a reading, family will usually yell out, “OMG, THATS THEM!” It’s true, they stay the same! During one reading, I had a man in spirit stand in front on me and pull his dentures out. When I told the family, they started crying, laughing and wincing in disgust all at once. They said, “He used to do that all the time and chase us around the house with them.” They come through in this way to remind us that death does not make us different. It is just a final gathering place for all those who were sick.


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