Sending A Message To Heaven


How Can I Get A Message To My Loved One In Heaven ? 


People ask me all the time, “Matt, can you tell my loved one how much I love them.” I tell them it doesn’t work that way. As a medium, I deliver messages from heaven, but you don’t need me to talk to someone who has passed. You can connect with them at any time. Your loved one is literally just a thought away. The moment a loved one in heaven comes to mind, picture yourself ringing a doorbell or sending a text. The minute you think about them, they are alerted.


But there are other ways to send a message:

  • You can say a message out loud
  • Have a conversation with them in your head
  • Write it down on a piece of paper

Whatever way you choose to reach out, they will get the message and know it’s from you.


Wait! What Do I Say?


I remember when my grandmother was alive, she loved talking to me. It didn’t matter what I was telling her, she just loved the connection. It’s the same now that she is in heaven. Your loved one loves hearing from you as much as you enjoy hearing from them. You can tell them just about anything:

  • Tell them about your day
  • Let them know what family members are up to
  • Ask for their help: “Mom, I have a job interview, please help me with my anxiety.”

Don’t overthink things. The same things you’d talk about when you were both in this world can be communicated to them when they pass. If you loved telling your mom funny stories about the kids, or asking your dad for advice, don’t stop when they pass.


Visiting the Grave Site


People make a big point of going to the grave of a loved one, but to be honest, that’s more comforting for the living person. The dead person doesn’t care where you are, just that you’re thinking of them.

The person you’re talking to isn’t in the ground, and you can talk to them anywhere—in the car, in the shower, when you walk the dog. I was doing a reading, and the woman kept thinking, I hope my mom doesn’t know about Billy! I asked her, “Who is Billy?” “How did you know? she asked, Are you reading my mind?”

“No, your mom told me! She can hear your thoughts.”

It turns out Billy was an old flame whom her mom hadn’t liked, and they were dating again. She didn’t want her mother to know, but you can’t keep things from someone who has passed, and you don’t have to!

Your loved ones in heaven aren’t judging you, although they might see the situation for what it is and gently steer you in the right direction.


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