Speaking to the Dead: Are Online Readings just as Powerful?

Being a psychic medium and speaking to the dead, I am often asked how does the connection work? Do you need to be in person? Can you read online or by phone?

The truth is, when a loved one passes away, although you may not see or feel them, they are by your side. Because their spirit is energy, your loved ones can be in multiple places at once and can watch over many people at the same time.

It’s like here, in this world, when we are watching the news. It’s amazing that the moment we turn on our TV we can see what is going on all over the world thanks to energy. Your husband might be in one room watching the big game, and you may be in the kitchen watching a live celebrity interview.

It’s funny, because if there is one thing that COVID-19 did, it showed us how we can truly be with someone in ‘spirit’ even if we are not actually there.

A friend of mines daughter was getting married and due to the pandemic, was not allowed to have more than 20 people attend her wedding. After changing the date twice, they decided to do something drastic. Keep the date, limit the wedding to 20 people and invite the rest of the family online.

When the big day came, much to their surprise, all 200+ of their family members were there online! They were all dressed up in their gowns and tuxedos and took part in the wedding. They cried during the ceremony, cheering as the new couple walked down the aisle, and even danced in their living rooms during the reception. They were truly ‘there in spirit’ and felt as though they were physically there because they took part in the event, only from their own homes.

When I did my first online reading, that same experience happened! As everyone started to tune in to the event and turn on their cameras, I noticed as I looked into their homes I didn’t just see them, I also saw their loved ones in spirit right next to them!

One minute I was guided by spirit to read a woman in Florida who lost her son, the next moment I was called to read a man in California who lost his Dad, to next being guided by spirit to read a woman in the UK who lost her fiancé.

I realized at that moment something new and powerful about my gift. If direct connection is present, so are your loved ones in spirit.

The way the connection works Is quite simple, it’s like being on a three-way phone call. Not only do I see and hear you, but I also see your loved ones in spirit and sometimes even others…

I will never forget I was doing an online reading for a woman and her daughter when suddenly, a spirit appeared that was not part of their family or someone they had known. He had a civil war uniform on, and as their camera turned on I could see his spirit walking up the stairs!

“That’s our Ghost!” they said.

They were shocked that my psychic abilities could see him through the camera even though to them, there was nothing behind them but an empty staircase. (Click To Watch).

During the reading he had told them that he had died in the nearby area and would often visit the new neighborhood and watch over the people that lived there. They felt a huge sense of relief knowing that his soul was protective of them and meant no harm.

It might sound creepy or spooky having an unknown spirit watching over you or the house, but it’s sometimes common to have souls with you that you do not know are with you.

During another LIVE online reading a woman attended with her mom hoping to hear from a grandparent. However, the moment I connected with her I could see the figure of a young boy who she had a relationship here in this world and he was determined to come through with a message. He whispered to me the name “Dustin” and she almost fell to the floor.

“That’s my roommate that died! Why is he here!?”

Well, it turns out he passed away tragically without ever getting to tell her that he intended on asking her out but was too afraid to tell her his true feelings, fearing rejection while he was alive. However, once he made it to Heaven, he came through to her during the online reading event to make it right. (Click To Watch).

I am sharing these stories with you because as a medium, there is not a day that goes by when the dead do not try to contact the living. Some souls have told me during readings they have waited years and years to have their messages delivered to their loved ones here on earth and it truly breaks my heart.

Although the pandemic has ended, and I am back on my LIVE Tour across the United States and Canada, I have added a few new LIVE Online Group Readings just in case I can’t reach you physically.

Whether you are seeking answers after a loved one has passed away or just needing some sort of validation that a loved one is near, I hope that you will take the opportunity to join me, as I still have a few online readings left. Click To Register. 

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